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Doc “Uprising: Hip Hop & The LA Riots” Airing Tonight at 9pm ET on VH1 (Snoop Dogg Narrates)

Doc "Uprising: Hip Hop & The LA Riots" Airing Tonight at 9pm ET on VH1 (Snoop Dogg Narrates)

A quick reminder…

The Snoop-Dogg-executive produced documentary UPRISING: Hip Hop and the L.A. Riots is airing tonight on VH1 at 9pm ET/PT as part of its VH1 Rock Docs franchise.

Directed by Mark Ford, Uprising will feature well known figures, rappers and actual participants in the riots including: Rodney King, Arsenio Hall, Ice T, Professor Todd Boyd (USC), Connie Rice (Civil Rights attorney), John Singleton, Too Short, KRS-One, Nas, Henry Watson and many more.

Here’s the full synopsis:

20 years after riots ripped through Los Angeles, UPRISING documents how hip hop forecasted – and some say ignited – the worst civil unrest of the 20th century. The film revisits the riots in gripping detail and draws from a diverse collection of voices – the rappers, rioters, victims, police officers, journalists and everyday citizens of South Central Los Angeles. The documentary traces the rise of dissent in Los Angeles in the 80’s and 90’s and explores why citizens chose to rise up violently against police abuse and perceived injustices.

Watch the clip from the doc below:

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J, I agree with you. The first Uprising documentary was about the Warsaw Ghetto. Unlike the Jews in held as work camp slaves waiting to be gased to death, black people in LA are free. Having said that throughout the world, darker skinned people really are discriminated against whether they are of African descent, Asian descent, or Middle Eastern/Caucasian. The rioters do have a valid point regarding discrimination, but it everywhere. I am sad to say that I have read research about and personally observed mothers treating lighter skinned children better than their own darker skinned ones. The more I bring it out into the conscious level of my mind, the more revolting it feels. They are just so frustrated that they don't realize that the legal system is improving little by little and black Americans have a vested interest in furthering it through scientific understanding of common human psychological vulnerabilities. Humans are terrible at guessing statistical liklihood accurately. We are terrible at noticing when our memories are being blended with new experience. Witness testimony procedures have improved with the aid of psych research and I believe that police compliance with laws against excessive use of force and racial discrimination can be improved with better police education and humane leadership. I also want you to know that lots of people carry around bias for reason other than race. Lots of women distrust men I've the discrimination they have experienced on the job, at school, or in the home. Lots of immigrants from Communist countries distrust liberals,min this country. Lots of Christian Armenians still remember the loss of loved ones when the Turkish government committed genocide against them. They have had time to heal, but distrust of Muslims goes back before 9/11. Still, lots of men are not sexist, lots of liberals here are also Capitalists, (politics varies from country to country even if the labels are the same), and lots of Muslims actually kept Jews hidden out for their safety during the Holocaust, although some Jews don't believe it's true. Some Muslims did not, at the time, want to admit it to others who might think they were weak or traitorous, that they kept Jews safe from Nazis in parts of Africa, I think Morocco. People, J., are just out of their minds. It has everything to do with how we acquire so called knowledge mixed with all kinds of conflicting instincts, like survival, territoriality, flight or fight response, anger displacement….
I only like to point out that just as I am less biased than ever, despite myself having been held
up at gunpoint by three black guys, lots of black people are not distrustful of white people. That incident was not statistically significant if I take into account all the black people who are my friends, doctors, employers, students and so on. We need to all challenge our gut reactions and try to look through the eyes of others if we want to be objective and get to the reality of our social world.


you have to understand that the police were using unneccessary force on not just rodney king but every black for years. ever since slavery all blacks wanted to do was be equal with the ehite man but since they kept being mistreateed they resulted to violence because theywere tired of talking about it. they didnt just destroy their neighborhood it was all of LA so to you racist people out their blacks werent being stupid and destroying themselves they destroyed EVERYTHING!


Unbelievable! The mentality of these guys talking about how that was a revolution . What koolaid were these guys drinking . Nothing positive came from it. A bunch of losers that think someone owes them something .
All they did was burn thier neighborhood down. Guys like this will always be living in poverty . I pity thier kids.

Smart American

Caught this show last night. Wow…the mentality…. Wake up, people. It's pretty obvious that blacks are angry at anyone "not black". Angry at the police without knowing the full situation…just like the recent Martin case. Demanding a lynching just because you want to see blood, without knowing facts. What if, as it is today, there had been many interracial couples in those streets? Would you have killed the non-black just because, as those on the show testified, they were "not black"? How ignorant and uneducated. This country is full of interracial couples. Blacks and other races are the best of friends now. What you need to do is make up your mind if you like it that way, because if the facts are that you will turn on a dime and become violent, animalistic human beings when things don't go your way and you haven't waited for facts, then don't expect other races to be sheep and hope for the best. You need to decide if, like other races, you want to "get along" or not. We all suffer at times in this country, you are not special. No one is allowed to hurt and kill other human beings just because they are angry at the world. Get over the self persecution complex and move on. When things like the LA riot happen, it sets things back in a big way. The absolute non-feeling of any kind and the refusal of that animal who attacked Reginald Denny was shocking and disgusting. Arsenio Hall, finding humor in the violence of that day, spoke volumes. Incredible ignorance.

Gratis poorboy

Just kidding folks. My gay lover is out and I read this blog everyday but I don't want him to know. My penis is small and i live with my mother so I'm a little jealous. Forgive me. :)


The real reason for the riots was because of aYll the police abuse to the public – largely to blacks – but to everyone really. Their complete disrespect to the public aided by daryll gates' refusal to crack down and hold bad police officers responsible for their abuse was the reason it got to that point. And I am white!

Gratis poorboy

Need I say more!!!!!

Gratis Poorboy

All this "documentary" is doing is reaffirming why we call you all Niggers……

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