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Kristen Stewart Just Wants A House, A Baby & Something Normal In New ‘On The Road’ Clips

Kristen Stewart Just Wants A House, A Baby & Something Normal In New 'On The Road' Clips

Cannes is officially underway, which means we’re now less than a week from the arrival of one of the most long-awaited films in the history of the medium: the adaptation of Jack Kerouac‘s “On The Road.” Francis Ford Coppola wanted to direct a version of the book for decades, but having presumably decided he’d rather faff around with Val Kilmer and an iPad, passed it over to “The Motorcylce Diaries“” Walter Salles. And from everything we’ve seen so far, it looks like Salles might have pulled it off, or at least come close.

Of course, what little footage we’ve seen so far has been from the trailer, and anyone can fool anyone with a trailer. But CanalPlus has unveiled a new video interview with Salles, that contains a few glimpses of new footage — there’s a clip of Kirsten Dunst & Garett Hedlund at the 1:40 mark, more with Hedlund at the 3:26 mark and at 5:24, we get Kristen Stewart‘s Marylou starting to tire of the beatnik lifestyle, saying “I just want a house, a baby, something normal. I really do want that.”

There’s a few neat little tidbits in the first interview: for instance Stewart was cast at the age of 16, after Salles saw Sean Penn‘s “Into The Wild,” which was recommended to the director by “Babel” helmer Alejandro González Iñárritu. The filmmaker also calls it a film about liberty, freedom and a personal voyage of discovery. And there might be much more in the second, but it’s in French, and we’re far from fluent. Bi-lingual K-Stew fans, this is your moment.

“On The Road” will land in theaters in late fall in the U.S. and we’ve been hearing word about a December date. Keep your eye out. [CanalPlus]

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And for those that can speak French, here’s another interview with Walter Salles though “On The Road” footage free.

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Films like Twilight have made Kristen Stewart rise from a normal actress to one of the highest paid actress. Forbes has named the highest paid actress.

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awesome on the road perfect to some one nice and peace and how kristen can handle the journey and i praying both the best and her friend cosmopolis robert p at cannes film festival


I don't give a fly fuck about Kristen Stewart and her mouth breathing method acting. Walter Salles is the one I hold accountable if this is a mess. I never felt he was the right person to bring the Beat Bible to life. My early prediction is that ON THE ROAD will receive tepid reviews and won't break any new ground. The story deserves to be told but this isn't the right team to do it.


RE: Kristen Stewart. Come on guys… Why such PERSONAL negativity towards a young actress? (I'm NOT a twilight fan) Most people get better at their chosen career as they progress- you only have to look back on the earlier works of all our great actors- they weren't good from the very beginning- thank god people gave them the chance. I don't think the crazy Twilight fandom have helped, but it's hardly the reason to judge. Forgot Twilight, and give the young woman a chance- respected film makers think she is worthy.


I am excited to see this film primarily because of Walter Salles. That said, I kind of despise that a lot of the discussions about this film have turned into the "I hate/love Kristen Stewart/Garrett Hedlund" or "Who the hell is Sam Riley/Why should I care about Sam Riley?" Walter Salles is a fantastic filmmaker…If he managed to get Viggo and Amy Adams involved, he could have found other actors/actresses to play the main parts…But he didn't, which leads me to believe he is pretty confident in Sam/Garrett/Kristen's abilities. Now as far as the actors/actress…Sam Riley is amazing (seriously, watch Control or Brighton Rock), Garrett Hedlund will be in Inside Llewyn Davis with Carey Mulligan (he just often chooses crappy films like Tron or Country Strong), and Stewart has done some pretty solid work outside of Twilight. I believe the issue with Stewart is that people tend to conflate her real life persona (the general public for the most part conceives her to be dark, serious, annoying, and depressing) with the fact that she often plays dark, serious, and somewhat irritating characters (Bella Swan, emo sexually abused teenage stripper, a young, angry moody Joan Jett). Hence the whole "she can't act, she's playing herself" because she comes across as moody and often plays those types of characters…I saw her in a little seen indie called Fierce People (with a younger Chris Evans) and she was quite good…A very different role from her usually moody characters. Anyway, liking/disliking an actor is subject…People obviously have different opinions….However, Sam Riley has received a ton of accolades and nominations (pretty much every critic loved him in Control)….Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart have both received pretty good reviews from the "big" critics…(Roger Ebert, The New York Times (A.O. Scott and Dargis))….I get not liking an actor or even disagreeing with some of the more important critics, like Ebert, Dargis, and Scott…What I don't get is not recognizing that there was some validity in choosing those particular actors for those parts…I also don't get disliking a film because of one actor or actress…You can appreciate a film as a whole, and not the parts that make up the whole…


For those who care in the first clip we learn:
– Salles read the book when he was 18, he read it again for Motorcycle diaries. He wanted to work on the coming-of-age side of the novel; Wanted to show how drugs and sex amplify the senses.
– He wanted to find the spontaneity of Jazz, to incorporate what happened on stage. He needed to go further than the text (both book and script) and to translate/betray [sic].
– Riley was listening to loud Jazz music when he was typing. The typewriter is the like the Jazz player's instrument. An extension of the body. They were constantly influenced by music on stage.
– The group is in mutation in the car closed space (the car is the object of an era, when you had to travel to have a nice conversation).
– Started casting in 2006, Hedlung came from Minnesota in a bus, writing text that he read. Salles saw Riley in Control. Dunst: she can do so much without saying anything. The nowsoinfamousdunstanecdote.
– 3 Weeks before shooting: the famous bootcamp. Neal's son said "it's not a book about the beat generation, these people had no idea what they were doing".
– You have to forget everything (from the book) to find your own vision. A personal one, that could lead people to discover the book.
The other one is about Salles, his fav directors (Renais, Oliveira), rediscovering Playtime ("a film ahead of his time") in 2002 with Lynch (both were jury members) in Cannes , Lynch was crying at the end.


Said it before, I'll said it again, not a single time I've believe in the main cast. Some of the other ones are clearly interesting (I mean Old bull lee seems awesome) but there's no way one can say that Riley/Hedlung fit the shoes of Kerouac/Cassady.


Merci for the source you guys even checked CanalPlus. Strongly look forward the tri especially Sam Riley et Garett Hedlund's talents. Et people should check Kristen Stewart's performance in Speak (2004) back to when she was only 13.


Stewart seemed just fine to me. Can't wait to finally see this one.

Anne with an E

I see Stewart is still doing that heavy-breathing-before-each-line-of-dialogue tic she has going. I despaired of this casting from the beginning. They obviously couldn't get anything else out of her other than her bog-laden monotone nonsense. Bella Swan On The Road.

I'm not sure this book lends itself to movie adaptation anyway. On the Road is more about language and feeling than actual plot. Some novels just shouldn't be movies.

Oogle monster

In before the Twihards and K Stew crazies… I can't wait for this film and I'm hoping it allows Riley and Hedlund to flex their acting muscle. The abundance of talent in this film (with an obvious exception of Stewart and her hair flips) has me ridiculously excited.

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