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Indiewire Wins Webby for Best Movie and Film Site

Indiewire Wins Webby for Best Movie and Film Site

Just want to take a moment and congratulate all my colleagues at Indiewire particularly editor in chief Dana Harris for the big webby win

While I am not on staff of Indiewire, Women and Hollywood is part of the Indiewire blog network and part of the family.  So this is big news for the whole family.

I’ve been on the network for a little over a year and I have to say that it has been a fantastic experience because the folks at Indiewire and the parent company Snag Films trust the bloggers and let us do our things with no intervention.  For a person like myself who tends to be a firestarter, this is a big deal, something that I am very grateful for.

So congrats again to the team that brings an indie bent to the film business.  I am proud to be a part of the family. 

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Hear hear! Congratulations IndieWire, I do indeed like your site very very much :)

And Melissa, congratulations and thanks to you and everyone of the Women and Hollywood blog, too. You guys do a great job not only keeping me informed, but also raising a lot of excellent points (and references, and links, and other fun things to make my day so much less productive).

Even this little post has sent me on a links chase and once I'm done scrutinizing Snag Films, the Webby nominees list will probably keep me engaged for hours.

Hmm. Maybe I should stop visiting your site :( Do less good.

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