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Forget HBO’s “Girls” & Watch Issa Rae’s “Awkward Black Girl” Instead; Season 2 Promo Arrives

Forget HBO's "Girls" & Watch Issa Rae's "Awkward Black Girl" Instead; Season 2 Promo Arrives

Go ABG! She’s already hung out with Donald Glover (he featured in one episode of ABG); and now guess who dropped by to say hello?

Watch the promo below for season 2 of Issa Rae’s immensely popular Awkward Black Girl web series, which will now start airing on Pharrell’s YouTube channel called i am OTHER.

Season 2 returns on Thursday, June 14th.

And if I may make a suggestion… instead of lamenting the lack of black faces on Lena Dunham’s HBO series Girls, watch ABG, and harrass HBO for not picking up that web series instead. 


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Bohemian princess

Just wanted to add that Tracy Oliver (Nina) is now a writer for ABC. Figured thy was newsworthy.


A major network should pick this show up. (not BET)

Masha Dowell

I love ABG and I am happy that Issa and team are making it happen. Lena inspires me as an director/actor/writer — LOVED her project "Tiny Furniture"…not so much with "Girls."


I am an awkward black woman who loves this show. I am content with the low production values because it will take a miracle for her to get funding without changing her unique vision. Girls is just another bunch of privileged, whining white girls making stupid mistakes and bad choices, it has been done over and over again.


Okay, turn your head… **WHACK-O** …that was the sound of me bi*ch slappin' some of yawl. Come to think about it, turn around… ***KER-PLUNK*** …that was the sound of my foot going knee-deep in your ass. "but what did we do Carey?!". Oh shit, where is my big black belt and my taser gun… I know you didn't ask me some dumb sh*t like that, you must think I'm as stupid as those freakin' comments you let fall outta your mouth. That's it, now you want to f*k with me like you did Issa Rae and ABG and a few commenters. I mean, the sound quality wasn't what one would hear in a Broadway play… and?… it's a freakin' low budget web-series you moron. And please, who said Issa's rap song was her final presentation for an upcoming rap-off on American Idol? Damn, it had a specific purpose and I think it killed it. But wait, why was this compared to "Girls" in the first place? Oh… maybe I should whoop Tambay with my big black belt. Yep, he was the big black instigator! Now he certainly knows why HBO didn't get behind this series, so he was just starting mess. But wait, a person can get in big trouble for slapping people and kicking them in their ass, so Mark & Darla get my double dong award. Hell, Shelley simply said she looks for black entertainment, but she's not fooling herself. For her taste, although she tunes in, this web series leave something to be desired. Hell, I'm left wanting after most of the shows I watch (even my favorites). But noooooooo, Mark & Darla found reason to bust up in here talkin' all stupid and shit. Now, in my opinion, the series is witty, funny, difference, needed, and all that good sh*t. Will I be a "regular" fan? Nope! I'd rather watch reruns of Mr. Brown than watch the awkward black chick talk out of the side of her neck. I mean, she's just not talking to me. So most of her lines ain't funny, nor amusing to me. Come on now, to tell the boy scout's truth, if I had a young impressionable daughter, and I caught her watching this, I know what I would do. First, I'd turn it off. Then we'd talk about the birds and the bees and who to run from. But wait, if she was an aspiring actress or writer, we'd watch it, together.

Leon Breckenridge

Ummm…Girls is better than ABG. I like Issa Rae and ABG but there is why Girls is popular. Written better and acted better. Sorry.


ABG has a novel premise and though the production values as well as the talent of most of the "actors" is poor, Issa Rae has a unique voice. Hopefully she'll get the resources that will support her growth as a writer and producer.


Even though I watch this web series, I wouldn't consider myself a fan of the show. There's just something about the lead character that I can't really relate to. I'm not into awkward, foul rap singing, but most of all Jay is a bit too passive aggressive for my tastes. Her personality is the complete opposite of mine. I'm more of a tell it like I see it (in polite, respectful way of course) kinda girl whilst she's just the type of person I don't like to interact with in real life — passive aggressive, never straight forward and open about what they're truly feeling (but who gladly bad mouths you behind your back). I also find Jay's supposed awkwardness a bit contrived. To me she comes across as a really powerful woman trying to downplay her powerfulness for the benefit of the show. The best friend seems more genuinely awkward to me … but that's just the way I see it. So yeah, before the arrival of Scandal, I watched the show because it's basically the only show in which you have a black female at centre stage, but I don't love it. My intention here is not to knock Issa Rae and what she's doing. I love that she's re-defining the business, doing things her way and gaining a lot recognition for it … but I'm just saddened at the fact that I'm kinda forced to watch a show that I don't really love because it's pretty much the only piece of entertainment that represents me as a black woman. It's a sad state of affairs on TV (and film) so I guess for now I'll keep watching.


Yay! Season 2!


Excellent… def. a fan.


I guess I'm the only one not excited. Can someone donate a professional mic and boom poll to this girl? Terrible rap. Lacks creativity. Low production quality. Hated it!


Yes!!! ABG, The Number, and The Couple are giving me what I need!


So the uproar with "Girls" was mainly because the show was marketed as the "voice of our generation" and a show that really "represents young 20-somethings" but it's just a group of upper middle class white chicks living in gentrified Brooklyn. It had more to do with that and less to do with the "lack of black faces" in the show. Everyone's used to that already.


One of my favorite shows! Can't wait for next season. And I have that one lyric stuck in my head: "I'm awkward and black. Don't believe it? It's fact." Lol. She and the ABG crew are so awesome!


Never heard of Issa Rae until now, but isn't she the sort of flavah gal — awkward & black — that Lena Dunham should be looking for Girls. Yo, I'm jus' sayin'….

the black police

Is it an either-or situation?

Why does watching ABG have to be in reference to not watching Girls. Y'all are giving this Lena chick too much power. Giving her publicity indirectly. ABG deserves its own post that stands on its own. SMH


Lena Dunham is great and all but I'm happy to see Issa getting a little love.

Bohemian princess

Love this show. Über excited for the new season.


Lol! Loved the rap. I've subscribed.


Loved Issa Rae's first season… and I have to be honest, Lena Durham is a very talented writer, no matter who's in her show.

Adam Scott Thompson

High for this.


"And if I may make a suggestion… instead of lamenting the lack of black faces on Lena Dunham's HBO series Girls, watch ABG, and harrass HBO for not picking up that web series instead. "

OR we can do both. IJS


can.not. wait



Kudos for ABG! I love it. You're right Tambay. We don't need to be worried about Lena Dunham putting blacks in her projects. It's not her responsibility to showcase us. It's HBO's responsibility to showcase diverse filmmakers who tell their own stories.

Monique A. Williams

A cheer-worthy promo. Fans of the show are definitely geeked for the return. Issa's success feels like OUR success.

Gigi Young

Yeah, I never understood the controversy over Girls when we've had AWBG waaaay before that show even premiered on HBO.


Will be watching.


YES! Been looking forward to this. I'm AWKWARD & BLACK!

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