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Gloria Reuben In Tina Fey’s Comedy “Admission” For Focus Features

Gloria Reuben In Tina Fey's Comedy "Admission" For Focus Features

It’s been a while, at least for me, since I’ve seen Gloria Reuben, since her days as a regular on NBC’s ER. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been hard at work.

She was a regular on the TNT legal drama Raising The Bar, though the show only lasted one season.

Aside from that, she’s been a recurring character on Law and Order: SVU for the last nine seasons, playing an assistant D.A. (Must have missed the episodes she was on)

And yesterday, I actually found out by accident that she’s also been playing the role of Tom Selleck’s girlfriend on the Jesse Stone series of CBS TV detective movies; the latest, Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt, is being broadcast tomorrow (Sunday May 20th).

She will also be appearring in Steven Spielberg’s big, blatant Oscar grab, bio-pic Lincoln, which is coming out later this year.

And if that wasn’t enough, Reuben has now been cast to star along with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd in the new, college-set, romantic comedy Admission, which starts shooting soon for Focus Features.

In the film, Rueben will play a cutthroat Princeton admissions officer who contends for the same college adminstations counselor job that Fey has.

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Gloria Ruben is excellent. I love how she had the gumption to take a break from acting to go on tour with Tina Turner! That just spoke volumes about her passion.


Just remember that she's Canadian and not American. She does not like to be called African-American. She's a proud Canadian, thank you very much.


I loved her on ER. Glad to see she is getting work.


Thanks for the info Sergio! She is a very recognizable actress and was great on ER. Which was a great 90s show overall.


FYI for actresses

So Many people think, Oh yeah she's good but, to be cast large top shelf projects there must be a question mark, WRONG ! 89% to 92% of it is attitude. This means she is very good on the set, takes direction well and is courteous at all times when working. I have been on major projects and if an actor or actress has a very bad attitude, then the producers have to hesitate, think for a moment, pause , and if they have to do that, they usually select some else real quick. There are a lot of actresses who have marginal talent but will get the job because of their great attitude, great example is Eve the Rapper, as marginal a talent as they come but her on set attitude and behavior is superb hence forth some one like Drew Barrymore will reach out to her for projects. Don't always assume that superb talent got them that gig. on the other side of the coin is Erica Badu, as horrible on the set as they come, no director wants to deal with that, just ask David Ducuvney's ex wife Tia Leone and there are others , like J-LO who I hear is a complete monster on the set. Check out the actresses Johnnie Mae from Boardwalk Empire, as nice and professional and encouraging as any could be, all ways there to give you the shirt off her back. So Gloria Rubin I hear is a darling on the set. !!!!

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