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As Expected, ABC Renews “Scandal” For A Second Season!

As Expected, ABC Renews "Scandal" For A Second Season!

Am super proud to say that @ScandalABC has been picked for a 2nd season!!! Am doing a little dance of joy. Still waiting to hear on PP…

Words tweeted by showrunner, creator, producer of the series Shonda Rhimes, just moments ago.

So it’s done, as I think most of us expected. Are ya happy now? :)

When all the details are revealed, we’ll have everything for you so stay tuned!

In the meantime, don’t forget to chime in with your thoughts on last night’s episode in the latest edition of the S&A Scandal Talkback Session HERE.

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I bet President Obama watches 'Scandal', 'cause there was this rumour that Michelle Obama banned Kerry Washington from the White House after her last visit 'cause she allegedly was "too flirty" with Michelle's husband. I guess the first lady didn't want a 'Scandal'.


Shonda Rhimes deserves a lot of credit for the success of Scandal she used her power to get a show with a black woman in the lead on mainstream American television. A few years ago some people were complaining that Grey's Anatomy although it was diverse centered around a white female lead. Now after Shonda proved herself with Grey's Anatomy she made Private Practice a success and I believe she has another show besides Scandal on American television. Shonda Rhimes is an amazing woman she's using her power to give black actors a chance to shine.


I have to admit the finale of Scandal was excellent. Because prior to that episode I was not fully committed but now I will definitely tune in to season 2


If Shonda had the budget and wanted to blow this up, she'd give one man a call. This series is rip and begging for a song from the one and only Prince. Brilliant, sexy, hotness – chemistry… SCANDALOUS by Prince … listen and feel the love

julius Hollingsworth

Powerful….Scandal.Powerful.all the way around.


Last nights show was brilliant, lovely, heart-breaking and well, uh…of course scandalous? This show has been fasinating and very entertaining from the first episode. I like turning on the television and seeing diversity, plain and simple – this is where I live. (O.k. my friends tell me that True Blood is pretty diverse, but then I have to remind them that there aren't any vampires in my neighborhood – well none that drinks blood anyway!) Yeah, O.K. I was saying – Human nature is gloriously displayed at its best, and it's worst and we get to eavesdrop on their behaviors and then are allowed to understand why that person did what they did – Motivation for me is the key. Plus Kerry and Tony have crazy mad chemistry! And Cyrus well, he just slays me… A fetus full of Presidential DNA!!! Indeed!
Thank you Shonda, and Thank you ABC! What a Great Cast! Looking forward to Season 2! I'm doing my happy dance now!

B Nicole

Shonda is doing her thang and I'm loving Scandal! Glad they finally renewed it.


I don't think y'all understand, Shonda is in a position to have FOUR shows on the air next year. Her GILDED LILLY'S pilot is in contention at ABC & PP looks good to come back for a last season order. That would be bananas, some Dick Wolf/JJ Abrams type stuff.

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