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Coming Soon: “Brixton Hill Cop” U.K. Series

Coming Soon: "Brixton Hill Cop" U.K. Series

Just got word from the London based Triple Threat Media production company about their new 12-part series, Brixton Hill Cop, which is currently in the works, and set to premiere later this year.

Brit actor Charles “Chucky” Venn plays the lead in the series, which is being written by Jason Barrett, and directed by Mo Ali.

However, the information we got doesn’t make clear if Cop is designed to be a web series or a project intended for TV broadcast. When we know for sure, we’ll let you know.

In any event, here’s the trailer, which pretty much explains the concept of the series:

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The production value speaks for itself. If this was really made for TV then that was one of the roughest trailers I've seen in my life.


I hope this is a web series so that I may be able to watch. I've been to Brixton many times and I had an Aunt who lived there for 30+ years. I'm definitely interested to see this.

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