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Dwayne Johnson Teases Potential DC Comics Superhero Movie…

Dwayne Johnson Teases Potential DC Comics Superhero Movie...

Fanboys are all worked up in a frenzy over the above tweet from Dwayne Johnson yesterday evening.

The short story goes… as you can see, a fan suggested that Dwayne would be a good fit for either of the 2 DC Comics characters the fan mentions: Gravedigger or John Stewart (aka the black Green Lantern).

And of course, Dwayne Johnson responded to the fans tweet with the words… “Funny U say that..” as if implying that a movie based on a DC Comics character with him starring in it, might indeed be in the works.

You can imagine all the speculation that followed, and that continues this morning, with the questions being, does this mean Dwayne might be involved in an upcoming DC Comics adaptation? And if so, which character? Gravedigger, John Stewart (Green Lantern), or, as the actor told CBM in a past interview, Black Adam, which he said he’s very interested in playing. Or was he just having fun with his followers, teasing them a bit.

Surely he knew that it would create a bit of a frenzy. Dude is a mega star with almost 3 million Twitter followers.

I’ll toss this one at all you comic book afficionados out there; especially those familiar with the DC Comics universe of characters.

Your thoughts? 

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dwayne johnson is black and samoan


he doesnt even look white or has white – go look up samoans

Jonathon Ford

Dwayne Johnson looks more white than anything!!
black?? HELL NO!
even his facial features arent black!


Yeah! More Rock for me! Us. But really me. ;-)

Justin D.

He was supposed to play DC villain Black Adam in the Captain Marvel movie. I guess that picture fell through.


Who gives a fk what color he is shut up that's y the world is do messed up


Dwayne Johnson has the right to consider himself "black' if he wants. After all his dad was black. Johnson also doesn't shy away from playing black characters. For example his character in GI Joe film was "black" in the comics and the animation. He is also slated to to play black country music legend Charlie Pride in a film that could possibly go into the production stage soon although I'll admit he looks nothing like Pride IMO. But Hollywood gets the casting of black actors wrong almost all the time in terms of "the look" (check out Tyler Perry in the Alex Cross flick) so I won't hold that against Dwayne. Of course Dwayne has the type of appearance that makes him ethnically ambiguous, sorta like Rosario Dawson or Maya Rudolph or Quincy Jones' daughter. They are allowed to slip back and forth between playing characters meant to be seen as black and characters that aren't necessarily identified as black at all. So why can't Dwayne? I'm sure he embraces both sides of his heritage anyway and takes advantage of his racial mix when going after roles on the big screen.


The Black Police, well by that racist "one drop" theory (which I don't subscribe to or abide by because it's racist) he is black. His father was black or part black. He doesn't look black at all. That is, he doesn't look part black. Anyway, that "one drop" theory is racist so please ignore what it "says".

The black police

Wait, is he considered to be black? (In my view, he is NOT, so why is he being mentioned here?)

Kid chaos

Jug i bet you would like the rock to be in a dress


I thought John Stewart was black?


I could see him as Green Lantern definitely. But he's got to work on his acting…'coz John Stewart had some deep goings' on before he became Lantern. I'm not as familiar with Gravedigger, so I can't say.

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