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“X-Men: First Class” Sequel To Shoot In January; What *Black X-Men* Might Make The Lineup This Time?

"X-Men: First Class" Sequel To Shoot In January; What *Black X-Men* Might Make The Lineup This Time?

Reading a piece of The Hollywood Reporter that says the sequel to X-Men: First Class will begin principal photography in January 2013 to accomodate Jennifer Lawrence’s shooting schedule for the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire; apparently Fox wanted to begin production on First Class this fall, but there was a conflict with Lawrence’s schedule, since Lionsgate also wanted to start shooting the Hunger Games sequel this fall (Lawrence stars in both films).

But that’s not really of any concern to me; what I really want to know from you all – especially you comic book movie afficionados (a group I don’t consider myself a member of) – is what black X-Men characters can we expect/should we expect/would you like to see in this sequel? We all know (those who saw the first one anyway) what happened to Edi Gathegi’s Darwin; although there was some speculation by those who are intimately familiar with the X-Men universe, that Darwin really isn’t gone forever, as many of us thought after seeing the first film, and that he just might return; after all, his superhero power is his ability to adapt to any situation.

Might he return? What other *black X-men* (and I realize how somewhat oxymoronic that term is given that, from what I understand, race isn’t necessarily of any consideration in the X-Men universe) MIGHT we see introduced in the sequel? Or that you’d like to see introduced in the sequel? When does Storm enter the picture in the X-Men timeline? And who would you cast in those roles, should they be included in the sequel’s lineup?

School me…!

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Lets be honest here. The ORIGINAL 5 X-Men were all Caucasian. More recently the books have indicated that there was a team BEFORE that team that Xavier messed up with. Including Darwin, Cyclops' older brother Gabriel Summers etc… Mystique was NOT apart of that so the film took a few liberties (to put it mildly). Race didnt become a prominent thing until the Uncanny series which introduced a more multiracial/multinational team. Sunfire (Japanese), Wolverine (Canadian), Banshee (Irish), Nightcrawler (German), Storm (Black/African), Colossus (Russian), Thunderbird (Native American) etc… And essentially that's the team we all wanted to see from the 2000 film. But we didn't get that. We got a made up team and a bunch of made up story lines. So what to do now? Reboot? Noooo. That's what Disney is doing. That's too successful right? Fox is going to stay the course. The stupid, unhinged, made up course! So who should we expect to see in the next film. I don't know. I kinda give up. They have raped my childhood with these films. I would love to see a young Storm, or a Days Of Future Past Bishop or even Rachel Summers in that timeline. Maybe a lil Mr Sinister or Apocalypse. I dunno. I quit


Ok…kinda stupid to imply they killed off Darwin because he was the "black" x-man…in the comics Darwin (and the 3 others on his team) were all killed pre X-Teams that we know today…As for Angel being a stripper, I don't know much about the secondary character she was based on other than she was a really chubby insect winged chick who hooked up with her teammate Beak and popped out like a dozen insect/chicken looking babies…so they upgraded her in the movie by making her a hot stripper type. As for being true to the X-Men History…only one of the characters in the movie was actually a true member of the First Class and that was Beast (and he didn't turn into the blue furred version til he was an adult YEARS later). The other First Class were Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Iceman, and Warren Worthington's Angel…but movies always take liberties. Somebody mentioned Callisto below…she wasn't even black in the comics…and I think Darwin died standing up for himself, his friends, and his beliefs…good for him :)


Honestly, I'm not interested.. they "killed" off Darwin, and why did Zoe have to be a stripper for f** sake? Whatever Black character they introduce would likely have a weak portrayal..

maurice emel

definitely Bishop, my man from the future.

Dr. B.

I think Storm's character as a child was referenced in First Class as a part of a Cerebro montage. So a very young Storm could be introduced in the sequel. Secondary mutants and the genesis of the Warlocks could also provide opportunities for Black actors. But the Warlocks by definition won't be cute or pretty. In the First Class series, anyone can eventually become a part of the X-Men or an ex-X-Men turned Magneto follower (Isn't that what Zoe Kravitz did in First Class?) or even opt out and try passing for a non-mutant if possible. {S/N: Black mutants "passing"–now there's an interesting plot line.} If they take the sequel further enough into the future, we may even see a younger version of Dania Ramirez's character (Callisto) from X-Men Last Stand. I think the problem is that people expect the X-Men films to follow only the history of the comic book series like other comic-to-film adaptations have to do. The X-Men films more easily borrow from the WHOLE X-Men universe. The comics, the two cartoon series, secondary alt comics, etc. It is a lot easier to bring in Black/people of color actors into the X-Men film franchises than ANY OTHER comic-to-film release–period. X-Men is more like the Star Trek franchise in that way. You have key stars (mutants) but the premise of the narrative is about a team/family/community/new minority emerging than "who is like Superman, Batman, or Spiderman" on the screen. More egalitarian, less of "which special White dude will save us ALL at the end of the day."

just saying….


darwin can return in the comics he has adapted to death and made a return

No real possibilities maybe a young storm might be interesting


The answer: NONE! That's a trick question. First off, Darwin is not a character who is actually from the old X-men. Angel is not an original recruit, either. You know why they were in it? 1) somebody had to die (see the image above) and 2) It's the 60s, and there's no brown/black people? We can't have that 3) Banshee needed to have someone to fight against, so Angel switches sides and fights him.

With them playing loose with X-men history already, anyone could show up, but I'm not expecting that there will be black characters in this sequel– at least not black mutants.


*shrug* I don't intend on finding out. The first X-Men:First Class was a racefail and I want no part of a sequel.

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