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Weird Pull Quote Theater: ’21 Jump Street’

Weird Pull Quote Theater: '21 Jump Street'

And now, it’s time for another installment of Weird Pull Quote Theater!

FromThe Village Voice, Vol. LVII No. 13

Movie21 Jump Street

Pull Quote: “Laugh all you want… it’s a blast.”

Author: Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Original Quote, in Context: “Laugh all you want: life never stops being like high school.  Never. ’21 Jump Street’ is an action comedy that holds that truth to be self-evident…This bracing new take on ’21 Jump Street’ has a playful spark all its own. It’s a blast.

Why It’s Weird:  Because the ad quotes just the first half of an expression.  You use the phrase “laugh all you want” as the set-up for a statement that seems laughable; something like “Laugh all you want, but ‘Mac and Me’ is better than ‘E.T.'” or “Laugh all you want but after I saw ‘Carrie’ for the first time, I actually moved a chalkboard eraser with my mind.”  You don’t use it to give someone permission to laugh, but that appears to be the intention here. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, I know some of you were worried about how much laughter was approrpriate while watching ’21 Jump Street.’  Some movies, after all, have laugh quotas.  Especially comedies.  Peter Travers assures you that is not the case here.  So laugh all you want!”

Laugh all you want, but that is a weird pull quote.  

This has been another installment of Weird Pull Quote Theater!

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Jordan Hoffman

Matt, you've got this all wrong.

This is a variation of the famous Jay Leno quote "Crunch all you want. . .we'll make more," which was said in reference to the creation of new Cool Ranch Doritoes.

Now, I know you come from a time when Doritoes came in as many flavors as there are constellations in the sky, but back in the old days this was not the case. And let me tell you, we were ALL worried we would crunch too much, and this new flavor would be gone!

Luckily, Johnny Carson's understudy with the funny chin was there to calm our nerves. The phrase stuck with many of us, not just the Columbia Pictures pull quoting team (which, so I am told, is an outreach program between the marketing department and the good samaritans at Easter Seals. And the Navy Seals. And some actual seals.)

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