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’12 ABFF Preview: Tracey Heggins is A Streetfighter in Short Action Drama “Cherry Waves”

'12 ABFF Preview: Tracey Heggins is A Streetfighter in Short Action Drama "Cherry Waves"

Written and directed by Carey Williams, the short action drama Cherry Waves stars Tracey Heggins, George Jonson, Lulu Brud, Shaw Jones and Rhobye Wyatt.  Waves is described as “a story of love, loss, and finding oneself set against the world of underground street fighting.”

Cherry Waves is part of HBO’s short film competion we just announced, screening at this year’s American Black Film Festival, which runs June 20-23 in South Beach, FL.

Here’s the synopsis:

Cherry Waves is the story of Angie Adams, a deeply spiritual young girl. Blessed with an intense tolerance for pain, Angie has developed into a prolifically successful underground streetfighter. When posed with a life-changing decision, Angie must make sacrifices against her moral convictions for her loved ones, but will her sacrifice ultimately lead to her demise?

I had to look up the cast to see if this was really her; I certainly never expected Medicine For Melancholy‘s Tracey Heggins to embody such a street-fighting tough chick!

Watch the trailer below:

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wait so this is Tracey Heggins, she as in Medicine for Melancholy.. i knew i recognized her from somewhere. she's gonna be big! (she's cute too) .. ok i had to say it geeeeez


I just want to let readers know, this actress is the real deal and very talented, I am Located in New York and she LA, I had a project titled COFFEEVILLE MISSISSIPPI that i was casting for she had offered to fly in on her own dime if needed(No actress does that) The producers and I told her to send in a audition tape, we had seen many many actresses, even High Profile ones, none were right for the part until we saw her tape, she nailed it, needless to say the project fell apart when the funding feel through. I would work with her at the drop of hat on anything I could have that would great for some one of her talents. She a consummate professional up and down!!!!


looks interesting..


every time i see this trailer, i get chills….


Now that's a trailer.


I am officially intrigued.

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