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Cameron Diaz Takes Role Eyed By Angelina Jolie In ‘The Counselor’

Cameron Diaz Takes Role Eyed By Angelina Jolie In 'The Counselor'

No, you’re not reading this wrong: Cameron Diaz is joining Ridley Scott‘s “The Counselor,” taking the role previously eyed by Angelina Jolie. And yes, we’re just as surprised as you are.

Twitch have broken the news, marking a rather surprising twist in the casting of the highly anticipated film based on a spec script by literary master Cormac McCarthy. In a project that has seen a ton of names come up to bat looking to for a role, Diaz is a name that hasn’t been mentioned, and really, isn’t quite in the same calibre as the other talent involved. But it looks like she has impressed all the right people and is taking on a role that is very much outside her wheelhouse.

Reports have bene conflicting about which roles actresses have sought, but according to Twitch, Jolie was looking at the role of Malkina (some said she was toying with the smaller part of Laura), the Almodóvarean femme fatale of the film. Penelope Cruz was last reported to be kicking the tires on the part but it looks like the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie power couple casting for the movie won’t be panning out. Sorry tabloids. But hell, this marks the bravest role Diaz has taken on, well, ever.

The story follows an attorney (Michael Fassbender) who is in search of a big payday after he proposes to his girlfriend, Laura. So he hooks up with Reiner (Bardem), an acquaintance with deep criminal ties, for a new business proposition: they’ll take $20 million worth of cocaine from south of the border and offload it themselves, aided by the no-good Westray (Pitt). As you might imagine, things do not go well for anyone involved. In the script, Malkina is a hyper-sexualized Argentinean woman who’s hooked up with Reiner, and it’s pretty meaty part all around. But obviously, it has be tweaked to fit Diaz and like we said, she’s never really done anything like this ever, so it’s a ballsy move.

We’d wager Jolie’s “Maleficent” scheudling ultimately couldn’t be worked out, as the two projects were more or less gearing up to start rolling around the same time. But holy hell, this is pretty much out of left field and we’ll be curious to see if Diaz can pull this off.

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Oogle monster

Wow, all of the Jolie and Diaz nuts came out of hiding to post on this site today. In any case, both actresses are mediocre at best. Jolie has her moments as does Diaz, but neither of them are incredible talents and it's obvious Scott is going for "big names" with this film…. although the men cast are a good mix of big names and big talent. I would have loved to see some lesser known actresses snag a role in this film. There are many many many many more talented women out there than Diaz and Jolie combined. Diaz reminds me of a poor man's Charlize Theron- just like Bad Teacher was the poor man's equivalent of Young Adult (quality wise…. I know it made more money Diaz nuts). Hell, if Scott is going after big names why not cast someone like Charlize Theron… ?


"Diaz is a name that hasn’t been mentioned, and really, isn’t quite in the same calibre as the other talent involved."

That's a bitchy comment. Cameron can be quite good in dramas…I thought she should've been nominated for an Oscar for Vanilla Sky and John Malkovich.


It's fairly obvious that no one reporting on the casting for this movie has reliable sources. Why hasn't anyone floated the possibility that the role Jolie was looking at and that Diaz now has is that of third older, sexy woman in the film, Ruth? When the news that Jolie was interested in the film first broke (via Vulture, if I recall correctly), they said it was a very small part, which fits the description of Ruth.

All the haters.....

All the silly haters lol.

Jolie has an OSCAR and several golden globes in addition to being nominated multiple times.
She's considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world according to various non-tabloid magazines, Vanity Fair, Allure, Who, Empire, etc.
She's the highest paid actress in hollywood by making only 1 movie a year, whereas the likes of J. Anniston have to make 3 movies + friends backend + smart water ads.

Guess who's laughing her way to the bank as you ugly haters do nothing but hate :)

Christopher M.

it's really not that shocking… Diaz at one time had a solid dramatic performance in Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday…she just started making more money with terrible comedies and blew off the serious films…Jolie has been dropping the ball with a string of horrible films, one those awful roles even earned her another Oscar nomination…I'd rather not have Jolie ruin this film with her monotoned delivery


Cameron is such a better choice! She's known for her sexy and still looks hot… she has cuban descent too… and she can act in drama.
Jolie has her easily bought and paid for GG awards/noms and her Oscar for playing her crazy old self… and like Pitt, some production company paid noms for Oscar… but no win for a legitimate ACTING award (that can't be bought)… somebody should stop drinking koolaide about that oversold media ho.
I guess the producer decided to go with talent, a character fit and avoidance of the circus act that comes with Jolie and Troop.


I'm fine with cast as long as there aren't any Efrons, Timberlakes etc. So yeah, The Counselor cast is pretty sweet so far. i don't exactly mind Diaz taking a role in this ( even though i'd pick another actress ).


I liked her a lot in Being John Malkovich, but I can't lie and say my expectations for this movie didn't take a shit when I read that headline.


i don't understand ridley scott's celebrity obsession in this.


I'm actually a fan of Angelina but I am liking the thought of Cameron much more. She needs more of these roles, she shines in them.


I think Cameron will do great! She doesn't always pick the greatest roles but I think she's talented. Gangs of New York, Being John Malkovich, Any Given Sunday, In Her Shoes, and Vanilla Sky. She's great in those films.


Jeff Sneider on Twitter said that he heard Diaz was playing Laura and Cruz was playing Malkina but he couldn't confirm it, so maybe Twitch doesn't know who's playing who. Just a thought


I find it hard to believe no one remembers her in Any Given Sunday. Messy film, not one of Stone's greatest, but there were a few key scenes with Al Pacino where Diaz was equal to the task.


Whoever wrote this degrading article towards Diaz is obviously an angry jolie fan. Jolie had no talent at all. All she does is action which isn't even believable anymore because of her anorexic frame. In her Oscar winning supporting role, she was basically playing her psycho self–no "acting" needed for that. Everyone knows she IS that nuts. Seriously, Diaz may not the THE best choice out there, but IMO, she certainly has more range than jolie. Cameron can do action, comedy AND drama. Call me when jolie does something other than a femme-fatal nonsense. I don't care for Diaz but I'd watch her any day over some anorexic looking chick.


NOOOOOOO!!!!! What a horrible day for Angelina Jolie fans. Maleficent is turning out to be more curse than blessing.


Jolie is wasting her time. In the past few years she's turned down Gravity, Serena, Prometheus, Wanted 2, Salt 2, and now The Counselor. She could have had one of the biggest female careers of all time and let it go.


Cool and unexpected choice, and I don't see why they'd have to tweak the character all that much. It's not like there are no blonde women in Argentina. She's half-Cuban, her last name is Diaz after all…


I only believe when Angelina confirms her next project. She works less , it takes more time from a movie to another. But I hope she can make a "small " movie between Maleficient …


I like this. Diaz doesn't get enough decent roles.


IDK I don't particularly care for her but I thought she was great in Being John Malkovich tbh.


Lol you guys treat poor Diaz as if she were a cheap C-lister or some talentless, unproven actress like Jessica Alba. This is Cameron Diaz we're talking about! Just because she doesn't star in many "serious" films doesn't mean she doesn't have what it takes. After all she was terrific in Something About Mary, Being John Malkovich and Vanilla Sky. I'm sure she'll pull this off greatly.


Diaz would actually be a good match for Laura. But Malkina? Bad Teacher but much, much darker and more dramatic? Ridley Scott must see it but I'm having some trouble visualizing it.

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