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Got Questions For Melvin Van Peebles? Ask Them Now!

Got Questions For Melvin Van Peebles? Ask Them Now!

Melvin Van Peebles will hit one of those milestone birthdays this year; the man will turn 80 years old on August 21st! I hope I’m lucky enough to live that long… and he’s quite healthy too. I recall in recent years, seeing him running on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, putting guys 1/2 his age and younger to shame. 

And leading up to his 80th birthday celebration in a few months, I’ve been granted an hour interview with the maestro himself tomorrow afternoon; and while I’m certainly looking forward to it, I figured I won’t hug the entire 60 minutes with just my own interests, and open up the floor to YOUR questions/comments you might have for the man as well. 

So if you have anything you’ve ever wanted to ask Melvin Van Peebles, or say to him, here’s your chance to do so. I can’t guarantee that I’ll ask every question or pass on every comment, but don’t let that stop you :)

Dig in!

*Passing the mic*

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how was Paris, and i'm still working on that animation book about artists. it was a pleasure to have meet you.


dammit i didnt see this in time! cant wait to read the interview!

Adam Scott Thompson

My question is about how he feels about short black memories when it comes to our filmmakers. People call Tyler Perry a "trailblazer," but a lot of what he's done was already being done by Peebles in his prime — except that Peebles didn't coon and didn't take money from "the man" in exchange for the souls of black folk. I'm just curious about how he feels about his place in the pantheon, as I consider to be one of the true mavericks of black cinema — along with Micheaux and Parks.


Tambay, I see the natives are a little socially shy , so give me that mic back. My question is about money. Hey, this site is fast becoming a must visit film industry blog so we gotta talk about the real thing. I mean, that's my point. So often we hear "she's just doing it for the money". Well hell, who works for free? Are casting directors doing their thang for art sake? Are sound engineers working for art? Or, are they trying to get paid as much as they can? Who pays thousands of dollars to go to film school… for the love of art? Are writers working for Mr. Art Sake? So Tambay, I have a pointed question. If one of Mr. Peebles earlier films ( Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song) supposedly grossed 10 Million, ask him how many dollars actually made it's way to his pocket? One more question. Did he have any mentors and who has he mentored?


when is he coming out with another play?


Ask him with his interest in the black experience why didn't he chose to have black children?


Hand dap to a fellow flyboy (United State Air Force for y'all that don't know). That's right, Carey and Melvin both did thier thang in Air Force blues. But now I have a couple of serious questions. Lets go back and visit a few issues that are still relevant in todays climate. Okay… two of his earliest films The Story Of A Three Day Pass and Watermelon Man dealt with "Race" and/or interracial relationships. Now, how did his time in the military (racist as it can be) and his times in the period of emerging civil rights, shape who he became as a filmmaker? Also, has his ability to understand and speak another language helped his career.?One more question — Ask him if he ever paid back that $50,000 loan from Bill Cosby? And don't ask him to ask me what I thought of The Story Of A Three Day Pass. You know, no disrespect but… But one mo question: Does he still have a hookup on some of those real Cuban cigars? And Tambay, since you clicked me over to Twink's gatekeeper, one of my questions better make it to the ear of Mr. Peebles or we're gonna have some problems :-)


If you can ask the "Legend" does he ever get so discouraged after making a film that it keeps him from attempting to make another. And if so how did he get past that discouragement.


How is the business filmmaking climate different from when he was making films in the 60s/70's?
How are things better now? How are they worse.?


Please ask him if we'll ever get a DVD release for "Confessionsofa Ex-Doofus-ItchyFooted Mutha" and "Bellyful". Also, ask him who his top 5 favorite filmmakers are (of any race).


How do you stay so fine?


What younger filmmakers do you feel are getting it right?


Tambay, ask him what he would've done with a $120,000,000 million budget?,WITHOUT STUDIO INTERFERENCE on movies like "American Gangster","District 9"."Lakeview Terrance","Tranformers-yeah i said it!","Da Vinci Code" or god forbid "Django Unchained"…?????

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