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What In The World Is Matty Rich Up To? Think Gaming & Film Adaptations Of Games (Video)

What In The World Is Matty Rich Up To? Think Gaming & Film Adaptations Of Games (Video)

It’s been almost 20 years since The Inkwell, his last feature film (time flies doesn’t it), and the public feud between Matty Rich his and his fellow African American filmmaker, one Mr Spike Lee (Spike once referred to him as “Matty Poor” some time after Inkwell’s less than ideal box office); I’m sometimes asked if I’m aware of Matty’s whereabouts, what he’s been up to over the years, and what his doing currently.

Well… here’s your answer.

As I believe I noted in a past post on this site, at 41 years old (he’ll be 42 in November) the man’s gotten heavily into video game production, running his own gaming company in LA (Matty Rich Games), with plans to eventually exploit Hollywood’s interest in adapting video games to film.

Essentially, while he clearly loves gaming, his interest in that medium is two-fold, in that he also sees it as a potential entryway, or I should say re-entryway back into the world of filmmaking.

So if you’ve been wondering what the heck Matty’s up to, you should watch this interview which was recorded at the [a]List Game Marketing Summit in San Francisco in February of this year.

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Like Dubois I'm glad that he hasn't let setbacks crush him and is moving forward. Accidentalvistor makes a good point though. I think this article will shed more light on the problems surrounding the inkwell.,,302010,00.html


Good for Matty for hanging in there. Hopefully this is a sign he's learned from his mistakes in the past (as we all should).


Another reminder of how Spike Lee has always been a hater, instead of working with, and helping a fellow minority filmmaker.


Hopefully Rich will never return to film. He was horrible. What he did to the Inkwell…::shaking my head::. The guy couldn't relate to the careers and lifestyles of the main protagonists so he made them, what was it, garbage men or something? The author of that book was disappointed with Rich's take on the story and I can't blame him.


Video game production? I definitely want to get into that myself, seriously. Okay now. Brooklyn stand up…

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