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We Read It: Casting Cassandra Clare’s ‘The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones’

We Read It: Casting Cassandra Clare's 'The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones'

With “Twilight” wrapping up this year, and “The Hunger Games” proving a giant hit, the hunt is on for the next big young adult movie franchise. And we suspect that of all the projects brewing, “The Mortal Instruments” has one of the best chances. The book series by Cassandra Clare has sold millions of copies across its four novels (plus two more in a spin-off series, “The Infernal Devices“) to date, as many as any of its competitors. And since the movie version started development, the books’ fervent fan-base has come out in force for any tidbit on the project.

And now, the film is finally set to happen, courtesy of Constantin Films (“Resident Evil“): it has a new director in “Karate Kid” helmer Harald Zwart, a locked-in star in Lily Collins, and even a release date, of August 23, 2013. With the film finally moving forward, we decided we’d take a look at the source material, to take a guess at what kind of actors we may see joining Collins in the finished film.

The plot begins with 16-year-old Clary (Collins) and her best friend Simon getting into a New York club. While there, Clary interrupts what looks like an odd-looking gang taking on an innocent boy, only to discover that the boy is actually a demon and the gang are a group of demon-hunting Shadowhunters, invisible to all but her. From then, she’s drawn into an ancient war between the Shadowhunters, sworn to protect humanity, and the Downworlders — vampires, werewolves, demons et al. — discovers that she has powers she’s never dreamed of, and soon realizes that the Shadowhunters’ greatest enemy might come from within. And along the way, she’ll have to choose between Simon, who’s long been in love with her, and Jace, who’s she’s feeling increasingly drawn to.

Objectively speaking, “The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones,” which is the first book in the series (the one we’ve read) is not Shakespeare. The prose and dialogue are clunky, and it’s highly derivative — equal parts ‘Buffy‘ and ‘Harry Potter‘ with a sprinkling of Neil Gaiman. But it is kind of fun, and certainly has the potential to be a more enjoyable movie than any of the “Twilight” pictures, in that things actually happen in them. So who do we think might be in the cast? It’s worth noting that as a Constantin Films production, this isn’t going to be a bank-breaker: don’t expect A-list names from top-to-bottom. We’re talking TV veterans, possibly with a few better-known character actors involved. Below, you’ll find our suggestions for who we think could end up involved, and feel free to weigh in with your own favorites in the comments section.

Our young protagonist, Clary is a red-haired, diminuitive outsider (described as ‘delicate’ by Jace), who gets drawn into the mysterious world of the Shadowhunters after accidentally stumbling upon them taking down a vampire, only to discover that she’s long been destined for involvement. This is the one part that’s already been cast, with “Priest” and “Mirror Mirror” star Lily Collins long attached, even since the previous incarnation of the project. And… yeah, we suppose she’s fine, even if she’s not overly impressed us in her work so far. Our preferred choice would be someone like Jane Levy, star of ABC‘s hit sitcom “Suburgatory.” Levy’s a little spunkier and funnier than Collins, and is a better physical match for the original character. But even if Collins wasn’t involved, Levy couldn’t do it: she’s using her hiatus to star in the remake of “The Evil Dead.” Other possible choices that we would’ve liked to see include “Martha Marcy May Marlene” star (and one of our 2012 On The Rise picks) Julia Garner, “Peter Pan” and “Tomorrow When The War Began” star Rachel Hurd-Wood, Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa on “Game of Thrones” (although she might be a touch young), Juno Temple or “Shameless” star Laura Slade Wiggins.

Brought up, as most are, to be a shadowhunter from birth, Jace is arrogant, sarcastic and cold, thanks principally to the death of the man he thought was his father. Despite all that, he finds himself drawn to Clary, and him to her, only for the two to discover a fairly serious roadblock: *Spoiler* Like Luke and Leia before them, they appear to be brother and sister (although, eventually, it turns out they’re not after all). *End Spoiler* After courting Alex Pettyfer, the production originally castTwilight” star Jamie Campbell-Bower, but as best as we can tell, the actor’s no longer involved in the new incarnation, opening the door to other possible choices. Our favored pick would be Callan McAuliffe. The 17-year-old Australian actor first turned heads last year in “I Am Number Four” and Rob Reiner’s “Flipped” before landing the part of the younger version of Leonardo DiCaprio‘s character in the upcoming “The Great Gatsby.” A young DiCaprio seems like a pretty perfect fit for the part, if you ask us. Other possibilities might include “Scream 4” actor Nico Tortorella, Chris Zylka from “The Secret Circle” and “The Amazing Spider-Man,” the ridiculously-named Chord Overstreet from “Glee,” Ed Speleers, the star of “Eragon,” and Sam Jackson from the most recent series of the U.K. version of “Skins.”   

The Jacob to Jace’s Edward, Simon is Clary’s long-time best friend, who’s long been secretly in love with her, although she’s yet to think of him in that way. *Spoiler* Caught up along with her adventures, he’s initially comic relief, but is turned into a vampire in the second book, at which point he and Clary finally get together, albeit briefly. *End Spoiler* In terms of casting, the fans favor “The Three Musketeers” star Logan Lerman, but we’re up for a more offbeat pick: Dan Byrd from “Easy A” and “Cougar Town.” He’s got that right friend-in-deep-unrequited-love vibe, and yet could pull off the more attractive side once Clary starts to consider him a viable romantic option, plus he has some serious comic chops. We also like the idea of Johnny Simmons (“Scott Pilgrim,” “21 Jump Street“) in the part, or “Scream 4” actor Eric Knudsen, while “American Horror Story” actor Evan Peters might make sense too. At risk of enraging fans who don’t get the idea of color-blind casting, someone like Maestro Harrell (“The Wire“) or Daniel Kaluuya (“Skins“) could also be interesting.  

Jace’s badass, thigh-high boot-wearing, whip-wielding Shadowhunter colleague, Isabelle, like her brother, comes from a prestigious Shadowhunter family. She becomes involved in a flirtatious relationship with Simon. The name of “Wuthering Heights” and “Skins” star Kaya Scodelario is a favorite of fans, but we’d lean towards Louisiana-born Shelley Hennig, the star of the hit CW series “The Secret Circle.” Like Isabelle, her character on the Kevin Williamson show is responsible but with a rebellious streak, and she certainly looks the part. Otherwise, her co-star Phoebe Tonkin might be a possibility, or, while they’d need wigging-up (Isabelle is black-haired), Aimee Teegarden from “Friday Night Lights” or “Glee” star Dianna Agron could do a decent job.

Isabelle’s brother, an equally tall, equally dark demon-slayer, Alec has one big secret: he’s gay, and in love with Jace. *Spoiler* He’ll find happiness in future books with warlock Magnus Bane. *End Spoiler*Romeo & Juliet” star Douglas Booth and “On the Road” lead Tom Sturridge have both found favor with fans and Cassandra Clare, but we’ve got a lesser-known actor in mind: Luke Pasqualino, who with Scodelario and Jack O’Connell starred in the second generation of the British “Skins” and he’s got his Hollywood debut coming up in “The Apparition“. Tall and sensitive, but capable of being a badass, he’d be a fine match for Hennig, or whoever ends up being cast. Otherwise, both “Vampire Diaries” star Steve R. McQueen and “The Secret Circle” thesp Thomas Dekker could be good bets, or British actor Aneurin Barnard (“Ironclad“). Or for a version less close to the book, what about Michael B. Jordan from “Chronicle” and “Friday Night Lights“?

What we’d describe as “the Stanley Tucci role,” Hodge Starkweather is the mentor and tutor of the young Shadowhunters, but he has a darker past. *Spoiler* He assisted Valentine with his uprising back in the day, and betrays his young charges in exchange for the freedom from the curse placed on as punishment for his earlier disloyalty. *End Spoiler* It’s a part made for a veteran character actor and our ideal pick would be Irish actor Liam Cunningham ( “Hunger,” “Safe House,” “Game of Thrones“) — he’s got the right wounded, morally ambivalent vibe for the part and at least would be a different face to obvious names like Richard Jenkins and Mark Strong. Hugh Laurie has been a popular choice for fans, and he’d made sense too, while Toby Jones and Bill Nighy would undoubtedly be considered for this kind of role. If everyone turns it down, British actor Adam Godley (“Battleship“) would be another good, lesser-known alternative, while Bryan Cranston would be perfect, but is likely to be too busy, given that he’s in every movie ever at this point.

Clary’s mother, whose disappearance sets the main story into motion, isn’t a huge part, but it’s a good one, and there’s plenty of room for flashback sequences and what not. *Spoiler* As it turns out, Jocelyn is a former shadowhunter herself, and so has to be able to pull off the retired badass feel while also being someone who gave up the life for the love of her child. *End Spoiler* Given that she’s described, like her daughter, as red-haired, we’d suggest “Friday Night Lights” and “American Horror Story” star Connie Britton, who could do something like this in her sleep. Gillian Anderson and Kate Walsh would be alternatives, while departing from the literal visual version of the character from the books, it’s a part that we’d like to see Rosemarie DeWitt or Melanie Lynskey up for.

Luke helped raise Clary as a sort of de facto step-father, although he and Jocelyn were never in a relationship together. In fact, *Spoiler* he and Jocelyn were Shadowhunters together, and he’s always held a candle for her. Oh, and he’s a werewolf. *End Spoiler* As such, you ideally want someone who can be somewhat unassuming, but who can be paternal when needed and bring the pain when it’s called for. Our pick? Richard Armitage. The British actor is right now best known worldwide for a small role in “Captain America: The First Avenger” (he’s the Nazi spy who blows up the lab at the end of the first act), but he’s gathered a substantial following in the U.K. thanks to roles in “Robin Hood,” “Spooks” and “Strike Back,” and he’s about to be a big deal thanks to the key role of Thorin Oakenshield in “The Hobbit.” He can play buttoned down, but he’s also got something a little…feral about him. Otherwise, his ‘Hobbit’ co-star Luke Evans (“The Three Musketeers“) might be a good shout, or possibly David Tennant or “300“/”Lockout” actor Vincent Regan. Liev Schreiber has been a fan favorite for the part, while Toby Kebbell, Luke Kirby or Oscar Isaac might all work if they were a little older.   

The big baddie of the piece, Valentine led the rebellion of the Shadowhunters a decade-and-a-bit earlier; he’s believed dead, but is back to wreak an almighty vengeance and finish what he started. So, yes, basically Voldemort. *Spoiler* But he also turns out to be the ex-husband of Jocelyn, and the father of Clary and (seemingly) Jace. So, yes, basically Darth Vader. *End Spoiler* The silver-haired villain is charismatic, brilliant and pretty much 100% evil, and he only crops up towards the end of the first book, so you need someone who can make an impression quickly. Fans talk about people like Robert Downey Jr., but there’s no chance he’s going to do it. We’d put our money on someone like Aidan Gillen, the star of “The Wire” and “Game of Thrones.” He’s got the right look, and his profile’s raised in recent years (and will again thanks to a small cameo in “The Dark Knight Rises“). Otherwise, people like Dominic West, Jonny Lee Miller and Patrick Wilson would all be appropriate. And while some might hope for Jude Law, he’s likely out of the price range for the production.

An immortal, flamboyantly gay warlock, part Indonesian, part Dutch, part demon, with an ambivalent relationship to the Shadowhunters, Magnus seems to be one of the more popular characters amongst fans. Thanks to the relative lack of Asian-looking actors, there’s not a lot of very viable actors who could do this one without ignoring the character description entirely. “Glee” star Darren Criss has won over fans by being part-Filipino, part-Dutch, but we think that his co-star, Harry Shum Jr., who plays Mike Chang on the show (as well as having appeared in the “Step Up” series), has the right kind of look and feel for the part.

Brother Jeremiah
One of the most striking characters in the tale, Brother Jeremiah is one of the Silent Brothers, a group of particularly powerful monk-like Shadowhunters who’ve mutilated themselves to achieve greater powers. They’re bald headed, have no eyes in their sockets, and have sewn up their lips. And the person best placed to get a real character out of such restrictions? Why, Guillermo del Toro‘s favorite make-up wearer, Doug Jones.

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You BITCHES at the bottom better be sorry when Cassandra Clare reads your comments cause you are just being BITCHY about stuff, like how she's a plagerest. I TOTALY DISAGREE WITH YOU!!!!! So what, Cassandra is kinda using «BUFFY THE VAMP SLAYER» and «HARRY POTTER» boo-hoo for you! Just suck in up butter cup! If you don't like Cassandra Clare then fine, just DON'T BE BITCHY ABOUT IT!! BITCHES!!


Look you all think you're gonna get the ACTORS/ACTRESSES YOU WANT! Well news flash that ain't gonna happen! Look I'm a thirteen year old girl, I've read some of these comments and quite frankly I agree with some of you but not all, I agree with the ones who think Jamie should be Jace ( who is my favourite character in the books) but I don't agree with people about ALEX P. I jst don't. I do agree that Isabelle should be played by someone else though.


Jace is suppose to be a huge dude with a lot of muscle and he is suppose to be intimidating i mean no disrespect to jamie but he is just not any of those. I love the casting of Izzy Magnus and Simon.

Mrs Reed

Im not here to slate jamie because he is a talented actor, he was good in sweeney todd n i lived him in twilight. And i know he has been cast but i feel rather disappointed that they cast him as jace because i dont feel he can portray the dark brooding sexiness of jace.


I honestly can not picture Jamie as jace! I think he is gross! Alex.P is waaaaayyyyyy hotter! My friends and I were talking about how excited we were to see the movie! We were kind of dissapointed when we heard Jamie was playing Jace. Alex Pettyfer is an awesome actor. He played in I am number 4, Beastly, Magic Mike, will be playing the main role in the buttler… a movie commingled out in 2013, and many many more! I vote Alex for jace!!!


Do any of you people talking about Jamie Campbell Bower being "gross" even know who he is?? Obviously not. Read the book again because you apparently missed the part where Jace was described. You also don't understand the fact that ALEX PETTYFER DOESN'T WANT THIS PROJECT. So shut up about him already. He's not even that attractive geez..
P.S. I'd tell you to watch Sweeny Todd to do some research on how great Jamie will be in this movie, but I doubt your parents would let you because I'm assuming you are thirteen year old girls.

New Jace!

I agree with ewww…! Jamie is gross. I pictured have as a guy with at least a decet face and body! Jamie so does NOT have those features! Alex Pettyfer would be the best choice!


Jamie is gross and so not how I pictured Jace! Choose Alex Pettyfer! He is hot and georgeous! He will make a way better Jace! Every other actor/actress I have been pleased with! It will be a great movie as long as you pick someone else to play Jace!




phoebe does suit the part whilst shelley hinnig should of taken the part of another cast because phoebe tonkins looks more like izzy


i agree to that elijah i think phoebe tonkins does suit the part of isabelle


come on they have to make "PHOEBE "TONKINS "isabelle"! she is a much better actress no offence to shelley and isabelle is suppose to be black headed but in the end if shelley does really get the part
i reckon it will put the movie into a really weird dynamically way for say if she is wearing a wig


phoebe tonkins looks to me as isabelle




I like the idea of Shelley Hennig as Isabelle. I have literally just realised, reading another comment, that she has been my image of her since the start.
Alex. Two words. Ed Speelers. With dark hair of course!
Magnus, I see Shannon Kook-Chun :D
Sebastian, Chris Zykla because I think he'd fit the role really well!
Simon, to me is either Travis Caldwell or Logan Lerman – probably the former :)

I'd just like to say I think they did an AMAZING job on casting Jace and Clary! Jamie and Lily will be amazing!!!! Lol.. James and Lily, HP :) Huh, Jamie was in them as well <3


I would like to see Mike Erwin play Simon possibly Sebastian. I think this would be good because he has the quiet unassuming look (like Simon) but I think he could still be evil like Sebastian turns in to/is.


Sarah Michelle Gellar has Jocelyn Fray!!!! That would be perfect <3


shelley hennig for Isabelle! She'd be amazing she has the look going on but from what I've seen from the secret circle she could play isabelle's bitchy side and also her more emotional side as well.


Chris Zykla (the secret circle) would be perfect.


Somebody just read my mind


Jamie is still attached to the project to play Jace just google it not hard to find! Also Cassandra Clare has also confirmed that he is still playing Jace! I know it's hard for some of you to hear but he is not going anywhere and is staying attached to the project.

Sources: IMDB,Cassandra Clare's Twitter Feed and Box office mojo


I think Drew Roy would make a totally perfect Jace… Does anybody else agree?


Oh hey guys btw… I read that Jamie was detached from the project now. Good thing too because he is the last person I wanted to play jace. BUT on the other hand I reply don't want Alex petyfer like lot of people. I think jace should be attractive but I would like it say mo if he was not as well known. I feel like this series is an opportunity for new stars to arise.


I've read all the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices many times, so I know the characters very well. There are many candidates up there that don't match the characters, but I have to say something about Jace.

Jace is HOT, arrogant, lean, confident and utterly suave. Callan McAuliffe and Sam Jackson most definitely canNOT play Jace. In the beginning, I thought Alex Pettyfer would've been perfect but he's the female version of Megan Fox. Attractive, but a narcissist with frequent cases of verbal vomit. Really rather not have him pollute a beloved series. Buuut, I think ED SPELEERS would be peerfect!

I really hope Cassy and the casting directors check out sites like these. fingers crossed


There's a little you didn't mention.. quite an important bit actually. Might have something to do with Jace already being cast. Have you completely forgotten the existence of the wonderful Jamie Campbell-Bower? He should recieve respect instead of being dismissed. No one can change the decision and should come to terms that JAMIE IS JACE. Jamie HAS NOT dropped out. Jace WILL NOT be recast.
Just my opinion. P.S-I find the casting ideas interesting and different though some are far fetched like the Magnus choice. :)


Magnus is Indonesian??? Cassandra Clare said he was half south Asian… (And I hadn't heard about the Dutch either but that could just be me.)


Dan Byrd as Simon? Haha no. I'm not saying that Simon is supposed to be a heartthrob or anything, but Dan Byrd is incredibly awkward looking, and not in an attractive way. I've always loved the idea of Irish actor Robert Sheehan from Misfits as Simon. I think he could easily pull off his sense of humor and is adorable in a nerdy way.

Anyways, Jane Levy is perfect for Clary, which is unfortunate since she's already been cast. I don't mind Lily, though. I think she can pull it off.

I was under the impression that Jamie was still Jace, and I'm going to continue to believe it until there is some sort of official announcement that he's been axed.

Valentine will always be Paul Bettany for me, and Luke will always be Scott Patterson, who played Luke on Gilmore Girls.

I like the idea of Phoebe Tonkin as Isabelle. She'd need to work on her acting but she's got the look.

For Alec I pictured Iwan Rheon who is also from the show Misfits and since I'm on a Misfits kick I think that Antonia Thomas would the perfect Maya.

Anyways, that's my two cents.


I think that jace should be played by Chris Zylka, Chord Overstreet, or Ed Speleers.


What are you talking about? Jamie IS Jace, he's been training for a long time now and deffo still attatched to the project. As for those who want Alex Pettyfer for Jace, it's been a year since he turned down the role, just please get over it.


Sigh…I wish people would stop picking actors based on their looks. If an actor doesn't look like the character, that's what makeup, hair dye, contacts etc… are for. They should be chosen based on their talents. I would personally rather see this movie and remember the great performances given, not how much the actor looked like the character but did a terrible job portraying that character.


The person casted as jace doesnt look anything like him. neither does the one for magnus, even without the sparkels. the perfect jace is the person who features in "I Am Number Four" (i dont no his name). you are just causing more work for yourselves. i mean jaces hair is GOLD not brown. have you read the books?


Please…pick Chris Zylka!!!! I love him…He is so pretty and a good actor!!! He's a perfect jace


these are all HORRIBLE choices.

J. Pessimist

I am so tired of this stupid formulaic crap.

Teenage girl has boy she knows and boy she doesn't and through ridiculous situations where she is given far more power than she has any business having, she has to choose between these two generic wallpaper-paste guys.

I was far more interested in seeing a completed His Dark Materials, and now that that's impossible and Song of Fire and Ice are taken by HBO, I think the only book series I could even imagine wanting to see is The Dresden Files. That would be incredible.


You people! Jamie is STILL involved. Say or wish otherwise, he still is till they say he is not, officially. He is in training right now. Cassie said so 10 days ago. Whoever doesn't like the cast can just opt to NOT go to the theater and pay 10 bucks to see it.


I really don't like the play casting they did. it's all wrong. thats just my opinion any way


For Jace…I'd die to see Alex Pettyfer in this role, possible Callan McAuliffe as a second choice. For Simon, definitely not Dan Byrd, I like Logan Lerman for this role, maybe Eric Knudsen but I lean more toward Evan Peters. Douglas Booth for Alec all the way. :) Good choice for Clary.

Tam Doan

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick Logan Lerman! i have wanted him to play Simon ever since i found out about the movie. i really want Simon to be cute because I imagine him very cute :)

Ms. Reed

Okay. So. First off. I think we should all agree to disagree about Jace. For example, to me, Jamie is a hundred times more beautiful than Alex P. And of course not everyone's going to think the same, because beauty is largely subjective thing. But, looks aside (and even though I didn't picture Jace looking like Jamie while reading the books), I think Jamie can deliver that sort of "Jaceness" which is so important for movie-Jace to be real and lovable, and not just an arogant as*****, as (kind of) Cassie put it. Just listen to him talk. He has that something. I saw him and loved him in "Sweeney Todd", and can't wait to see what he will do with Jace who is this sarcastic, warrior guy, as opposed to gentle and somewhat naive Anthony (from ST). Though, when I think about it, Anthony had his moments too. ^^ Awww, Sweeney Todd. Okay, back to topic. I'm loving Richard Armitage as Luke, at least as far as looks go, because he is exactly the Luke I imagined in my head reading the books. Shelley Hennig as Isabelle sounds great, as well as Darren Criss as Magnus (even though he could be a bit taller, but he is perfect for Magnus none the less). Harry Shum Jr. isn't bad either. I would LOVE to see Bill Nighy as… well – anybody! Because I just love Bill Nighy. xD He would make a perfect Valentine as far as I'm concerned. One condition for Alec, though — he just HAS TO have blue eyes. That is just imperative. Because I simply cannot imagine CoB without Magnus saying to Jace: "Are you the one with the blue eyes?" and then sighing in disappointment when he discovers he isn't. That doesn't happen very often to Jace – someone being disappointed because he's Jace and not somebody else. :D So, Tom Sturridge! (even though he's basically Will Herondale) ooooor Adam Gregory who is lookin' very Alecy to me. Or some other blue-eyed & dark-haired hottie.


Why are we putting plagiarism on the big screen precisely? Why do we reward people for this?


Jace is going to end up looking and sounding feminine looking (have you heard Jamie speak? I thought he was gay until I read he was engaged to Bonnie Wright!) and Clary will look rather masculine with her bushy eyebrows. They're going to look LOL-tastic together. Might as well cast Lily as Jace and Jamie as Clary, they'd be a better match at this rate.


Ok they need to stop picking dudes that look like girls to play jace. If they pick that Jamie kid to play Jace i'm not going to see the movie


I DO NOT AGREE. Most of your suggestions are lame. I go for Logan Lerman as Simon, Kaya as Isabelle and Gaspard or Nicholas Hoult as Alec. And stop that thing-Jamie is involved, Cassie herself said that!


BIG fan of Luke Bryan's. I was one of those idjits at Wally World for the debut of his first CD.Just scored some tickets from to see him live this summer.

Honest Anonymous

I don't think I'm gonna watch the movie if Jamie would be Jace. None of my friends would watch it too. Because if I watch it, I'm afraid it would ruin my imagination of Jace when I read the next books again. Sorry to say.

Honest Anonymous

Jamie is not Jace. Jace is supposed to be handsome, attractive, cool, and hotly hot. I cannot imagine how this film would be if the actor act like he is Jace, but everything in him is totally the opposite. SERIOUSLY.


Your choice for Jace is so far off the mark, I think you haven't read the books. Alex Pettyfer is the incarnation of Jace, and it is a shame he won't be in it.


This fandom needs some serious help. And no, I'm not talking about the who should play who stuff, that is inevitable. What I am saying is 139 comments and no one has mentioned how awesome it would be if David Tennant was cast as Luke! Personally, I think Tennant is too skinny/lanky to match my image of Luke but who cares! It's Davd Freaking Tennant! All of the sudden, I would develop this mad crush on Luke and believe that Billie Piper should play Clary's mom (never mind! Catherine Tate, she even has the right hair lol).

Seriously, does no one in this fnadom watch Doctor Who?


Jamie Campbell Bower is an excellent choice for Jace . Have you seen him in Camelot?
If Lily Collins is too "old" to play Clary, then Alex Pettyfer is far too old to play Jace.
As far as I'm concerned, they have two solid actors playing the leads. Even if I didn't like this series, I would go and see this film solely because JCB is in it,I think he can pull off Jace and will do so admirably. I look forward to seeing you all eat your words next year.

As far as Cassie is concerned, she has only ever been honest towards her fans and she has gone to great lengths to emphasise her support of JCB and Lily Collins. Try having a little faith people.


It's too bad they didn't go with Alex Pettyfer, he looks more like Jace to me. He has a more manly look to him and shows hot emotions in his films.
I'm fine with the rest of the actors, but Dan Byrd's eyes look a little small to be Simon. He was always described as having big dark eyes.


Here's my problem with Lily and Jamie: Lily is too pretty to be Clary and Jamie is not pretty enough to be Jace. I don't think Clary's character requires an outstanding, Oscar actress, but I think she needs to look the part a bit. Lily is beautiful and I never imagined Clary to be beautiful. I would have loved Emma Stone. She's pretty in her own way and has the perfect humor that Clary has. Physically, Jamie just doesn't do it for me. Yes, he can gain muscle and go tanning, but his face is just not…so hot. Sorry, sounds mean, but that's my opinion.


Jamie is Jace! Cassandra already said so. A lot of people are still complaining about him not looking the part and everything, but just as she said, he had perfect chemistry with Lily and is totally devoted to the film.

A lot of people may or may not agree with Constantin's choice of Jace and Clary, but Cassandra Clare seems really happy. It's like how the fans were all furious when they found out Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson were cast as Katniss and Peeta respectively. In the end, the film turned out great and everyone loved it (or at least I assume most of the fans did). I think we should just wait for the rest of cast list and hope that they don't stray from the story itself.


It's sad when Alec is hotter than Jace. No offense against Alec or anything. But seriously.


Evan Peters as Simon?! NO. Evan seems more like a Jace but since Jamie will be Jace, Evan should be Sebastian in the upcoming films… Simon seems like a Logan Lerman and Alec is pale.


Lilly Collins is perfect for her spot, and I seriously disagree with most of the cast here. None of them LOOK the part!

With Jamie, I really did have a problem with him at first, because he doesn't look anything like I imagined Jace — but when you see and hear about the chemistry the two have together, you realize that Jamie is perfect. Lilly Collins said herself that she feels like Jamie fits Jace's personality perfectly, and I trust the casting.


Molly Quinn would be the perfect Clary, Alex Pettyfer is THE PERFECT Jace!!!! <3 i like their Simon, but i like Kristopher Turner too, Adam Lambert is a PERFECT Mangus!!!!!!


Emma Watson is not tough or could be like Rooney Mara. That's absurd.


i have to say the characters are all perfect but i have to say that i like jamie campbell-boower…
but id have to saw i would have thought Callan McAuliffe to be what i pictured Jace as.
but hey its not my decision.
still… love the rest of the characters and the actors chosen for them!
especially Darren Criss as Magnus!


I actually think Darren Criss would be a PERFECT Magnus. Everytime i watch Glee i see Magnus! He NEEDS to be Magnus!!! And of course Lily Collins as Clary and Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace is fantastic! So my only preference is for Darren being Magnus :)


I don't personally agree that Lily Collins is the best pick for Clary, I actually think that the suggested, Jane Levy, would be perfect as she is closer to how I imagined Clary to look. As for the actor who will play Jace, I do not think that Jamie Campbell-Bower is right. I mean no offence when I say that he just is not beautiful enough. I'd love to see Callan McAuliffe or Alex Pettifer in this role.


Ok. So Cassandra Clare said, and I quote, "Tell them what you think of their choices (well, except for the Jace choices…because Jamie is Jace)"….. So WHY are people still complaining about him? Cassie saw his audition tape and said that he was the BEST person who auditioned for Jace. Being the author, I think that Cassie would have the best idea of how Jace acts and who portrays him well. Knowing that Cassie approves of Jamie is good enough for me. I cannot WAIT to see him as Jace. Give him a chance!


Man, are they lucky Joss Whedon is a nice guy and not litigious. Talk about blatant rip-offs….


So, you know, get your facts straight. Jaime is still playing Jace. He says and the author says. And yes, while I do think Jane Levy would be a pretty awesome Clary, Lily Collins is adorable and I can't wait to see her playing Clary.

And I do wish people would stop complaining about JCB as Jace. He's working out, he is–most likely–going to cut his hair. Give the guy a freaking chance. Hating on him just shows how immature you can be. Alex Pettyfer DOES NOT want to be Jace. He left the company hanging for several months before finally saying no. AP doesn't want to be in any YA book-to-movie adaptions, so deal with it folks. JAIME IS JACE. BAM. DEAL WITH IT.


Definately Johnny Lee Miller for Valentine and also I have pictured Dan Byrd as Simon all along …. I think Harry Shum Jr. would make a great Mangus and Jamie Campbell Bower doesn't fit my version of Jace but after the intense training that he's going through for the role I think I will be pleased with the end result …. I watched Abduction the other day and I think that Lilly Collins can pull of an awesome Clary!! Luke I pictured as Scott Patterson from Gilmore Girls as for Jocelyn …. I'm sorry but I pictured Sarah Clarke who plays Bella's mum in Twilight but that was before I saw her in the Twilight series …. But these are quite big name actors and actresses, so I guess we'll see ….


Let's just be real, Benjamin Stone would make a fantastic Jace, and the nerdy kid from Skins UK should play Simon. It works.


I can't see Jamie as Jace. I'm sure he's a great actor, haven't see him in
anything really, if you don't count twilight. But he's not how I imagined Jace, not at all. I still want Alex Pettyfer to play him.
But seriously who would cast Jamie? Jace is supposed to be attractive and really hot, and Jamie is neither.


woah.. Douglass Booth. I think he would have been good as Jace (when it comes to looks), but seeing as we have Jamie, he'd be okay for Alec :)


I think Jane Levy would be a great Clary. JL is a great actress and she has a great manner with dry humor. I think she would do justice to the role. Lily Collins is an awful choice. Not only does she look nothing like Clary, she is not dainty or delicate as Jace sees Clary.. Jamie Bower is not Jace. Sorry! I have read the books many times and I just don't see him as Jace. I don't like the casting crew on this film. I'm worried they will ruin it… I really don't believe they have read all the books. Dirty Robbers did a very good job picking the Jace and especially the Jonathan in the book trailer…Maybe casting should talk to them :)


I love your picks for Isabelle, Hodge, Jocelyn, Magnus and Valentine! I also like the suggestion of Thomas Dekker playing Alec! I would love to see Logan Lerman in the role of Simon! Jamie Campbell Bower is slowly growing on me as Jace. Not what I invisioned when I read the books, but I've seen him in Camelot and I think he can pull it off!


Even though I'm 100% sure Jamie is already Jace, I still wish Ben Stone would've gotten it…he was perfect. Logan Lerman is absolutely perfect, I love Shelley Hennig for Izzy but Izzy is pretty tall in the books, Douglas Booth is the best Alec out there (in my opinion), Hodge could be many people, I love Connie Britton for Jocelyn but she may be too old, Luke could be many characters as long as he has some muscle (and looks good), Valentine should be creepy, and Magnus has to be hot or else it won't work, and brother Jeremiah doesn't have a big enough part in the books to really be a main character…


none of those people are good enough in my eyes especially jace alex pettyffer would have been a better jace cause he is a GOOD actor and he is HOT. i put down a list of what i think the cast should look like
Alec: Gaspard Ulliel
Simon: Kristopher turner
Valentine: Daniel craig
Isabelle: Odette Yustman
Jace: Alex pettyffer
Clary: emma Roberts or


This has got to be a joke. I mean really? None of these people fit…some are extremely to old to fill these roles. And I'm not against colored people but Alec cannot be black when Izzy is white does that even make since?! Whoever wrote this article and picked the people obviously never read the book.


Nothing wrong with color blind casting, but Simon is supposed to be Jewish, so barring some Drake / Rashida Jones – esque mixed background, Simon is supposed to be white. Logan Lerman is the only Jewish guy among the actors you mentioned, so there you go, it's perfect.


Funnily enough, your Jace choice is someone I had previously envisioned as Simon, although I'm now thinking he might look too young to be a peer of Jamie and Lily.


I don't really like any of the choices for Simon (I think I would rather have a more unknown actor I guess?) But Dan Byrd or Erik Knudsen would be the best out of the ones they put up. I liked Kaya for Isabelle a lot, but both girls from Secret Circle could probably pull it off too. The best Alec is definitely Tom. Connie and Gillian are definitely NOT Jocelyn material. I feel that a Jocelyn has to look younger and less mom like, especially since she had Clary at a younger age, she is only in her mid 30s. Some with Luke. None of the Lukes I like. he's younger than most of these actors pictures and I always pictured hima more lankier guy, not one of muscle who wears his glasses, flannel, and a 5 o'clock shadow. He has to look more ordinary.


The fact Jamie Campbell Bower is going to play Jace makes this project an automatic fail. He can't act (I saw Camelot, he was not that great) and he's not that attractive. It wouldn't be a big deal if he was playing someone else, but he's supposed to be playing some godly looking attractive angel. No one I know in real life thinks he's attractive.


I think that James Gaisford would be a great Jace.


Love the Clary pick…. Perfect choice… Also I like the Simon pick… That actor can pull off the sense of humor that Simon has…. Do NOT like the Jace choice….yikes!!!

courtni scott

this is the list i think would be pretty close to the descriptions of the book
Chris Zylka- Jace
Rachel Hurd-Wood- Clary
Phoebe Tonkin- Isabelle
Steven R. McQueen- Alec
Johnny Simmons- Simon
Hugh Laurie- Hodge
Gillian Anderson- Jocelyn
Liev Schreiber-Luke
Aiden Gillen- Valentine
and Darren Criss- Magnus


That does not fit Simon at ALL. I like Magnus though. The lightwoods don't look all that Lightwoody, with their dark hair and blue eyes.


I truly wish that Alex Pettyfer was Jace. That is who I pictured. Not excited about Jamie Campbell Bower playing Jace AT ALL!


I don't like the Simon choice AT ALL. The others are okay, but I'm sure they'll look more appropriate for the part once they get their hair done, makeup ect. but the Simon choice is just.. all wrong.


well i think that Alexander Gould would make a good Simon ;)


1. Jamie Campbell Bower IS going to be Jace. That is final. No further conversation.
2. This is an AWFUL fancast. Lightwoods are CLEARLY stated to have black hair and blue eyes. Magnus= TONS of glitter I don't see any of your choices being covered in glitter.


Awesome article, although I don't agree with some of your choices… I love this book series! and I can't wait for the movie to come out.

Clary and Jace cast = done
Isabelle = Kaya Scodelario, Odette Yustman, Alexandra Daddario, katie mcgrath
Alec = Logan Lerman, Nicholas Hoult,


I like alot of the choices but, sorry, i can not see Harry or Darren in all glitter.
:) I always pictured Adam Lambert when i read the books. :) He has more of Magnus' additude.


I've always seen Jaime Ray Newman as Jocelyn and Christian Kane as Luke. He can be book geeked down quite well and has NO problem pulling off the wolf look.


While I don't like Aiden Gillen for Valentine AT ALL, he may be a good Hodge.


No freaken way, absolutly not. I will not see the movie in theaters if these are the characters. I will get it on bootleg. I love the choice for Clary, but that it. I agree, really hope they dont screw it up like twilight. Ugh, wth!!!! Seriously?


Jamie Campbell Bower is Jace.He said HIMSELF and Cassandra Clare confirmed it.


This fancast makes me LOL. Bad fancast is bad fancast. They did not take down a vampire in chapter 1 of book 1. Read the book.


Pssst. Richard Armitage is gaining a substantial following in the U.S. too thanks to YouTube, Netflix and BBC America. : D


Daniel Day Lewis or Liam Neeson would be good options for Hodge as well.


If they pick all those little kids as the main characters, I'm gonna be fumed!


Cassandra Clare and even Jamie Campbell Bower himself have said multiple times that he is still involved.

Also, I LOVE your choice for Magnus. It had NEVER ocurred to me. But he would make a better Magnus than even Darren Criss because he looks more asian.


Jamie Campbell bower is in fact, according to a few very reliable sources (himself and Cassandra Clare) playing the part of Jace. so do some research and get the facts


*sigh* I'm not a fan of this list for the most part. First there is no point in stirring up the stuff by talking about Jace and Clary, because they are indeed cast already. As for the rest, I'll give my two cents and I happen to think they are good cents. For VALENTINE: Paul Bettany, James Purefoy, Aaron Eckhart, Sean Bean or for a more obscure option Sebastian Roche, who I always enjoy. For HODGE: I would like to see this go to someone really fantastic. I'll have to think more on in. My inital choice is Gary Oldman. Liam Cunningham isn't a bad option. For JOCELYN: Mila Jovovich, Carla Gugino, or someone like Rose Byrne. For LUKE: Gale Harold is my first choice, Matthew Davis (although he may be too young), or maybe Michael Shanks. For ALEC: Your suggestion isn't bad, but I do think I like Douglas Booth for Alec as well. Or maybe Tom Sturridge. For ISABELLE: I'm advocating for Victoria Justice. I think she is pretty decent and it could do her good to get a chance to branch out. Or I think Phoebe Tonkin is a safe bet. For SIMON: Logan Lerman is my number one. But I also wouldn't mind an unknown or relatively unknown actor here at all. I think I may prefer it. I've seen a lot of good suggestions on different sites. I think this is one place where a lot of actors would fit the bill. For MAGNUS: I think both options mentioned are good ones. For me this is the hardest role to cast. Magnus has to appear youthful and yet resonate wisdom and age. It wont be an easy role to pull off. For everyone who keeps complaining about Lily's age… have any of you actually taken a look at Lily lately? When casting a movie apparent age is far more important than chronological age. Lily looks extremely young, and has the type of fact where she will always appear youthful. Trust me, I have the same kind of face and I still get carded at R rated movies.


Seriously? I'm sick of these articles that say Jamie isn't playing Jace. He is. He was cast as Jace and they are negotiating his contract. Do your research before you write these articles.


I feel that someone like david boreanaz would be a great character for Valentine.


I like their choice for Magnus, but I will probably forever see him as a mix of Adam Lambert and Miyavi. :) I like the choices for everyone else, especially Alec. I think Victoria Justice could fit the role of Izzy as long as the girl could put out some major attitude :).


I would love to see a great actor like James Purefoy as Valentine. I think he'd be amazing. As Luke, I would LOVE Richard Armitage in the role – he's an amazing actor (but he's going to be very in-demand after The Hobbit, I doubt he'd want to tie himself down with a supporting role in a franchise).

For Alec, I would love to see Steven R. McQueen or Jeremy Sumpter. I think Anton Yelchin would be a great Simon (sorry, I don't think Logan Lerman would take the role – he already anchors a YA movie franchise and he likes to do challenging indie stuff too).

Although JCB wasn't my first choice as Jace, I think he'll do a good job. I don't understand why people are still suggesting Alex Pettyfer, who (1) turned down the role, (2) has one facial expression and it's bored, and (3) now looks 30 and too old for the role (a few years ago he did look startlingly like the cover art on the book (which Cassie said wasn't how Jace really looked anyway), but he looks years older than his actual age and he'd be a more believable Luke than Jace at this point.

Carol Valentim

I only agree with Harry for Magnus… all the others are in no way my casting choices, even though I love Shelley, I've always thought Isabelle to look like Odette Yustman and Alec to look like Nicholas Hoult! As for Jace, he's been chosen and he's Jamie… you guys should stop saying he's no longer attached…


Whoa, I dont think the author of this article has ever read the first book, not to mention the whole series. Awful choice is awful (especially when it comes to Jace, Simon and Alec). I suggest restraining from writing articles, when one has no idea what he's talking about.


i think jace should be played by someone like hayden christensen or ian somerhalder and clary needs to be someone dainty but tough like kate mara or emma watson.


I'm impressed with the choices, but like others, I have a problem with the looks of the actor for Jace. This may sound crazy, but I imagined Jace looking like the athlete Clay Matthews, but perhaps with his hair trimmed a tad bit shorter. If the movie was made with this choice of cast and Clay Matthews, I'd truly be elated :)

Larry Marino

Look, Lily Collins is very pretty and a fine young actress, but she is not the book's image (or my perceived image) of Clary. Jane Levy would be unbelievable as Clary. My God, I see Jane as Clary with no need for any changes or makeup. I could also Dianna Agron's athletic ability as a prefect match for Isabelle. Did I mention that, like Isabelle, she is totally smokin' hot? An equally athletic Harry Shum Jr. has the look and charisma that Screams Magnus Bane. What they have not signed these three yet? What's wrong with them?


I love it! all of them are almost perfect except for jace. even though jamie campbell bower or whatever his name is wasnt my first choice, i have grown to like the idea of him playing jace.. as for clary jocelyn and magnus i honestly dont think you could get any better than that.. as for luke id love to see Misha collins play his role. all in all, great casting ideas!


Oliver, you must not be watching glee to judge Chord poorly. He is one of the guys who can act heavy scene. If you have seen Chord's baseball skills at All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball game His power and agility makes him perfectly fit for the role.


Lucas Bryant would make a great Luke I think.

Ashley M.

I LOVE Lily Collins as Clary. I think she's perfect! Jamie, I'm not quite sold on (and yes, according to the author, he is still attached to this project!). I would LOVE to see Liz Gillies as Isabelle and Poppy Montgomery as Jocelyn.


My thoughts: Jane Levy, Speleers or Pettyfer, Logan Lerman, Shelley Hennig, Luke Pasqualino, Liam Cunningham, Connie Briton, Richard Armitage, Aidan Gillen, Harry Shum, and Doug Jones.

I'm sorry, but I really just don't see Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace. The books left a large pair of shoes to fill for that part and I can definitely see Speleers or Pettyfer in them. More Pettyfer.
And I think fellow commenter Colin is on to something with that Peter Facinelli idea. I think if he didn't shave for a day or so he'd be a pretty good Hodge. Or at least pretty to look at. haha


With all due respect, Lily Collins is just too old to successfully play Clary. Besides not matching the physical description of Clary, Collins, being in her early twenties, will not be able to portray the incredible naivete of a sheltered sixteen-year-old. Molly Quinn (daughter of Nathan Fillion in Castle) would be such a better fit.
Now, Jace takes perfect form in Alex Pettyfer. It's really quite a loss that he's not interested.
Timothy Olyphant would make for an amazing Luke. He's able to play someone who's hardened by his past and what he knows is going to happen, but hidden underneath a soft, loving exterior.
And finally, oddly enough, John Travolta would be an excellent Valentine. Just emphasize that widow's peak, brighten up his eyes, and stick him in a tailored suit and you've got yourself one badass emotionless villain.


I think Callan McAuliffe would be a better choice than Jamie for playing Jace. Also Lilly Collins would I think be one of the better choices for Clary that are listed above, because the first book has Clary be a 16 year old teenager, so you don't want to have someone act her character that can't be protrayed as that age. Also Lilly collins has this innocent demeanor about her that I sensed from Clary when reading the books. Connie Britton is a great choice to play Clary's mother!!


Ah! I do not understand how people keep perpetuating this "Jamie is no longer attached" yes, yes he is, as Cassandra Clare double checked and stated herself. I personally think Jamie will be brilliant. I mean yes, they could have gone with someone who "looked" the part right off the bat like Alex (WHO TURNED IT DOWN BECAUSE HE THINKS HE IS TOO OLD-and I give him props for that) or Kellan, but I want to see Jace, in all his sarcasticness and cockyness and all of it…they needed some one who could BE Jace, and I think Jamie is it. He is training his butt off and I can't wait to see how he looks! I mean, Cassie cried watching his audition saying "That is my Jace." Too often, when looking at who you would cast, people jump to simply physical descriptions (which can easily be altered) and not people who could really embody the character. Props for mentioning Asian actors for Magnus. I reallly dig your suggestions for Jocelyn and Luke and Valentine, people I hadn't really imagined but may just work.


I don't get why certain sites seem to think that Jamie is no longer attached to the project. Even the author, Cassandra Clare, has stated several times on Twitter/Tumblr that as of the current state of things he is very much attached to the movies. Anyway, I think he's a great actor and will make a perfect Jace – just to show a little love, 'cause it can't hurt to be nice and/or optimistic :).


I'm disappointed that they have not cast a red-head with blue eye for Clary!! Lame. But whatever, I like final choice in Jace. AND I'm soooo excited for this movie(series)!!!


Jamie Campbell Bower is Jace. How many times does Cassie have to confirm it??? I'm happy with Lily as Clary. I would like to see someone like Phoebe Tonkin as Isabelle. She would be spectacular. I've never really thought of Harry Shum as Magnus, so that will have to simmer in my head a while. That guy in the pic up there as Simon, though….??? He nowhere fits the description to me. I loved him in Easy A, but he's not Simon. Johnny Lee Miller is an interesting suggestion for Valentine. He's super handsome and can play a good bad guy. :)


When I read the books I picture Brad Pitt as Valentine and Adam Lambert as Magnus…and Jamie is not a right fit for Jace…I expect someone way hotter and way more fit. Alex, Kellen Lutz, even the guy who played Cato in Hunger Games would be a better fit for the role!


I see Peter Facinelli as being an aesthetically pleasing Hodge, everytime i imagined him in the books i kind of just saw him as Hodge


LOVE the Brother Jeremiah actor! That would be perfect. For magnus they need to get an new unknown actor… someone who fits the part. Why does it have to be someone already famous? I dont like who they have up there for Valentine. He is supposed to be handsome, charismatic, and masculine. I love him in Game of thrones… but he is no Valentine!


I think Doug Jones would be better as valentine with his fair hair, pale skin and cheeky look to him


Darren Criss would be an AMAZING Magnus!


I always pictured Dan as Simon or Kyle Gallner and none of the choices of Isabella I liked, I pictured Emily Browning as her and Kellan Luntz as Alec


I like a couple of the Alec suggestions but I was a little disapointed about the lack of Nicholas Hoult. I'm happy about Lily and Jamie so I'm hope that stays the same. I worship the ground Darren Criss walks on (seriously I adore the man) but he isn't Magnus for me. I don't think I could imagine Harry either. I personally like Shannon Kook-Chun but I suppose we just have to wait and see who does well in the audition.


For Jace, I wouldn't cast Jamie, he is not who I saw as Jace at all, Chris Zylka looks much more like a Jace type character, Jamie just really ruins the Jace charater because he's suppose to be Extremely hot that all girls drool over him and frankly I couldn't see girls acting the way they do for Jace with Jamie.
As for Simon, Evan Peters seems more like a better cast memeber to choose, I can't really see most of them being Simon as much as I see Evan, Simon is probably my second favorite in this wonderful book series so I strongly think it's important to choose carefully, Dan isn't really a good choice for him at all.
Everyone else seems perfectly fine.
I'm so excited for this movie I'm probably going to see it everyday with my bestfriend.
and re read the series over and over for the rest of my life,
best books, love all your series.


YES! Dan Byrd for simon!! I have pictured him as simon for years since i finished the books and started fantasizing about there being a movie for TMI. please oh please pick Dan!!!


Sorry but I hate this list lol. Dan Byrd for starters is 27! How is Nicholas Hoult for Alec not on this list? He's easily the fan favorite for the role. Anyway, here are my choices: Logan Lerman (Simon), Odette Yustman (Izzy), Nicholas Hoult (Alec), Bill Nighly (Hodge), Michael Fassbender or Jason Isaacs (Valentine), Scott Speedman or Timothy Olyphant (Luke).

Patience Berkel

i think Jamie isn't cute enough to play jace, jace is supposed to be a heart throb so i'm going to go with nico or Chris. as for simon he's supposed to be secretly attractive so either evan peters or johnny Simmons. Darren Criss is aa good choice for magnus but it's alright if you go for a more Asian appearance.


…Good thing that Jamie Campbell Bower is actually still Jace. Which has been confirmed multiple times on Cassie's Tumblr: And Clary stumbles upon Jace, Isabelle, and Alec murdering a demon NOT a vampire. Why don't you guys check your "facts"?


Um, wow; and not in a good way. Alec is supposed to be tall, and very pale. Luke looks closer to Magnus skin tone. I like Douglas Booth, and maybe Steven for Alec but the others are not good suggestions.

I would have like to see more Magnus suggestions. I choose Harry over Darren. Magnus is asian, let's cast someone who actually appears to be asian. I think you should add Mario Maurer to the list, and if were going to go against character I have to go with Ezra Miller. I think he can pull off the youthful look of Magnus while maintaining a sense of wisdom and age.

I like your Isabelle suggestion but I would go with her costar Pheobe who plays Faye. She pulls off sexy, tough yet sensitive really well.

Logan Lerman is the best Simon suggestion you mentioned in that post. I don't like the others. Where the heck did the last two suggestions come from. I'm all for diversity(i'm black), but there are some characters you don't mess with. Simon is a character who's appearance and religion are important to the story. Have Brother Jerimiah or even Hodge be black or another ethnicity, but you can't mess with the main and supporting cast. Same for Alec. This makes no sense, especailly sense Cassie has included black, asian, and hispanic characters. Again, I'm all for diversity. I liked that they made bonnie black in the Vampire Diaris series, but you are so far off the mark with those Simon and Alec suggestions, including the white ones. I know I'm not the only one going were the heck did that come from. I do like Michael b. Jordon and I would like it if they could find a role for him(not Alec).

Jaime is still Jace so I wont comment on those suggestions.I like/could live with the other suggestions.

You left out Raphel and Mia. There hispanic and black respectfully.




I love the suggestions for Jace, Magnus and all the adults! But I'm happy with Lily as Clary though,


After having read every book (twice), I have to admit I've been sticking to my first fancasting favourites until now.
Simon: Logan Lerman (Perfect for every aspect of this role.)
Isabelle: Kaya Scodelario (She blows me away with everything she does. She would be badass.)
Alec: Nicholas Hoult (He is a terrific actor) or Luke Pasqualino (To be honest, I haven't considered him before but he could work.)
Hodge: Bill Nighy (I can't explain this one. He just looks like a great fit to me. And he is a phenomenal actor.)
Jocelyn: Amy Adams (Maybe unpopular, but I could see her working perfectly with Lily.)
Luke: Ewan McGregor (Add some stubble and you have Mr. Garroway.)
Valentine: Paul Bettany (Amazing. Creepy. Raw acting talent.)
Maryse: Kate Beckinsale (I always pictured her as Maryse. A firm and serious mother figure who can be/has to be badass.)
Magnus: Darren Criss (Everything about him. Only the glitter is missing.) or Harry Shum Jr. (The only obvious advantage I see for him is his height. He would match Magnus's, I think.)


Even though most of the choices seem interesting, am i the only one who thinks that they look too old? (does not include the adult characters) Most of the actors are about 25 now, which they already look too old for the part, imagine how old they'll look if they adapt the next books, too!


The one they chose for Jace, would be cute for Simon, since Jamie is STILL attached to the project (thank god)
And i REALLY love the choices for Alec, Izzy and Magnus !!! The others or nice to – though Brother Jeremiah made me burst out laughing – because… its just funny
But no matter what i will love who ever gets cast, because there is only one reason they are cast, and thats because they have talent and they played the good perfectly at the audition – so i have faith in the casting director !
I only hope that they keep their signature, like Magnus: Asian – Alec: the blue eyes are very significant ! Hair can always be colored

uhm what

The only person I like is Alec; if these others are cast, I would rather kill myself than watch it. You people but not ruin such a precious story with horrid actors. Sweet Jesus.


Am I the only person who thinks the perfect person to play Luke would be Luke from Gilmore Girls..I mean come on, he's already played a Luke lol! His character in Gilmore Girls was a sort of gruff being, always in plaid, looking like his clothing has seen better days but he sincerely cares for Clary just like Luke cared for Rory in GG. I don't know, that's who I pictured while reading, if you don't know who I am talking about, check it out. Perfect match for me.


Does this journalist even do any research? The author of the book has clarified time and time again that Jace is Jamie and there is no reason to believe otherwise.


According to Cassandra Clare, Jamie Campbell Bower is still attached. Just an FYI.

Via Cassandra Clare re: this post "They do still report that Jamie isn’t attached to the project, which I can only assure you, once again, having once again checked, that heis definitely still attached. I can only assume he stole their underwear at a party once and now they have some disagreement between them."


Nothing wrong with color blind casting, but Simon is supposed to be Jewish, so barring some Rashida Jones / Drake – esque mixed background, Simon is supposed to be white. Logan Lerman is the only Jewish guy among the actors you mentioned, so there you go, it's perfect.


Well, considering the scandal surrounding the author it's not surprisingly it feels derivative.

Personal feelings aside, I don't see this movie being a huge success. It could do well, but by no means will it reach THG or Twilight numbers. It's too niche and never had as big of a fan following or as wide of a readership.


Three cheers for actually reading the book before making your casting choices based solely on a single line of character descriptions. I like a lot of your suggestions and they are ones I never would have considered. Littlefinger as Valentine? That's pretty creepy.

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