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7 Black Superhero Movies (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly)

7 Black Superhero Movies (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly)

I watched the double-bill of Meteor Man and Blankman last night (talk about torture), as part of my research for an entry I was going to post on the dearth of black Superhero movies; further googling on the matter led me to this 7-minute piece from Korey over at the Black Superhero Blog that humorously sums it up.

Yeah, I know it’s an old piece, but it’s still very relevant today, so humor me :)

Take a look below, and while you’re at it, think about what, if any, black superhero movies he left out. Spawn instantly comes to mind. And obviously, the term “Superhero”doesn’t have to be restricted to the almost universally-accepted prototypical stock character traits – utilizing extraordinary or superhuman powers for the good of humanity…

Watch (and hopefully laugh): 

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The Mark

They should remake Meteor Man. I thought it was a great movie for it's low budget and the story line wasn't as bad as it has been made by critics. There are plenty of brothers out there who could play him. Robert Townsend did an excellent job and the good boy look is what they needed because he was a school teacher. You forgot the movie Spawn which I feel should also be remade. But that's just my opinion. Static Shock, Cyborg and the other Green Lantern should also get a movie (which are DC superheroes).


Besides, don't we already have the Obama movie? Its on CNBC nightly…


Why do we need a black superhero at all? Its tiring to assume that anything ever invented must be shown to include people of color. Its like saying there HAS to be a white boxing champion. or like saying that the Black Entertainment Channel must hire white people. No…they really don't, and superheros don't need to be black just to play tit for tat.


And, of course, Blade never gets laid.


I seriously have to laugh to keep from crying at this. The dearth of black heroes in Hollywood is abominable.
And whenever we are cast as heroes we are always anti heroes (read: Spawn and Blade).
Now if I were making a list of the CRAPPIEST black superheroes Halle Berry as Storm and then Halle Berry as Catwoman would be number ONE and TWO!

Nosa Igbinedion

What about 'Shonuff!', i think it was called the last dragon.


He forgot Spawn the Movie, I my self have never seen Spawn but it had a cartoon spin off on HBO. I will admit just like Hancok there is a flaw is Spawn. Unless you know his origina story you wouldn't Know he was black.

Would Black dynamite be considered a Black superhero


Storm/X-Men. And if he's adding Eddie Griffin/Undercover Brother, then I'll add Michael Jai White/Black Dynamite.


It was a humorous piece that made me chuckle. It even had some good points. However Steel should have been at the bottom. His reasons for picking #3 over Meteor Man were and undercover brother were kind of lame. All 3 were equally cheesy but Meteor man loses for being too clean cut? Yeah that's what made Superman lame. Oh wait the 1978 Superman film is actually still consider a classic. In any case I enjoyed the piece over all. It did give me an even greater appreciation for Blade and what Wesley Snipes accomplished.


Halle Berry's Catwoman

Culture Shock!

Black Dynamite.


The first "Blade" makes all the other black superhero movies look like pure garbage. The second one was good too, but not AS good.

Adam Scott Thompson

Ironic considering that "Blade" ushered in the new wave of (very profitable) superhero movies which had really gone out of vogue after the 80's ended.

And I have to admit, I was mad as a kid when they cancelled "M.A.N.T.I.S." It was flawed in its execution, but the concept was so playa!

Steven Flores

Actually, I think the best black superhero movie is "Blade II".

It's better than the first film thanks in part to Guillermo del Toro's direction. It's a film that truly can stand out on it's own without needing to see the first one. It's got great production value. An amazing supporting cast that includes del Toro regular Ron Perlman. A kick-ass soundtrack, and a screenplay that does more than what the genre expects.

maurice emel

tons of omissions… black panther, luke cage, Spawn, M.A.N.T.I.S., static shock, the whole milestone universe for that matter, the black-spanish spider man they have now. Morpheous (the matrix) even though he doesnt have his own series but that doesnt meant that he couldn't.


That is Genius!


Too funny! You forgot Black Panther though. He is the BEST ever!!


lol@ Git ur as outta here!

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