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Does The New “Prometheus” International Poster Reveal Idris Elba’s Character’s Fate?

Does The New "Prometheus" International Poster Reveal Idris Elba's Character's Fate?

A week or so ago, Sergio asked for your thoughts on whether Idris Elba’s character in the film lives until the end, or if he succumbs to the “Brotha Rule” – token black guy whose purpose really is to be sacrificed so that the others (the white characters) can live.

Well… maybe this new international poster tells us something. Lemme clarify, and maybe you’ll see what I’m seeing. Humor me… it’s Thursday and another slow news day.

We know that Idris’ character is Janek, the captain of Prometheus, the ship that carries the crew on its scientific expedition to strange lands. Essentially, he’s in the spacehip’s driver’s seat.

Looking at the new international poster below, you can see that the Prometheus ship rams into the larger derelict Alien spaceship, in what some believe is done in an attempt to stop that ship from reaching earth. 

But regardless of why Prometheus rams into the Alien ship, can we assume that Janek is piloting the spaceship at the time this crash happens, possibly in an act of sacrifice to either save his crew, or earth, as the rest of the crew runs to safety?

And what happens after this crash, assuming Idris is piloting the ship when it happens? Does he survive it? Or is it RIP Janek afterward?

Or am I just starting shit here? :)

New international Prometheus Poster is below… 

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Actually, in Alien, The black guy (Yaphet Kotto) was the last man to die. Four guys before him, all white, bit the dust first. And that was back in 1979. Give Ridley a break.

Adam Scott Thompson

I think LL Cool J has it written into his contract: "I can't die."

Roxe Jones

Love how we just accept that the token black character is a man….says a lot for the state of black female characters, dunnit? Black women onscreen don't even rate tokendom, apparently. Where is Richard Wright when you need him?


i'm totally going to direct horror movies and sci-fi movies with one white character in it and deny that any character deaths of this sole minority is part of some conspiracy. lmao!


seems all black folks do is sit and complain. Even if he appears for 10mins there must be a reason why he choose to do it so does not really matter anymore. point is, he accepted and played the character already.


"You are so wrong! You are so wrong!"

Don't sleep on Luther ya'll.

Maybe Prop Joe will fly in and negotiate a deal for Janek to escape the crash … "For a fee of course."

B. Strong

If this is a contest, I'd bet Big Dris the Londoner makes it all of 45 minutes. They need to establish him as heroic, the prove it by trying (and failing) to destroy the newly discovered alien enemy. Basically, this critically-acclaimed, world-renowned actor is playing the driver of the spaceship. He is to Charlize Theron what De'voreaux White was to Bruce Willis in Die Hard, what Mel Johnson, Jr. was to Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall (minus that freaky deformed arm/wing thing). We all wish Idris would be more like Laurence Fishburne in Event Horizon, but a movie like this can only have one hero (heroine) to make it consistent (for no good reason) with the rest of the Alien series that featured a strong female lead. I just hope they have a cat on board for that final escape scene.

Jackson Cobalt

The black guy always dies in Hollywood films.

other song

yeah he finna die


this is a fox film right? he's a GONNA!


Because this is a prequel to the original Alien movie, all you have to do is watch that to find out what everyone's fate is in Prometheus.


Because this is a prequel to the original Alien movie, all you have to do is watch that to find out what everyone's fate is in Prometheus is.


This is so ridiculous, please stop treating this like it's an actual thing.


It doesn't look good. In the full trailer, Idris is yelling like something is coming at him while at the wheel. I will still hope he makes it.


LOLOL!!! OMG!!! Can we just wait and see what happens to Idris when the movie comes out? Besides I see Noomi and Charlize in the new Intl poster but who is that at the top with their back to us? Is that Idris? Or is it Fassbender? We know he's not dying. And who are the two people in the distance? LOLOL! I'm just not ready to bury Idris' character yet.


I asked readers to take a guess how long does he stay alive in the film until he bites it because we ALL know he ain't gonna make it. Judging from this new poster I venture maybe 25 minutes into the film before Idris bites it

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