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Julianne Moore Now On Board ‘Carrie’ Remake; Gabrielle Wilde Also Joins

Julianne Moore Now On Board 'Carrie' Remake; Gabrielle Wilde Also Joins

Update: Deadline reports Julianne Moore is now locked and Gabrielle Wilde (“The Three Musketeers“) has also joined in the role of Sue Snell.

Update 04/27/12: Deadline reports that things have progressed and MGM has made a formal offer for Julianne Moore to take the role of Margaret.

Originally published 04/16/12: With a release date slated last week, the wheels are now firmly in motion on the Kimberly Peirce‘s “Carrie” remake starring Chloe Moretz. With the lead actress now locked in, the task is now on hand to find someone to play the poor girl’s deranged mother, and a name that has already been bandied about seems to be taking a more firm shape.

Bloody Disgusting reported that Columbia Pictures is “speaking closely” with Julianne Moore to take on the role of Margaret White, the abusive, fundamentalist Mom of Carrie. Moore’s name is one that has been knocking around since last month (Jodie Foster was also mentioned) but it seems things are perhaps getting a bit more formal. There is no doubt Moore could pull this off — she can pretty much do anything — and it would give her the rare opportunity to do horror, a genre she hasn’t dabbled in all that often (there was “Shelter” but the less said about that the better). Not only that, but with Peirce at the helm, it’s the kind of quality director that Moore generally looks toward.

So we’ll see how this pans out, but Moretz and Moore? Sounds good to us. “Carrie” opens on March 15, 2013.

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Will C

After Game Change it looks like Julianne Moore has really got the bug for playing religious, psychotic mothers with a penchant for authority.


First. 'Quality director' ? no offense but proof as yet to be made that she ain't just a one hit wonder (in recent news see: karyn kusama).
Plus, as bigot as it sounds, I fear a female director (specially nowadays) is more subject to deliver a tedious, overly didactic and/or blatantly 'subversive' flick (look look blood means period !!)
Finally, is it the new thing ? bringing directors/writers from outside the genre to work on these remakes, as some kind of excuse (just thinking about the diablo cody penned Evil dead remake makes me shiver … not in a good way)

what the f***!

can't anyone come up with a new idea, there are alot of amazing writers out there – let them write.


This is nothing new. Reported weeks ago. Not just Julianne Moore, either. Moore AND Jodie Foster are being eyed for the role.

easy company

wow…this is the hottest mother-daughter pair up since diamond foxxx and tara lynn foxxx

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