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Hill Harper, Ruby Dee, Elise Neal, Michael K. Williams To Star In “Kinyarwanda” Producer’s Directorial Debut

Hill Harper, Ruby Dee, Elise Neal, Michael K. Williams To Star In "Kinyarwanda" Producer's Directorial Debut

And that Kinyarwanda producer’s name is Tommy Oliver. Remember it! :)

Details are limited on this particular project, but this is what I know:

First, it’s titled 1982; second, its based on a true story; third, the story revolves around a black father whose wife suffers from a crack cocaine addiction, and his efforts to protect his 10-year old daughter from having to experience life as the child of a drug addicted mother, while also trying to help her (the mother/his wife) become clean again; fourth, the story is set in 1982 in Philadelphia, at the very onset of the crack epidemic; fifth, Hill Harper, Ruby Dee, Elise Neal, Michael K. Williams and Keri Hilson are starring, with others names circling the project; sixth, shooting begins in Philly next month; and seventh, Tommy Oliver is directing from his own screenplay (his feature film directorial debut), as well as producing, along with Hill Harper and Heather Rae

Enough info there to tickle your interest; but when I know more, so will you.

And while this is Tommy’s feature film directorial debut, his resume includes 2 short films that he directed, as well as several projects on which he served as DP, editor, and even actor.

Stay tuned… 

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Mikee White

Congrats doc see you at the top

james evans from the cabrini-green

Hmm. The overall package does have a "Straight to Walmart DVD" feel to it, based on the information given. But who knows. Hope this is the flick that boosts Hill's star.


Good cast — interesting subject matter — Tambay said: "Tommy Oliver", remember that name! Okay, I'm all in — but — I do have a few concerns. First, I am not apposed to "drug addict" movies — at all. My concerns centers on how the addict's journey and the addict, are seldom — if ever — given the proper "voice". In most cases the addict is either a broke-down and busted out crackhead/junkie — and/or they have a miraculous recovery — OH HAPPY DAY. I am suggesting there are many many roads less traveled — NUFF SAID. Now, Ruby Dee? Can I say it — I see "Ruby Dee" in most of her recent roles… if you know what I mean? But again, I am all up in this one because it seems to have the "ingredients" for a fine film. The actors are going to do their thang — so — I believe it all depends on the depth of the script and the director's vision.

Miles Maker

I'm not bullish about yet another down & dirty drug-addicted movie but I'm looking forward to supporting Tommy as a new voice in Black independent cinema. I just hate feeling like I've scene this movie already. I hope the plot/storyline contributes something new to the conversation–Best Wishes all around.


Good for you Tommy!


Sounds interesting – cool cast.


Oh no. Tommy Oliver. Oh lawd is right. He's a certified nutcase. Ask around. Hill can do this kind of flick that goes no place but not Michael K! Don't do it, Mike! You're too good for this!!!!


OH LAWD… Really… Thanks Hill…

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