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Julie Delpy and Her Love/Hate Relationship with Hollywood

Julie Delpy and Her Love/Hate Relationship with Hollywood

Julie Delpy is no a shrinking violet.  She has many awesome opinions about how Hollywood treats women, which could be one of the reasons why, according to her, she has been fired by every agency in town.

But she really doesn’t give a crap about being an actress anymore.  She’s sticking to directing, and now is on her second effort 2 Days in NY which is a follow-up on 2 Days in Paris

Delpy came to our attention starring opposite Ethan Hawke is Before Sunrise (which they both also co-wrote but never got credit for) and then she made the unfortunate decision to star in the remake of An American Werewolf in Paris which was a big disaster, and then as quickly as she got that gig, the gigs dried up.

She says what’s on her mind and because she is now a director and because she is French, and especially because she could care less, she gets away with it.  She tells the Guardian reporter that she was fired by her agent on the same day he (I am assuming it is a he) told her that she should stop writing the sequel to Before Sunrise because it will be a “stupid movie no one is going to see” and that she should “do something useful like go to the gym.”  I would have punched him.

One part of the piece which I found interesting is the fact that when Ethan Hawke gets called to talk about her (they have remained close) he calls her “crazy.”  Here’s how she describes it:

it’s funny, I’m really not crazy. I wouldn’t be directing movies – but I don’t think I’m crazy in the sense that I can’t function. He thinks I’m crazy because I’m a very intense person. When I write or do something, I don’t do it half way. It means something to me. I don’t let go easily. I don’t give up easily. I’m very determined in a way that a lot of women might not be. Or men.

No you are not crazy.  But this quote is really illustrative of how women are treated.  They are either crazy or a bitch.  A very determined male director or writer is talented…but a woman is crazy.  We have got to stop labeling women with these terms.  They stick and it becomes very simple for people to believe they are true and then poof a woman who is intense is seen as crazy.  Try getting a directing gig when people think you are crazy.  Not gonna happen.

She doesn’t sound one bit of crazy to me.  She just sounds like a director and writer who loves and believes in her work. 

The film opens in the UK on Friday and in the US in August.  Other release dates here.

Julie Delpy: Hollywood Hates Me But I Don’t Care (The Guardian)

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Before Sunrise was brilliant. I had no idea she co-wrote it. I'd be pissed if I didn't get credit too! I'm looking forward to her new film.


Yeah, I doubt she is disliked by people because she an independent women or whatever nonsense you are trying to sell. I read that article. Let's see what I learned. Firstly, I learned she steps in animal shit in her socks at her house, and doesn't change them. Who the hell does that? I don't care how late you are running, you find time to change your socks. Secondly, she cries on buses and then tell strangers why she is so sad. Thirdly, she apparently has several unnamed neuroses and suffers from panic attacks. Fourthly, she is still "fuming" about a co-writing credit on a (vastly overrated) film from 14 years ago – get over it. Fifthly, she brings up incidents like the Vanity Fair Oscar Party reject to demonstrate how "cool" and above the Hollywood system she is (it was so painfully obvious that's why she brought that story up). Sixthly, people who describe themselves as "intense" or "driven" are usually the rudest, most arrogant people you'll meet. Also, invariably, the people who say that everyone hates them and fires them because they are so awesome and great and cool are usually either the biggest assholes or are massive nut jobs. Frankly, there are plenty of female directors who aren't described as crazy; aren't fired by tons of people; and don't have trouble finding money (or at least not anymore trouble than other smaller-scale filmmakers). My guess is nobody treats Claire Denis particularly badly, probably because she doesn't act like an aggrieved child the way Delpy does.

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