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‘Jupiter Ascending’ Plot Rumored To Be Pretty Much Like ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’; Joseph Gordon-Levitt Eyed For Role

'Jupiter Ascending' Plot Rumored To Be Pretty Much Like 'Snow White And The Huntsman'; Joseph Gordon-Levitt Eyed For Role

Just like Woody Allen or Terrence Malick, The Wachowskis don’t like to share what their movies are about until they’re good and ready to, but as these things generally tend to go, somebody somewhere usually gets their hands on some kind of material and shares it with somebody else and before you know it, we’re writing a post.

And so, the folks over at Vulture believe they’ve landed upon the general plot of the siblings’ upcoming and formerly secretive sci-fi flick for Warner Bros. Bear in mind, none of this is confirmed and it could be totally wrong, but it sounds pretty reasonable. And so, we all know that right now humans are the only signs of intelligent life in the universe right? Well, what “Jupiter Ascendingpresupposes is “human beings are just the Cro-Magnons, or even the Australopithecines, of what beings can ultimately go on to become in the galaxy…because these higher forms of life are watching us from other, albeit this time non-meta worlds, but actual, other worlds, as in planets and moons.”

The film, which will be the first of a trilogy (that is actually not new, but has more or less been discussed from the start), will center on a toilet-scrubbing Russian immigrant (Mila Kunis) who actually — DRAMATIC PAUSE — “possesses the same perfect genetic makeup as the Queen of the Universe and is therefore a threat to her otherwise immortal rule.” A bounty hunter is then dispatched to take her down (Channing Tatum), but of course they fall in love and go on the run and things get complicated, and if this sounds like “Snow White and the Huntsman” but in space, you wouldn’t be mistaken.

Now, there’s some other scientific mumbo jumbo — basically, the evolved life forms have spliced their DNA with the characteristics from animals to create even more superior versions of themselves — that sets this apart, but if this is true, then the basic plot outline is the same as the fairy tale movie. But good lord, there is a helluva lot of room for improvement. Joseph Gordon-Levitt will apparently be offered some kind of role in the movie as well.

Shooting is slated to begin this fall, and we’ll find out sooner or later if this is on the nose or not. But for all of this futuristic, universe spanning, other world stuff — we just hope we get some Multipass action.

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Joseph Campbell

I'm sorry, but this sounds AWESOME.

To say that they are copying a universal fairy tale just shows ignorance. The snow white story has been incorporated in storytelling across time. Its archetypes and structure universally acknowledged. Instead of doing another truly borrowed story as Hollywood always does – they're re-imagining it, reinventing and making something unique. In the same way the Matrix understood Christian and Buddhist mythologies in a Nihilistic world. So before you start reporting that this is some half-conceptualized idea – Please research world myths, their history and how they are universal to not just remade movies, but story telling in general. 'A destined girl that's stalked by a hunter' is NOT "pretty much exactly" Snow White and the Huntsman. The iconic mythic structure and archetypes of Snow White and the Huntsman are present in thousands of stories. By the brief tidbits that have been included in this article… Jupiter Ascending has more creativity than 99% of recent films. Fact is we NEED more films like this that will take risks – or you will get just carbon copies. Go Wachowskis.

But please saying it's like "Snow White and the Huntsman" (a reimagining of the classic fairy tale in its own right) is laughably dumb.

Stevo the Magnificent

According to Joel Silver, the Wachowski siblings originally wanted to retire from movies once they finished the 'Matrix' trilogy, it's a shame they didn't make A SINGLE great 'Matrix' sequel then retire, because it would appear they've run out of truly original ideas…


The Wachowski Brothers seem to like these characters who start off downbeat but turn out to possess some special power or makeup. Neo in "The Matrix" is the same way. Unless, of course, this plot description is not what the movie is actually about.


Channing Tatum seems like a nice person , and he was lucky to star in some recent box-office hits. But, he is a mediocre actor ( his acting always seems forced ) that has no genuine charisma. This is one of the main reasons why Hollywood is having so many box -office failures , and they release few good films. They don't about quality in front of the camera and behind the camera.


It makes me smile to know that someone else loves "She knows it's a multipass!!" as much as I do.

Twelve life points to you, Kevin!


lol, haven't seen the Snow White, but it sounds like similar cliche movies. Bounty Hunter sent after girl, but instead falls for her and they fight whoever is after them both now, to get their happily ever after.


So she cleans toilets…then the Hunstman comes to the rescue…and JGL is playing the prince or…?


… the fuck?

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