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About Leonard Maltin

About Leonard Maltin

Leonard Maltin is one of the most recognized and respected film critics of our time. He appears regularly on Reelz Channel and spent 30 years on the hit television
show, Entertainment Tonight.

An established author, he is best known for his annual paperback reference, Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide. A perennial best-seller, ‘The Guide’ has become an indispensable tool for movie lovers and includes over 16,000 film reviews, with ratings and essential facts about each title. In 2005, he introduced a companion volume, Leonard Maltin’s Classic Movie Guide, which focuses on movies made before 1965, going back to the silent era..

Leonard’s other books include The Best 151 Movies You’ve Never Seen, The Disney Films, Of Mice and Magic: A History of American Animated Cartoons, The Great American Broadcast: A Celebration of Radio’s Golden Age, The Great Movie Comedians, The Art of the Cinematographer, Selected Short Subjects and (as co-author) The Little Rascals: The Life and Times of Our Gang.

Leonard has been teaching at the USC School of Cinematic Arts for the last sixteen years. His popular class screens new films prior to their release,  followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers. This direct access to top talent has proven to be invaluable in his students’ own filmmaking endeavors.

As an expert, pundit, and host, he is frequently seen on news programs
and documentaries, and has enjoyed a long association with Turner Classic
Movies. He also previews movies-on-demand on Comcast and appears regularly on Turner Classic Movies.  For three years, he co-hosted the weekly syndicated movie review program Hot Ticket which was produced by Entertainment Tonight.

Leonard is a prolific freelance writer whose articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The London Times, Smithsonian, TV Guide, Esquire, The Village Voice and American Film. He has contributed to Oxford University Press’ American National Biography, and was the film critic for Playboy magazine for six years.

Additionally, Leonard frequently lectures on film and was a member of the faculty of New York City’s New School for Social Research for nine years. He served as Guest Curator at the Museum of Modern Art film department in New York on two separate occasions.

Leonard created, hosted and co-produced the popular Walt Disney Treasures DVD series and appeared on Warner Home Video’s Night at the Movies features. He has written a number of television specials, including Fantasia: The Creation of a Disney Classic and has hosted, produced and written such video documentaries and compilations as The Making of The Quiet Man, The Making of High Noon, Cartoons for Big Kids, The Lost Stooges, Young Duke: The Making of a Movie Star, Cliffhangers: Adventures from the Thrill Factory and Cartoon Madness: The Fantastic Max Fleischer Cartoons.

In 2006 he was named by the Librarian of Congress to join the Board of Directors of the National Film Preservation Foundation. He also has received awards and citations from the American Society of Cinematographers, Anthology Film Archives, The Society of Cinephiles, San Diego Comic-Con International, and the Telluride Film Festival. In 1997 he was made a voting member of the National Film Registry, which selects 25 landmark American films every year. Perhaps the greatest indication of his fame was his appearance in a now-classic episode of the animated series South Park


I recently completed my sixth year as Managing Editor and contributor for Leonard Maltin’s Annual Movie Guide: The Modern Era. Now this comes as no surprise but, looking back, the journey here was certainly circuitous.  With my Arts and Communications degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder in hand, I arrived in Los Angeles and worked as an actress, while supplementing my artistic income (who didn’t?) through a variety of jobs. Never straying far from the writing and journalism I’d grown to love in college, I designed and edited newsletters, wrote promos, was a regular contributor for Los Angeles publications COSI and the first NO HO Magazine and worked PR for celebrities. Soon I was covering movies and entertainment events for and its then Movie Editor Michael Symanski.  Michael, unbeknownst to him, was not only a mentor, he was an inspiration; someone whose advice and guidance was as meaningful as my later associations with the intrepid Mr. Sidney Poitier and the prolific Leonard Maltin.  There will be more to come, I’m sure. In the meantime, find me in the TV section at, Facebook and on Twitter at @TheTVolution.

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George Grimble

Dear Leonard, I’ve been a big fan of your movie guide for many years. I first came across it in 1990 after having spent three months in Bangladesh working for the world health organisation. The hotel ran two movies each day, and I don’t know who chose them but they were clearly a film buff. There was a Sam Peckinpah season, John Ford season and even a series by Satayjit Ray! On returning to the UK, we tried to navigate the difficult area of which films our children could watch. Now I had watched 180 films during my time in Bangladesh and was pleasantly surprised to see that my score for each was about the same as yours! So my wife and I set up two simple rules for our children.
They could watch any film they wanted to as long as: –
1. It had the right age rating
2. It received a score of at least two stars in Maltin
Since then we have never had any conflict over film watching, and as I explained to them, if Maltin gave a score of less than two stars that they shouldn’t waste their lives by watching it unless it was a film which was "so bad that it was hilarious"!
Thank you so much for bringing order and culture to our film viewing.
With kind regards

Larry W. Yother

We can't just let your book disappear into the past! It has to stay alive on the Internet in some form.

Doctor Stinkstah

I enjoyed listening to you on Marc Maron's podcast! Dr.S,the stinky dot com

Franc Caiulo

Hello im just wondering when more Eddie Cantor DVDs are coming out I purchased Kid Millions and Whoopee but I am wanting Roman Scandals Palmy Days and Strike Me Pink could you please find out regards Franc


You should do a review of Sofia the first


Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies will be one of the best movies of 2014.

florence harwood

Hello Leonard I"m watching Josephine and Men, a 1955 Ray Boulting movie with Peter Finch, Glynnis Johns, Donald Sinden, Jack Buchanan, Screenplay by Nigel Balchin (The Man Who Never Was), amongst many others and went to look for it in your 2013 Movie Guide but alas! it's not there! The internet doesn't indicate that it was released under any other title so I'm thinking this is an omission from your Movie Guide and I'd very much like you to include it. What a wonderful group of actors! Hope you can include it next time around. Thanks, Florence from Hobart, Australia


Leonard, fyi, your personal email seems to be down…

D Tubbs

Why is "The Man" with James Earl Jones not released on DVD? And why haven't I seen it on TV since before Obama's first campaign?

Is it being suppressed by someone in particular?


Is Actress Rachael Leigh Cook related to Actress Vivian Leigh ??

David Ward

Snow White's friend at the Carthay Circle: Will be in town from June fourth until at least the eleventh. Do you have time to meet?

David Ward

Snow White's friend at the Carthay Circle: Will be in town from June fourth until at least the eleventh. Do you have time to meet?


Could you help me remember a movie where a blind women waits for her soldier husband , but a man shows up and pretends to be here husband, he was just suppose to tell her that her husband was killed.


Dear Mr. Maltin,

What is the last Hollywood film shot on actual film stock? This transition to digital is significant, but it seems to be happening without much notice.


Dear Mr. Maltin,

Thank you for your reviews and the 2013 movie guide book that I saw in the public library. ^^

I was wondering WHY there is NO "star system" in your website/blog (as you have indicated in your movie guide book for 4 stars is the best and goes down to half star)? Is it possible you can do that on your website from now on? Because it will do us, the reader, a BIG favor because we can just EASILY use the search function on your website and find the movie rating and review that you have.

Jesus loves you and thank you for your response! (Hope you can reply to my email as well. Thank you! )

Jimmie Hicks

Dear Mr. Maltin: I have been doing research on the movie DOUBLE INDEMNITY and have been compiling biographies for each of the actors who appeared in the film. I have found information about all of the actors except for Jean Heather. She seems to have disappeared in 1949. I know she died in 1995. I cannot find any information about why she left Hollywood and what she did after she left. Do you have any information about Jean Heather's life after she left Hollywood? I would greatly appreciate anything you can tell me. Thank you. Jimmie Hicks

Catherine Gainey

I am looking for an authoritative biography of John Ford. I am a serious film buff, and have just discoverd Ford's films, although I have seen them many times.

My eyes are open…

Bob Freeman

I just wanted to drop a line and say you are my sons and I favorite movie critic. My son is 13 and I am 41. We have always found you to be kind, fair and respectable. I also have a fondness for classic movies and have always liked how you are able to view and comment on classic movies taking into account the times in which they were made. My son and I have always been able to do the same, and we both have always found it annoying when watching a classic movie with some of our friends and family and someone will comment about how outdated special effects,clothing and dialogue are. It's like they can only view a classic through modern eyes and lack the imagination to transport themselves into the time and period of which a movie was created and this includes some of the critics etc I have read or heard over the years when they comment on the classics. Which again is why we enjoy you as a movie historian and a critic etc. You are a pleasure and a joy to listen to on every Blu-Ray and DVD I own. I could say more, but I will just try and keep it short and to the point. Lastly, goodbye and keep up the excellent work! Bob

Les Perrigo

I have a copy of Leonard Maltin's 2010 Movie Guide and it is about to drive me crazy because the movies are not sorted correctly. It makes it very hard to lookup movie which can be so out of place. I would never buy another year update if the sorting is not corrected.

Steve Brook

Why is the 1941 movie "Dangerous Moonlight" (aka "Suicide Squadron") with Anton Walbrook and Sally Gray, directed by Brian Hurst, not listed in your otherwise excellent guide? The film itself has little apart from curiosity value, but it did introduce Richard Addinsell's "Warsaw Concerto" to the music world. Can this omission be amended?


Steve Brook
Melbourne, Australia.

Mike Brown

Dear Mr Maltin,
Visiting Germany in 1964 I was taken to the the cinema to see Wir Warten in Ashiya and was told the dialogue would be in English with German subtitles,but it had been dubbed!
I saw the movie at a later date under the title Flight from Ashiya. I cannot,however,find any mention of it in your magnificent Movie Guide. Did it have yet another title in the USA?


Hallelujah, new MCs have arrived. Thanks for all your hard work Leonard. dwj

Cindy Hanford

I always buy your movie guides, but I am convincced that in this electronic age that you could best sell your guides as an Excel spreadsheet (being a program that most people would be able to use). That way, I could add fields for seen/want to see and if I own the DVD or video. I have been keeping a running list of every movie I have seen since 1966 – over 7000 films, and am about to start the arduous task of typing the list into Excel since I have found no electronic listing to buy. One version of your Guide contained a disc with searchable data, but did not give users the ability to indicate if they had seen or own a film. I believe lots of people would pay more for usable electonic data than for a book. Please consider this.
Also, as a visually impaired person, I am constantly frustrated that movies are released with credits in print too small to read. I long for the style from the movies of the 30s and 40s which often opened with a playbook style listing of actors and character names. Today's movies are opening with fancy graphics that make actors' names unreadable on a TV screen, or they don't even give opening credits. I've also given up on viewing foreign films because the print is too small to read and no one seems to dub movies anymore. Directors seem to disregard how their movie credits or captions will appear on a regular TV screen. And now, they expect you to read shots of computer screens and cell phones – if you can't read them, you miss something important to understanding the plot. Who should I lobby on this issue? The Directors' Guild? Is there any guild specific to movie credits? And why is it allowed for television to minimize credits or run them really fast? I would think SAG would disapprove of that.
Thanks for providing wonderful Guides to the movies!

Howard Fischer

Hi Leonard & Alice,
I remember NYC with James Robert Parrish.
Renewing my passion. Please see below.
New Jazz Film Financing – They Died Before 40

Many people may have heard of Charlie Parker, who died at 34. But others, such as Herschel Evans, who died before reaching 30, are very little known and their stories untold. For example, Jo Jones, drummer and an integral part of the Count Basie band for many years, has called Evans the greatest musician he ever played with. He said that Evans made everyone he played with better.
Who was this giant, what made him an important creative artist and why did he die so young? These are questions that this film will answer concerning Evans and many more. Also to be featured are Charlie Christian, Fats Waller, Jimmy Blanton, Bunny Berigan, Clifford Brown, Chick Webb and Chu Berry.
Others to be mentioned will be Bix Beiderbecke, Fats Navarro, Oscar Pettiford, Eric Dolphy, Paul Chambers, Serge Chaloff, Sonny Berman, Frank Teschemacher, Lee Morgan and about a dozen more.
Through their music, archival film footage, photographs, reminiscences and expert discourse we will learn more about these artists, develop an appreciation of their artistry and reveal how and why their careers were cut short.
This film will expand our cultural heritage for this internationally renowned art form.

The film is being produced and directed by Howard E. Fischer, an attorney who represented jazz musicians and arts organizations and was the founder of the New York Jazz Museum in 1972 and its Executive Director until 1977. He also produced, wrote and directed the acclaimed film THE HOLLAND AVENUE BOYS: A SUCCESS STORY that appeared on over 50 PBS stations.

Dan Morgenstern, Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University, a renowned jazz historian, author, editor, and archivist active in the jazz field since 1958 will be a consultant to the project.

Financial participation is needed.

Howard Fischer
(212) 864-1479

Alex Krajci

Dear Leonard Maltin, Have You Ever Seen The 2001 Ron Howard Dramatic Biopic A Beautiful Mind With Russell Crowe?

Dawne Trent

I'm a follower of yours from the 80's, and you are the gold standard. I have a I've never been able to find a "dog" movie I saw in the middle of the night on the road with a band in '73, and whose title I remember as being about a dogs life, or a life of a dog. It was black and white, and I think it was made in the 40's (+/_ a decade). No titles I've seen match the description, and I'm afraid it may have been lost. The star of the film, a pit bull (yes), tells the story, from street level, of the dog's history from pup to his descent into the gutter, a beaten and badly damaged dog that was pushed into fighting in the dark back alley dog fighting racket, often till the death of a contender. It was a touching tale, told in the dog's voice, that left a mark. I'm curious to know the exact title, and whether it is available in any form for viewing. Thank you for considering this, and best to you.



Ron Ebner

Hi, Leonard. Just love your informative reviews and candid interviews with various stars. Since I'm a major Disney movie and star fan I particularly enjoyed your talks with Tommy Kirk, Kevin Corcoran, Tim Considine, etc. Your line, "I can't believe I'm sitting here with the Hardy Boys" gave me goose bumps! I recently finished and published "Hollywood Celebrities: Where Are They Now?" which contains short bios of many former stars and supporting actors. One former Disney player, Rudy Lee–who was in the 1958 "Annette" serial–has disappeared from public view. Do you have any knowledge of this fine child actor? Thanks for any info you may have and for doing such good work in the entertainment field.

Brian Keith O'Hara

Hello Leonard,
I've been researching Bobby Driscoll and also LAPD because I was curious about Bobby's 1959 arrest in Pasadena, specifically, whether someone interceded on his behalf or not. After reading about the Rampart scandal of the 70's and 80's and the sordid accusations against Sgt. Lloyd Martin(much like Norman Pilcher of Scotland Yard) and the treasure trove of corruption connected to Charlotte Shelby, both in the LA DA's Office and LAPD, I can't help but believe that someone interceded on his behalf, the evidence would have led to anyone else's arrest and prosecution. Which is not the picture that is often painted of Bobby's post Hollywood career. Someone obviously did care. I was just curious if you had ever heard anything about that.

Rob Hamill

G'day Leonard, a bit cheeky of me perhaps but just read your review about a New Zealand film and wondered if you would be keen to see our New Zealand made film which will be screening at a film festival in New York late June. Myself and director Annie Goldson will be there for Q&A's after each screening options The trailer can be seen at Sorry if this is a perceived as being a bit forward but not sure how else to 'get it out there'. The film has received almost unanimous five star (out of five) reviews here in NZ. And the response we have had in London, Amsterdam, Biaritz, Melbourne etc has been staggering. This will be the first screenings (along with Human Rights Watch FF in Chicago in May) in the United States. Regards Rob Hamill


Mr.Maltin Some years back there was a great site where one could find any information for old movies, actors, actresses producers, directors and Bio's of each. That site was . What the new owners have done to a once great site is a travesty. I saw a comment below by one person who's intrest is in Alan Ladd and all he would have to do was go to this site, type in Alan Ladd's name and all the films and T.V. appearances he ever made would appear on his computer screen. Included would have been the names of the supporting cast for each movie and T.V. performance. You could even research foreign movies, actors etc. Now to cut to the chase. I would like to know weather there is a site out there on the internet that provides the same information as on the old site. If not it would be great if you could provide this service on a new site since you have an infinate knowledge of the movie industry. Leaving all of those who love old movies as much as I do a way to explore and delve into such a rich history of film making. Best Wishes OLAF


Hi Leonard, just wondering when there will be more MC. Back in Nov. 2010, after receiving Issue 28, I subscribed again for the next 4 issues – – – – -. Are they eventually coming or have we come to an end? If they are coming, keep my money gladly as I love MC, if not could you arrange a refund for me. I hope it's the former. – dwj.

Paul F. Etcheverry

Greetings, Leonard –
While I am much looking forward to seeing Napoleon, my mind has been on classic comedy of late. I refer to your books on comedy films in my March 8 blog posting –

I never made it to Slapsticon, but Richard Roberts used to program an annual all comedy weekend at the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum and run absolutely astounding (and of course, ridiculously rare) short subjects from the silent and early talkie eras. Enjoyed them immensely and I'm sure you would to. Cheers!

Mark Leff

I buy your books every year, why is Pierce Brosnan who has made over 50 movies not listed in the index of stars.

Thank you

Zoe Golightly

Hi Leonard,

We'd love to have you as our guest for the Red Carpet World Premiere of The Wayshower — a Spiritual Thriller — starring Academy Award nominees Eric Roberts and Sally Kirkland, at the ArcLight Cinerama Dome on March 8th, red carpet from 6:30pm, screening at 7:30pm.

Please let me know where I can send our press release, and hope you'll be able to join us on the night. My cell is 323-422-0002 if you have questions or to RSVP.

Thanks so much,
Zoe Golightly @wayshowermovie

Alwyn Eades

Mr. Maltin,
First my apologies for putting this in a public place but I can not see a way to send it to you personally. I watch your program regularly and like it, but there is one thing I find irritating. In the program I watched most recently you mentioned your own name fifteen times. This seems a bit excessive (and it was a program in which you did not do a sales pitch for your book). Do you think that you could cut down on this, please.
Alwyn Eades

John Knouse

I just watched the 2000 movie "In the Time of the Butterflies" starring Selma Hayek. It is not in the latest movie guide that I own, not even in the list of Selma Hayek's movies. Was it direct to video? It thought it was at least a 2.5-star movie, dealing with the activist Mirabel sisters under the Dictator Trujillo's regime in La Republica Dominicana.

Jay Slavec

The infamous detached retina routine! We met in the El Paso doctor's office in early August Hope all is well with your eye. I have my cataract surgery in a couple of weeks now that the retina surgery has finally healed. Sorry we didn't have time to talk that day. Best of luck to you.

I have my cataract surgery in a couple of weeks now that the retina surgery has finally


George Racz

Leonard: We talked a few times at the Syracuse show about "Night Flight" and the Display you had made for your glass slides. I need some information in regards to the display. I , too, am having one made for me and my designer needs a little help. Bill Brioux was going to take pictures for me, but was unable to see you this past year. If you receive this please let me know how to contact you regarding mine (and Yours) glass slide display, Thank you and Merry Christmas!See you in Syracuse in March 2012!!

Daniel "Sly" Slipetsky, Jr.

Dear Mr. Maltin.

My name is Daniel "Sly" Slipetsky, Jr. and I am a 37-year-old jazz musician living in Tucson, Arizona. My love of old black-and-white "vintage" motion pictures began with my love of the Three Stooges, which later culminated in a highly deep interest in people like Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Irene Dunne, the Marx Brothers, Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies, and most recently, Harold Lloyd! I have several videotapes and DVDs in which you had graciously shared your knowledge (Looney Tunes Golden Collections, Marx Bros. "A Night at the Opera", Three Stooges 1984 documentary hosted by Steve Allen, Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection, etc.), and please allow me to express my gratitude to you for your willingness to share your expertise with us. In fact, in your audio commentary for "A Night at the Opera", you had mentioned that even though many people may ridicule you for having a fondness of early movies, you cannot apologize for this. Well, Mr. Maltin, I feel the exact same way.

I do have one curious question for you: how does one become a film historian and introduce films on television stations such as Turner Classic Movies? If I wasn't a full-time musician, and if I continued to learn more about my favorite film thespians, I might want to dress up in a suit and try this out sometime.

Mr. Maltin, you have my warmest wishes for continued success in your film history career!


Daniel "Sly" Slipetsky, Jr.

Jeff Brown

Dear Mr. Maltin – I purchased your 2012 softcover movie guide from Barnes and Noble and didn't open it until it was past the return date, so they wont exchange it. The print is very faded and hard to read. How would I be able to get credit or a a good copy. I buy your movie guide often. Thanks, Jeff, Delray Beach FL

Tim Greiving

Hello Mr. Maltin. I'm not sure if this is the best way to reach you, but it's the only means I can find! Per our conversation last night, I'd like to talk with you in regards to my thesis on the music of Pixar. It would be a great honor to have your input. Please email me at the address given to set something up, if you're available and willing. Thank you!


What an idiot! Maltin pans a movie in his guide (The Way West), giving it 1 1/2 stars, and there he is in person presenting it on Turner Classic Movies!
I will never buy another Maltin movie guide.

Beatrice Eggers

Dear Leonard,

I am a Swedish animation student who just saw Walt Disney’s Symphonies and I saw your introduction. I am working on a book on Disney’s feature films and I would like to tell you about it. It would be an honour if you could consider writing the foreword?

I have studied Filmscience at Stockholm’s University and now I study animation and part of our education is a project and mine is this book. Focusing mainly on the spiritual aspect in the feature films from Snowhite to Tangled.

I sincerly hope that you could accept the draft of the book and see if u would like to write something as I am a big admirer of your work.

Best Wishes,

Beatrice Eggers


Disappointed in your 2011 Movie Guide, which we bought to replace an earlier edition. Too many great old movies have been dropped from the listings. I’m tired of looking up movies scheduled for showings on TCM only to find them not in the 2011 Movie Guide (but often in other guides and editions).
How can I get back the money I spent on the 2011 Movie Guide?

your momma


You are way to old to like a movie like this my man. You need a special hug…the one that makes babies. And a shot of femininity.

Linda Daley

Dear Mr. Maltin, I am looking for 2 pieces of film information that I hope you can help me with. First I recently saw a movie on Michael Jordan’s life story. I was interested in knowing who the man was that stared as his best friend. I think his name was Curtis in the movie. This movie starred Robin Given’s as his wife Juanita.Ernie Hudson as his father and His mother was Debbie Allen. The second is, there was a movie that Bette Davis starred in late in her career. She was a woman on a old family home that was due to be demolished by her state to put through a new highway. She goes around to let all of her relatives know what was going to happen and she hold’s a big family reunion. She has the family come from all over the world to let them know what is going on and there is some kind of a vote in the family. The vote has to be because one of Bette’s nephews was a us senator and he was trying to sell the land to the county where she lived. I think she was a retired school teacher and she got a letter in the mail. She planed to retire there and this started a long journey to stop the construction. It is not in your book. please help me.

Herbert D,. Darnell

I’m trying to get a copy of Branded starring Gary Cooper made in the 1950’s. I can’t find it anywhere.
Do you know if it exists and where I can find it or is it available under another title? If anyone should know, I know you would. Thank you.

Lenore Glickhouse

Dear Leonard,

My sister shared the inteview you did for (201) Magazine. What a walk down memory lane that first picture created. I’ve lived on the LES for years, and had to go to your web site. My plan for this weekend, going to the Angelika!

Hoping to hear from you to catch up.

Gary Myers

dear leonard:

I’m a big fan of Alan Ladd,
After watching Whispering Smith, I looked in my copy of your 2008 movie guide and did not find any mention of one of Ladd’s better shoot-em-ups. Is the movie listed in a more recent guide?
I’d also like to know if one of Ladd’s best performances (The Great Gatsby) was saved and if so, it’s availabilty.

Thank you so much,

Gary Myers, age 72

Mr. Maltin - Remember Me

I hope you can make time to review Remember Me. Please don’t over look it. It was fantastic. The actors may have drawn us to the movie but the story will bring us back. Please see it. Thank you

Gary Brewer

Dear Leonard-
I just recently found out the name of one of my favorite actresses, Jana Lund. But, I cannot find out any information on how she passed away. I’ve looked everywhere, so I thought it’s time to consult an expert. Could you please tell me?
Thank you. Sincerely-

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