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Decide Who Talks to the Sundance Institute: Vote for Indiewire’s Project of the Month!

Decide Who Talks to the Sundance Institute: Vote for Indiewire's Project of the Month!

May is just about over, and it’s time to choose one of our Projects of the Week to be named May’s Project of the Month. The project that receives the most votes for Project of the Month will receive a consultation from the Sundance Institute!

Voting will be open until Monday June 4 at 5 PM.

Go to the bottom of the page to vote for May’s Project of the Month!

The links to more information about each project are below.

Good luck to all of the filmmakers!

“Remember O Goddess”

Our hero was abandoned in the tallest apartment in Seoul, one of the largest cities in the world, finding himself unable to remember his identity and basic life skills. When he overcomes his fear of the outer world and finally pucks up to courage to go out, he discovers greater hope to find someone who remembers him than to restore his own memory. The film follows his quest to reconnect with a lost love.
GROWING CITIES is a film about urban farming in America. Part roadtrip movie and part feel-good documentary, the film weaves together urban farmers’ stories in over 20 cities across the country, providing a window into the people who are transforming our communities one vacant city lot and backyard chicken coop at a time. In following the filmmakers’ journey cross-country, viewers are prompted to re-imagine what’s possible in cities and inspired to create GROWING CITIES of their own.
“Heart Child” is a documentary film about twenty-nine year old Crys Worley, who is the mother of a nine year old autistic child, Sasha. It is a remarkable story about a mother’s struggles, not only with her own health, but the well being of her son. Committing to Sasha that she will never give up on him and inspired by the challenges parents of autistic children face, she started a non-profit organization, called A.Skate – Autism. Skating with Kids through Acceptance, Therapy, and Education. This film documents her extraordinary journey.
Dean lost his job, his house, and now is about to lose his wife to a deadly disease–deadly not just for her but for everyone around her. She has a type of cancer that makes her unable to control her anger and violent impulses! She’s not alone. It’s an epidemic that has struck the world.

Now it’s up to Dean to pull his family together and find a cure for his wife through a regiment of psychological tests, strict dietary restrictions, forced meditation, intense physical activity and excruciating experiments, desperately hoping to turn her into the woman she once was.


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Diane Racine

Impulse Control is my pick.

Kyunghee Lee

"Remember O Goddess"


Growing Cities!

chan in

Remember O Goddess!!


I want Remenber O Goddess♥♥

karen alpuerto

Good luck everyone.. May this project be a successful one.


growing cities!!


Nobody watched all four films before they voted. I am starting to not believe in online voting anymore. Growing cities is good, but do you really think it has a chance to stand against the other movies in Sundance film festival? (If it even gets there). Remember O Goddess actually had a big chance to take the Sundance film festival by storm, but no.. this is about how many people you know instead of how great the film is. There needs to be a documentary about shit like this.


Growing Cities!


HeartChild – awesome movie trailer excited to see the whole film :-)

Andrew Monbouquette

Hi All – Andrew from Growing Cities here. Thanks everyone for voting and sharing! That was a close one! I want to wish the best of luck to the other films – each one looks amazing! Dan and I are very proud to be making a film about a national movement that has so much potential to reinvigorate our cities, our personal health, and so much more. We won't let you down!


Growing Cities for a good cause!

Joseph Lounsbury

Growing Cities! I want you.

Bigdaddy Holst



Growing Cities! Go!


Growing Cities…….to help feed the people!!


Remember O Goddess!!


Remember O Goddess is the BEST.


Remember O Goddess.. best of best!!

Joanna Perry-Folino

Growing Cities: A Film About Urban Farming

Carlos Pena

I've been a big fan of Remember O Goddess for some time.


Remember O Goddess lol

M. K.

Remember O goddess. Great!



captain Kang

O goddess… remember


Go Grow!


HeartChild demonstrates just how passions can be both therapeutic and self-learning at the same time.

Film Reviewer

My reasons why I voted for Remember O Goddess

Barbara Fish

Heart Child should be the winner!


Growing cities all the way!!!


Heart Child!!!!


Heart Child! I think it really shows the uniqueness of Autism and how something like skateboarding can help autistic children improve dramatically. Heart Child can make a difference.


haha, does anyone think that if they comment here it will change someone's vote? just wondering ;)


Heartchild is important and a MUST SEE! You'll never look at skateboarding the same!


Vote for Remember O goddess.
I was impressed by the exotic image.
Good luck.

P Marc Schwartz

Vote for Heartchild. The name alone is enough!


Remember o goddess. Truly intriguing. Very smartly done.

Emily M

Impulse Control sounds sooo fun! I'm sure the other movies are great, but Impulse Control is probably the only one I'd pay my $14.50 to see at a theater… Got my vote for sure!

Crys. Worley from Heart Child

Just cast my vote for today! Thank you everyone for the support from near and far! Thank you to our Vans family across the world & fans of Askate! Hope that all of these films keep up with each other and follow up regardless of who wins this! We will all be in film festivals somewhere! For those who have friends or family affected by Autism, keep up with our Askate schedules on our website. Everything we do is free to participants in our clinics & we have 13 stops across the country we will soon be announcing… Take care everyone & good luck! -C


Done~ Please RTF and Vote for Lori! Just Like the pic, you dont have to like the page! ENDS TONIGHT so HURRY!! THANKS!!​photo.php?fbid=275424919222​767&set=a.270674863031106.​56038.214850081946918&type​=1&theater


yes, agreed. i think this should stay positive…childish stuff has no place here – all films look amazing, let's just focus on that…and good luck to all! ;)

Impulse Control Fan

Impulse Control has the best Story line & plot. This film will go far!


Impulse Control is the most amazing film here. VOTE FOR IT PEOPLE!!!


Come on. Though every project more than deserves consultation with Sundance, winning in this voting will never guarantee the success of the movie or the filmmaker. If you have faith in particular film you'd better vote, and work on making others join you, rather than writing childish comments on competitor which will only harm the film you're supporting by making them look like sore losers.

Rufus Buford

don't understand all the fuss about O Goddess. first, its an idea thats been done 1000 times. second, if she has supporters all around the world and enough money to finish the film why does she need a consult with sundance? surely documentaries like Heart Child or Growing Cities deserve a distribution consult more… they have the power to inspire and change our society.


Keep it up growing cities! We believe..what an inspiring film!


Lots of support going to Heart Child from your Vans family! Stay tuned!

Erica Gholson

HeartChild has my vote!!! Beautiful :)


America is the land of opportunity. Impulse Control is like Rocky right now, the underdog, but it's going to go the distance!

A new HeartChild believer

What an uplifting, beautiful story. HeartChild has our vote.

John B

Keep up the great work! Time to accentuate the positive. WAY too many destructive, depressing clips. My vote goes to "Growing Cities." I am biased though. I am the Assistant Director for a Teen Garden featured in the film. Still, keep it on the good foot!


'Remember O' Goddess' all the way!


HeartChild is a touching tribute to Motherhood–truly inspiring story

Mitch Canlas

I love Impulse Control.. :)


Remember O Goddess 대박 ^^


I've seen a lot of Twitter support for Remember O Goddess. Massive. All that aside, I voted for Impulse Control :)


Impulse Control is a really cool idea. It has my vote.


Impulse Control sounds fun. I like apocalyptic movies. Got my vote.


Remember O Goddess is good.


Go Growing CITIES!


Remember O Goddess is truly amazing. Not only it has famous actors and actresses, the script is so beautiful. I watched the 25-minute preview and it brought tears to my eyes. If a movie brings tears to my eyes, it has my vote. The end.


Let's go Growing Cities!! Very worthwhile effort and cause….seems like something funny is going on with Remember O…




Seems like someone found out how to Hack Indiewire's system of voting and is doing repeat votes. that needs to be looking into.


Seems like shades of the Hunger Games–4 good films, 4 great causes, only one shall survive. Growing Cities gets my vote with my objections so noted!

HeartChild Fan

HeartChild looks beautiful. Its got my vote.


Go Rememer O Goddess!


Heart child for sure! What an amazing story!

Sylvia lopez

My heart is set on HeartChild! It's a must see, it will make you want to make a difference in the world! Crys is an awesome mom and woman, her story must be heard!!!!


HeartChild! HeartChild! HeartChild!


HEARTCHILD!! Wow I've never seen anything else more real! How does that family do it? Heart surgery, ongoing issues from it, a child with not only autism but a slew of other serious medical issues. Started an organization that went worldwide within 1 year… Amazing!! I saw the first 5minutes of the film on another website & I'm am hooked. She is such an amazing person to watch and I want to see more


Growing Cities! Great film, great message…good luck to all though!


HEARTCHILD ALL THE WAY!!! Crys Worley's story is amazing, and her story deserves to be seen by all!!!


Impulse Control is the culmination of so many passionate and talented people, ideas and themes. It is the brainchild of three self-made graduates from The USC School of Cinematic Arts who have learned and practiced their craft in the industry, and it deserves its chance to shine.

Kieron Casey

These are an incredible bunch of films – fingers crossed for Remember O Goddess but good luck to all the others!


Impulse Control is the movie to watch. It's message is very timely especially today when people are easily provoked to anger. Everyone who will watch this movie will certainly leave the theater a changed person.


While I'm sure all of these movies are valuable and made with utmost dedication, I voted for "Remember O Goddess". The short version was very captivating and I want to see more.


"Remember O Goddess" is such a great movie


Remember O Goddess is a fantastic movie! Everyone should watch it!!




Yes!! Heart Child NEEDS to WIN this!! Will do everything in our power to network this… the works of grass roots organization Askate needs to be seen by the world!

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