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Kevin Feige Says 2 More Unannounced Marvel Films In The Works

Kevin Feige Says 2 More Unannounced Marvel Films In The Works

After a weekend that saw “The Avengers” continue its box office dominance, passing $1 billion worldwide, all eyes are now on Marvel Studios to see their next move, which president Kevin Feige was luckily able to shed light on recently.

In an interview with Bloomberg’s Carol Mauser (via Deadline), Feige spoke about the studio’s future, which presently holds a total of five new films planned within the Marvel universe. “Iron Man 3,” “Thor 2,” and “Captain America 2” will all go into production next, and Feige also revealed there are two other projects as yet unannounced. “In a week and a half we start filming ‘Iron Man 3’…by the end of the summer we’ll be working on the next ‘Thor’ film, early next year the next ‘Captain America’ film. Those are the three that we’ve announced so far, but we’ve got two beyond that we haven’t announced yet that we’re working on,” he said.

As enthusiastic as fans are for a sequel, neither of these will be a follow-up to “The Avengers,” so that leaves quite a bit of speculation as to which Marvel characters will be getting the big-screen treatment. Edgar Wright has been teasing an adaptation of “Ant-Man” for years, but with hisPegg/Frost collab “The World’s End” thankfully set to film this year, and his Johnny Depp-starring “The Night Stalkeralso in the works, it could end up being too much to handle. On the other hand, Wright has tweeted hints that the project has grown close to a reality, while Feige has acknowledged the situation publicly as such, so don’t be surprised if Wright is involved in one of those two announcements. Alternatively, since Marvel now has an audience eager to see where they take them next, they could take the opportunity to stress one of their stranger, lesser-known properties, such as Guardians of the Galaxy or Inhumans. Also in development that we shouldn’t count out, “Iron Fist,” “Black Panther, “Dr. Strange” and even Peter Sollett‘s “Runaways” (though if that one has been scuttled for good, we’re not sure, last we heard it was “on hold“).

As for the other Marvel properties currently setting up shop at other studios i.e. “Spider-Man” and “X-Men,” Feige noted, “as long as they are making them [with] quality, that will be good.” Perhaps he’s forgotten the last two ‘X-Men’ offerings, but if there are to be bold new directions taken in the filmic Marvel universe, which path would you prefer?

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David Scholes

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a Doc Strange movie. The Earth's sorceror supreme is a both fascinating and incredibly powerful character.

Of the upcoming movies (that we know about for sure) the one I'm most looking forward to is Thor 2. The Thunder God's appearance in the original Thor and more recently in the Avengers having only wet my appetite.

That said – I make it a point to see all of the Marvel movies.

As an Aussie sci-fi writer:
I’ve written a solid collection of Marvel (espec Thor) fan fiction, why not check it out?

Larry King

The Best thing that could happen would be for Marvel to work with those other studios aka Fox and Columbia to bring in characters such as Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, and SpiderMan into the mix for Avengers 2. If they really want to shake the very foundations of the comic book world they should make this happen. Wolverine, Storm and Spidey were in the Avengers in the comics so naturally it makes the most sense for them to be in the next Avengers movie. Marvel, Sony and Fox get together, make this happen and it's possible you will get a 250 -300mllion + boxoffice opening for Avengers 2.


How about a SHIELD movie? That's what I'd like to see.


Hey now, the last X-men film, First Class, was very good. Honestly probably the best X-men movie. Though it's box-office probably suffered because of X3 & Wolverine.

I do hope one of the unnanounced projects is Guardians of the Galaxy, and that they work in Nova somehow, it'd be a blast to see him on the big screen.

Given they definitely seem to be setting up for more cosmic stuff in future sequels, it's a good time to get us to know the rest of the Marvel Universe outside of earth.


Marvel needs to get the rights back to the Xmen they can do them right FOX SUCKS

Christopher M.

One of the film he's likely referring to is Ant-Man which could shoot when Captain America 2 wraps and Edgar is done with press for World's End (apparently will be released Spring 2013). The second is Doctor Strange which was reported back in August, was having it's script making the rounds to possible directors. Strange has been in the works for decades and I'd rather see that before another Hulk film.

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