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Weekend Box Office 3/30 – 4/1 (“Hunger Games” Still Rules; “Pariah” Survives; Tyler Perry Fizzles)

Weekend Box Office 3/30 - 4/1 ("Hunger Games" Still Rules; "Pariah" Survives; Tyler Perry Fizzles)

To absolutely no one’s surprise, The Hunger Games held on to the top spot this weekend – its second week in release – taking in an addition $61.1 million, bringing its cume to over $251 million. (on a $78 million budget – not including marketing).

The rest of the top follow below; but of note (not in the top 10)… Tyler Perry’s first genuine attempt as a leading man, aka Good Deeds, hasn’t faired as well as his films usually average. Thus far, after 6 weeks in release, it’s been able to pull in just over $34 million in box office – putting it in the #10 slot of the 11 feature films he’s made thus far, in terms of box office returns; Daddy’s Little Girls is in the #11 slot, and holds the record as his worst performing film to date, making just over $31 million.

On average, TP’s films pull in $50-something million in ticket sales, with the Madea movies typically outselling all the others. And once he veers from that seemingly lucrative gimmick (the fat suit and wig), his fans just don’t seem as interested.

So you have to wonder what box office reactions will be for his Alex Cross thriller, which’ll be out later this year…

Also of note, Pariah, which left theaters in mid-March, made a total of $769,552 at the box office, after almost 12 weeks in theaters; not bad, but I can’t help but think it could’ve done even better; it’s appeal was broader than it was given credit for. 

I still get emails from time to time from readers asking where it’ll next screen because it hadn’t yet made it to their cities; some didn’t even know when it was in theaters; although, quite frankly, if you’ve been a reader of this site over the last 6 months, you really should’ve known when it was in theaters, because we talked about it quite often, before, during, and after it was released.

It’ll be out on DVD on April 24th, so those who haven’t seen it will get their chance to do so.

The top 10 for this weekend follows below:

1 1 The Hunger Games LGF $61,100,000 -59.9% 4,137 $14,769 $251,033,000 $78 2
2 N Wrath of the Titans WB $34,200,000 3,545 $9,647 $34,200,000 $150 1
3 N Mirror Mirror Rela. $19,000,000 3,603 $5,273 $19,000,000 $85 1
4 2 21 Jump Street Sony $15,000,000 -26.7% 3,148 +27 $4,765 $93,100,000 $42 3
5 3 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Uni. $8,000,000 -39.3% 3,264 -413 $2,451 $189,600,000 $70 5
6 4 John Carter BV $2,005,000 -60.5% 2,397 -815 $836 $66,210,000 $250 4
7 16 Salmon Fishing in the Yemen CBS $1,274,000 +81.3% 483 +359 $2,638 $3,171,000 4
8 5 Act of Valor Rela. $1,006,000 -50.7% 1,239 -977 $812 $67,750,000 $12 6
9 6 A Thousand Words P/DW $915,000 -53.1% 1,007 -780 $909 $16,520,000 $40 4
10 10 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island WB $835,000 -38.5% 908 -432 $920 $98,480,000 $79 8

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Why Did I Get Married Too pulled in $55 million without Madea.


The Budget for Good Deeds was 15 million so trust Mr.Perry is rolling in that paper.


Let's play the S&A "Pariah" game. The rules are simple just come up with a way to include the word "Pariah" in every post no matter how unrelated. And then praise it again and again. Make sure to get your parents' permission first, kids!


Yeah, only 30-something mil for Tyler Perry but he's not making Ben-Hur here. Budget for his films runs somewhere in the range of 15 – 25 mil, I'd say.

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