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First Full Trailer For Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Witness Protection” (New Look… New Madea)

First Full Trailer For Tyler Perry's "Madea's Witness Protection" (New Look... New Madea)

You've seen the poster, and the teaser; now here's the first full trailer for Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection, which stars, alongside Tyler Perry, Eugene LevyDenise RichardsTom ArnoldDoris Roberts, and Danielle Campbell.

It's being billed as a "New Look… New Madea."

Will it work? 

We'll have a better idea on opening weekend, June 29

Here's the full trailer, hot off the presses:

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God gave Tyler a gift, and whether you like it or you don't, you gotta admit he's blessed and is a blessing to many ppl out there who just need sumthing to laugh at for two hours in order to escape this hell of what we call earth.


Shadow and Act has a lot of haters of Tyler Perry on this site. The good thing is the posters that hate on Tyler are NOT his core audience. I think Tyler has a good business strategy here he's trying to reach a wider audience. I hope this movie succeeds.




Sweet gawd, smh!

Blah, Blah

Martin Lawrence should sue for unauthorized remake/sequel to Big Momma's House


Ok, damnit! I admit it…I laughed! Lawd, help me! LOL

Monique A. Williams

Not one second of this trailer amused me. Not one. He just doesn't make fine cinema, but he never pretended to. He doesn't make movies for people like me. But humor is subjective, so if others enjoy it then more power to him.


My Bad all, I forgot myself for a second and stooped to the troll level. Gotta watch that


C'mon Tambay, y'all done left the kiddie gate open again? LOL Who is this clown?

Kid chaos

Jugs you said you put a penis in your mouth "just for fun"

Kid chaos

How many top white boy had to dress up like a woman to become famous?I know most of hollywood is gay as fuck.


OOOOOH YEEEEAAAAAH… I will be all up in there on opening night! That's right, me and my baby and my half pint of Remy, we gonna be doing the damn thang. Well, I don't drink — but if I did — it would be drink and laughs and stoppin' at the chicken shack on the way home. Shiiiiiit, y'all can have that dry-ass Think Like A Man, this is the real thang. Can I get an Amen. Come on, tell me y'all didn't laugh when Madea said "Come on up, you gonna get a roadmap to heaven, come on up, come on up from there".


lol! It's Tyler Perry.


Okay, watching Tyler's movies is what I'd imagine eating Fried Butter would be like. The thought of it is horrible, it will most certainly kill you but you can't help but enjoy it. I chuckled a bit. And I will now go whip myself in penance.

Adam Scott Thompson


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