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First Official Look At Tyler Perry And Cast In “Alex Cross”

First Official Look At Tyler Perry And Cast In "Alex Cross"

Well… I did say that, with its release date just about 5 months away, a little bird told me that we should expect to see the first teaser/trailer for Tyler Perry’s Alex Cross any day now. 

And while it’s not here yet, we’ve got our first official look at the film via still images (which, as past instances tell us, are often followed by moving images, if you catch my drift). 

Repeating something I’ve said before, I’m genuinely intrigued by this project, mostly because I have absolutely no idea what to expect. This is brand new territory for Tyler Perry, and since it was first announced that he would star in the film about a year ago, or so, many have doubted his ability to convincingly play the character. 

I admit, at first, I was certainly in that group – disapppointed that Idris Elba (who was originally attached to star in it) had excused himself from the project, and then shocked that Tyler Perry had stepped in to take over.

But since then, I’ve taken the old “wait-and-see” approach. Who knows, he just may surprise us… or he may not. But that first trailer will tell us plenty! Some of those questions we have will be answered in those first 2 1/2 minutes, and so, yeah, I’m anxious to see it.

I initially figured it would be attached to prints of Madea’s Witness Protection, since it’s another Tyler Perry film, but I’m not so sure the audience for one is the same audience for the other. Remember this is Tyler Perry trying to branch out, to reach a new audience; so Alex Cross may not be for his faithful pious fanbase… what will they make of this non-Madea, non-heavy-handed morality play?

I dunno. All I can say is that, on average his Madea films have done much better than his non-Madea films, so the odds aren’t in his favor this time. Tyler Perry as a leading man hasn’t done as well at the box office as Tyler Perry in a fat suit, dress and wig. Good Deeds, his first real attempt at being a leading man, grossed just over $35 million, making it one of his worst performing movies to date – the second to the last in terms of box office. Not good.

Over the last 6 months, the Alex Cross cast and crew have talked up the film and its star, including author James Patterson who’s seen all of the film’s footage, and calls this new Alex cross movie THE best Alex Cross movie ever, trumping previous works by Morgan Freeman; he also added that he feels Tyler is closer to the character as written in the book in terms of age and physical ability (so he’s just not just a gumshoe, there’s lots of action in this one, and as stunt/fight coordinator Mark Hicks said in an earlier post this week, there’s a major finale fight scene between Tyler Perry’s Cross and Matthew Fox’s villain, calling the scene brutal and realistic); Patterson also called Tyler Perry a “method actor,” and that he immersed himself into the role, describing a funeral scene in which Tyler’s performance actually made the other people on set weep because of how good and genuine the scene apparently plays out. 

Of course it could all be just hype; or, who knows, it could be true… some of it anyway.

We’ll find out soon enough.

The film, which features a supporting cast of rather solid actors in Cicely TysonGiancarlo EspositoMatthew FoxEd Burns, and others, will be released by Summit on October 26th this year, with a PG13 rating by the MPAA for “violence including disturbing images, sexual content, language, drug references, and nudity,” according to Box Office Mojo.

Check out these newly released images, above and below, and once that trailer drops, you know we’ll have it for you very soon after.

Are you sold?

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Seen preview showing of this film and have to say I feel sorry for burns and fox who were the only decent things about this movie, worst thing I've seen in ages


I predict that Matthew Fox and Ed Burns will be the ladies' draw.


am indifferent about tyler and his whole claim to success but am beginning to think this man doesn't know the limit to embarrassing himself.

radd civil

So What…..Just another reason to read the Books……!


BWAAA-HAAAA-HEHEH-HAHAHAHA-HEE-HEE-WHAHAHAHA-WHAHEHEHE-HAHAHAHAHAHA-HOHOHO-OHSHIT-HAH-HAH-HAHE-HAHE-HEH-HEH-WHOOHOOOHOO-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! No, for real. Fucking hilarious. Come to think of it if Eric LaSalle and Mykelti Williamson had a love child he would look like Tyler in that picture. And please tell me that Tyler grew out his own hair for this role. Because if they had to put a hair piece on the chosen LEADING MAN of this movie then this is even a bigger joke than I first thought.


Oh sh*t, that's Matthew Fox?!?! Knock me over with a feather. Tyler Perry just got the movie stolen from him. Maybe if he plays Madea he can whup the Matthew Fox character with the gun she carries in her purse. This sh*t is going to be comedy gold.


Not feeling TP in the picture but the action clip S&A posted a while back was a bit promising. Still sitting on the fence.


Even though I think Morgan Freeman is a terrific actor I didn't think he pulled it off either. I am a big fan of the Alex Cross series but these two choices are spoiling the bran. Whats up Hollywood? Nothing against Tyler Perry but please! Can't we have a hero on the par of a Matt Damon (Jason Bourne). Some egos can sure screw op a good thing.


TP could pass for a young Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross…if you squint…just a little. :-)


Sorry, but that twinkle in tylers eye makes it impossible for me to take him seriously as some action star. how in the hell can you put on a dress and lipstick on Monday, and then pick up a shotgun and mean mug on Tuesday and think that anyone will feel this… just stop it!!!


*Spits up drink on the computer while reading Orville's comment* I'm sorry, did Orville just say that Tyler is more attractive then Idris?!!! Talk about having an opinion. Wow…..


I am so glad Idris Elba is NOT in this movie. I don't see what is so special about Idris anyway. Tyler Perry is more attractive and he's also an A list star. Meanwhile, Elba is best known for being on television shows and that's it. Elba has never headlined a big budget movie and Tyler is the star of this movie. I will definitely see Alex Cross and I am hopeful that Tyler can make this movie a success. I commend Tyler for taking a chance and trying to move beyond Madea.


This is a comedy, right? Cause those stills of Tyler have already got me chuckling! Listen, TP. You sir, are NOT leading man material. Stop the madness!

Adam Scott Thompson

"…anything with T.P. is gold." X_X Yeah… of the fool's variety.

Josh Waton

No link to The Film Stage? I think those are their images, premiered them this morning.


Looking forward to seeing this, anything with T.P. is gold. I just hope the studio executives don't muck it up.


I have no idea how this will turn out, but I just see how much more believable it would be if Elba was in that suit, instead of Perry.

Hey, he was serious in Star Trek for a minute. Maybe he'll be effective in this.


I'm sold on Matt Fox…whereas at first upon hearing of his casting I wasn't. These images however are very…bold? As for Mr. Perry, um, okay. I suppose. Never read the novels. Not interested in James Patterson's works. The trailer…yeah. Need to see it.

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