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Keira Knightley Steps In For Scarlett Johansson On John Carney’s Musical ‘Can A Song Save Your Life?’

Keira Knightley Steps In For Scarlett Johansson On John Carney's Musical 'Can A Song Save Your Life?'

Now roughly six billion people have seen the thing, we can all pretty much agree that Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson were the secret weapons of superhero mega-hit “The Avengers.” The former brought a wry understatement to Bruce Banner, as well as performance-capturing the most effective screen take on the Hulk yet, while Johansson banished any memories of her flat turn in “Iron Man 2” and made Black Widow steely, vulnerable, cunning and funny, often in the same breath.

For some time, it looked as though we’d be seeing the two actors team up again, for “Can A Song Save Your Life?,” a new musical romance from John Carney, the director of sleeper hit “Once,” which Judd Apatow is set to produce. But when we spoke to Ruffalo last month, the actor suggested that Johansson was off the project, and now confirmation has come in that the actress won’t be appearing in Carney’s film, via Screen Daily. But the good news is that an A-list replacement has already been found, as the trade reports that Keira Knightley has now come on board to play the female lead in the project.

The actress will play a singer who moves to New York, only to be dumped by her boyfriend. But a down-on-his-luck record producer (Ruffalo) discovers her singing in a bar, and sets out to make her a star, with romance presumably blossoming soon after. Oscar-nominee Hailee Steinfeld (“True Grit“) is also on board, to play Ruffalo’s daughter. Knightley keeps going from strength to strength as an actress, and this is the kind of role that we’re keen to see her play, and with the pedigree of Carney and Apatow on board, things are looking very good on this one. A summer shoot in NYC is planned, so we should see this in the second half of next year.

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That's great news. She was incredible in Last Night and it's nice to see her in a modern film.


Keira did some very nice singing and acting in the Edge of Love. I don't doubt she'll do fine in the musical numbers. I found out of most young actresses she's done some of the most difficult roles. Just watch her in Last Night and A Dangerous Method. She was amazing in both.


I liked Keira's voice in The Edge of Love. To me Johansson is a very good actress, but very inconsistent, while Keira keeps getting better and better (her turns in Last Night and Dangerous Method last year were great and polar opposites). I look forward to this new film.


The big question is , can Keira Knightley carry a tune ?!


What ! Scarlett Johansson was her typical wooden self in " The Avengers."


Downgrade. Knightley is only good in period pieces and cannot play subtle which is what this role probably calls for.


Hulk and Black Widow were the secret weapon?! (LOL!)…Hulk, absolutely but Johansson as BW?…meh, not so much and you guys know it. Johansson's reps/Disney are really paying you people well these days aren't they?.


This cast is now perfect.


i definitively didn't see the same AVENGERS movie than you:it's all about Stark-Irob man and angry HULK


Huge upgrade.

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