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Armie Hammer, Taylor Kitsch & Garrett Hedlund In The Mix For Finnick Odair In ‘Catching Fire’

Armie Hammer, Taylor Kitsch & Garrett Hedlund In The Mix For Finnick Odair In 'Catching Fire'

Well, with Robert Pattinson putting paid to rumors that he was in the race for the role of Finnick Odair in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” let the shortlist stories commence!

The folks over at E! have heard that Armie Hammer, Taylor Kitsch and Garrett Hedlund are “the top three names being bantered about” at the studio as they hope to lock down a casting decision this week. Whether that means formal overturns have been made or if it’s all wishlist at this point remains to be seen, but it’s an interesting bunch to be sure. Hammer is already a co-lead in next year’s “The Lone Ranger” opposite Johnny Depp so joining the second installment of a franchise would be…odd. As for Kitsch, he’s already seen two big movies with his name attached run aground — “John Carter” and “Battlehship.” So perhaps chalk this one up to the power of his agents for keeping his name being talked about, but if the offer comes his way, he might want to consider accepting it. Finally, Hedlund led “Tron: Legacy” without much fanfare but did show he has chops to spare in “On The Road” and of the three seems to make the most sense. But here’s the thing…

…E! is also hearing that the studio might go with a total unknown. So what does this all mean? Nobody really knows anything. Lionsgate is staying typically mum as are the reps, so who knows? But what do the fans think? Are any of these guys a good fit for Finnick? Who would you like to see in the role?

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No! Not Armie, Taylor and Garrett. They look old. Finnick is 24 yrs. old. I also want Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Finnick Odair! He is perfect for Finnick. He is just 26. Handsome. I love his accent. His eyes. Everything! Oliver Jackson-Cohen should be on the casting list or as Finnick. If not, he could be Christian Grey. Fifty Shades of Grey.


Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Finnick Odair. Done and Deal. :) He look like Finnick. Don't just look at his pictures on Facebook and Google. Look at the way he act. Especially in the "Faster" movie. I also saw him doing the yoga. He is so amazing. WOW! Speechless. <3 He is so adorable.


Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Finnick Odair…


Yes Sam Reid would be awesome – can't wait to see him in Serena and The Railway Man!!!!


It has to be Sam Reid – he is PERFECT!


I vote for Oliver Jackson-Cohen. He is definitely perfect for Finnick. They should add him on the list or if not. What about Zac Efron or Freddie Stroma?


Ryan Kwanten or an unknown


Hahaha!!! Yeah! It's so obvious but I agree. Oliver Jackson-Cohen is hot too. I search him everywhere. He is so handsome. He also looks like Finnick to me.

kindred spirit

Sarah/Ashley/Alex/etc… commenting as "different" people in the span of 10 minutes does not make you clever… you are obviously a singular person and need to calm the f down.


Hmmm… Hedlund or Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Finnick Odair. I saw the pics. So hot! Thanks for sharing/suggesting the name(Oliver Jackson-Cohen). <3 His my new celeb. crush.


Uhmm. Garrett is also okay to me. But I also suggest that Oliver Jackson-Cohen would be good as Finnick. I agree with the others.


Seriously?! I want to see Oliver Jackson-Cohen or Zac Efron in Catching Fire. :(((


Oliver Jackson-Cohen would be great as Finnick too. :)


How about Zac Efron or Oliver Jackson Cohen?


Oliver Jackson-Cohen would be also great as Finnick. I agree with Lianne and Ally. I saw pictures of him. I saw him doing Yoga. See on Youtube. So hot.


I also suggest Oliver Jackson-Cohen. I also like Garrett too.


I suggest that Oliver Jackson-Cohen should be on the list too. See his pictures on Facebook.




Every one of these guys is too pale. Jesse Williams could work, but based on the book I pictured someone even darker.


Ryan Kwanten please! or Jesse Williams, I could get on board with that.


Armie Hammer for sure. Great actor. He can be charming and vulnerable. He'd nail that role down. His personality is very much like Finnick.


I'm still holding out hope for Jesse Williams!


We know Finnick is supposed to be hot. We know all that. But what a lot of people may forget (or haven't read…) is how damaged he is. I mean what the Capitol did to him messed him up. It probably was worse than the games. So I think they need to find someone who can portray the hot, but also the damaged. Him, Annie, and Johanna… they're all attractive, but deeply messed up. I read the book when they were casting Garrett Hedlund in "Tron: Legacy." So I pictured him. I think Armie Hammer is very good looking and can do the work. But I got the impression that Finnick was one color. Bronze. Hair, skin, eyes. Part of me would be good if not great if they cast someone of "not white origin." Maybe Panem's version of "Bronze God" is different from ours…


Hayden Christensen!


Garrett Hedlund for sure for SO many reasons. He's got the charm, the right age/look, looks almost EXACTLY how I pictured Finnick [especially the hair of course], has the touch of humor, and so many other reasons. Plus, I think he did a remarkable job in the movies I've seen him in like Tron and Country Strong. He can even sing! I know that has nothing to do with Finnick but it just adds on another factor of why he's so amazing. He's got that badass quality like Finnick but is capable of being sincere and emotional and has proven in his other works that he can present the emotional depth that Finnick has. Finnick is such an important and wonderful character that it needs someone great. In the end, I'll be happy with whoever they cast because of their PERFECT casting in the first one so I have no doubt that Lionsgate will pick well with someone who truly deserves and understands the character and can do him justice. But I'm hoping for Garrett and have for at least a year… I'm just so excited to finally hear who may be him and hear who will be Johanna too! :)

PS- to all the people claiming they don't know who Finnick is…. why are you commenting then? I'm sorry but your judgement won't be as valuable because if you don't know who Finnick is or have not read Catching Fire (PLEASE tell me you've at least read THG! if not, go do it asap, it's worth it) then you obviously don't know what they're looking for in the actor whom is to play him. I'm just saying, you have to know who Finnick is to understand who can accurately play him.






Exactly. Lawrence and Hemsworth are blonde but dyed their hair. That's called acting! LOL Hammer is the best actor of the three, but Hedlund would be a natural (might have spelled it wrong) choice.


I'm still hoping for Jesse Williams. I know nothing about the character but the people it would piss off deserve to be pissed off.


I'd like to see Garrett. I've never seen any of them in anything, but I see Garrett as Finnick more than the others. He just has to know what a complex character he will have to take on as the handsome Finnick Odair.


Garrett for sure. Not only do I love him, I can definitely see him as Finnick!


GARRET! Or an unknown :)


For the new characters, especially Finnick and Johanna, I'd prefer them to be relatively unknown actors but as long as they do justice to the characters I'm fine with any casting choice.


They should go with an unknown for this.


too old? Finnick was supposed to look much older than Katniss and Peeta, and plus, he is supposed to look like a man, not some hottie teenager. And Garrett is perfection. If you go on tumblr just UGH PERFECTION WITH GARRETT.


Noooo! They look too old!


garrett hedlund!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

legit everyone on tumblr fantasizes him being finnick!


Armie Hammer is 6'5 and we need someone with physical prowess for the role. Plus he needs to be a bit older them Lawrence/Hutchenson. He's also gorgeous and a great actor. Kitsch already said he wasn't interested, and Hedlund is all wrong for the part.


Armie Hammer PLEASE!!


Why would anyone put Taylor Kitsch in another movie ever? And, Kindred Spirit, you're insane – Ezra Miller is deeply wrong for this part.


Ezra Miller isn't nearly old enough to play Finnick. He looks way younger than Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson and he's supposed to look like 6 years older.


I'd be absolutely stunned if they don't pick an unknown for this.

kindred spirit

Why not Ezra Miller? Just because he isn't blonde, blue-eyed and beautiful doesn't mean he can't act/slap on the prosthetics!

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