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Is There A New Arsenio Hall Talk Show Coming To TV?

Is There A New Arsenio Hall Talk Show Coming To TV?

When it was announced back in January that Arsenio Hall was one of the new participants in this season’s Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, I criticized him for joining the show (Read HERE). I wondered what self-respecting black person would agree to appear in a show with such a blatant racist big like Donald Trump.

Well, in case you have’t heard, Arsenio was the winner this season (I suspect more likely so Trump could prove that he isn’t a racist pig, but who’s buying that?). However, winning this season looks like it may have done some good for Hall.

Media reports everywhere are buzzing about word that Arsenio has gotten some newfound interest from some networks, about a retrun to TV, with a new talk show.

According to Hall, even his business manager has been “on the phone all day” after his win on Apprentice; and other reports are saying that 3 networks, one of whom is NBC, have been “making a play for Hall for a new talk show.” 

Though it’s unclear if the show would be a daytime or late night show.

Of course there’s no guarantee at all that any of this will pan out and that Arsenio, whose original talk show ended in 1994, will wind up with a new show. But at least people are talking about him again after years in the wilderness

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being on the Apprentice has helped Star Jones and yes Ne-Ne.

Monique A. Williams

I saw a few episodes of the show and he looks deathly ill with something. I hope he takes care of himself.
Assuming he's in good health, I'd LOVE to see him return with a talk show. That's all I was thinking watching that awful Apprentice with crackhead Aubrey O'day.

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