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Another Missed Opportunity – Francis Lawrence Hired to Direct Catching Fire

Another Missed Opportunity - Francis Lawrence Hired to Direct Catching Fire

There are not many times where people have enough juice to make change in a lumbering system that is so resistant to it.  But the gig of directing Catching Fire, the second film in The Hunger Games trilogy was one of those golden opportunities and now it is gone.

Think about it.  The film has grossed over $600 million worldwide and it is still rolling out in countries.  People — men and women, boys and girls — love it.  The next film has a built in audience.  This would have been an amazing moment for Lionsgate — a company better known for its slasher films — and Nina Jacobson who has pushed this project all the way through to do something quite extraordinary.  But no.

If they had hired a top tier male director because he would be able to take the movie to a whole new place that would have been one way to go, but they didn’t.  They hired a guy — Francis Lawrence — who directed I Am Legend and Water for Elephants.

I don’t have anything against Francis Lawrence.  But I just want to voice my disappoinment for the lack of vision in picking the director for this project.  It could have really been a game changer.  Now its just same old same old.

It’s Official: Francis Lawrence Will Direct ‘The Hunger Games’ Sequel ‘Catching Fire’ (Playlist)

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bob hawk

Craig: Since when is "top tier" equated with how much money a film has grossed? I'd like to think top tier has something to do with quality. Lots of really bad films have grossed tons of money. Lawrence's ouevre primarily bespeaks snore-inducing mediocrity (which to me is worse than making a juicily risible turkey — like SHOWGIRLS). CATCHING FIRE is going to make tons of money no matter what, and Katniss Everdeen is an iconic female character — so I'd love to see what a kick ass woman director would do with it — and maybe light a fire under Jennifer Lawrence's ass in the process.


I'm confused. The author is insinuating that Francis Lawrence is not a top tier male director? I am Legend grossed $584 million. Constantine grossed $250 million. Water for Elephants only grossed $120 million to date but should do well in DVD sales and VOD and is still playing and earning money all around the world. Most directors never come close to these numbers in their career. Just because the author does not like Francis Lawrence or his artistic take on his movies does not take away the fact that he is a top tier male director. His music videos alone have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars for the music industry, and his movies have earned just shy of a Billion dollars at the box office. How much money has this author ever made for anyone? Those who cannot actually make movies usually go on to write critical articles about those who actually can and do.


Typo Alert:If they had hired a top tier (FE)male director because (s)he would be able to take the movie to a whole new place that would have been one way to go, but they didn't.

(or am I missing something — I'm assuming you're missing the opp of attaching a female director, no?)


This is terrible news. I thought "I Am Legend" and "Water for Elephants" were just awful. I read Water for Elephants and LOVED it–and I loved I Am Legend in college, actually–and was terribly let down by both films. I love the Hunger Games story, and I'd really like to see the films elevate the source material. We're going to end up with a weak, lackluster film. I am so, so disappointed.

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