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Kurt Russell Has Also Dropped Out Of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’

Kurt Russell Has Also Dropped Out Of Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained'

With filming now well underway and a few glossy images appearing in a recent issue of EW, one would think that the cast has been pretty much nailed down for Quentin Tarantino‘s latest, “Django Unchained.” But that appears not to be the case with Kurt Russell joining the ever-growing list of actors to have left the project. The Playlist have confirmed with the reps for the actor that Russell has indeed left the film though no reason has been given. According to the (only occasionally reliable) IMDB boards (via The Film Stage) the actor was “unhappy with his role” and left the set because the film wasn’t “western enough.” Seems unlikely that an actor as professional as Russell would storm off the set of a director he’d previously worked with, but whatever the case it’s certainly a loss for his fan base, which should be, uh, everyone who grew up in the ’80s.

As we mentioned, Russell isn’t the first actor to have left the project, as scheduling and other woes have already seen Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jonah Hill, Sacha Baron Cohen and Kevin Costner (who had originally been earmarked for Russell’s part) have all come and gone. This means that the role of Ace Woody, the mandingo trainer that serves as villain Calvin Candie (DiCaprio)’s right hand man, still needs to be filled. We’d originally thought of Josh Brolin, but AICN suggests that he won’t be replaced at all, instead the role will be cut and the part absorbed by Walton Goggins‘ character Billy Crash. Not a bad idea to cut down some of the characters in the sprawling script but we should know for certain soon enough. The cast members who have been locked in for Tarantino’s slavery epic are Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Waltz, Kerry Washington, James Remar, Don Johnson, John Jarratt, RZA and Walton Goggins among others.

“Django Unchained” is scheduled to hit theaters Christmas day.

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Sick Person

QT, go get Bryan Cranston. Please.


I know this is sad, but for those who've never seen an episode of 'Justified' or 'The Shield' Walton Goggins is an AMAZINGLY talented actor. In fact I hoped he'd get cast in the Ace Woody role when the project was first announced.


No matter how many photos of men in cowboy hats and The Weinstein Company and Quentin Tarantino release, those who've read the script know that Django Unchained is not a Western. Django Unchained is Mandingo (de Laurentis, 1975) with a German dentist. Mandingo was a trash pile of a movie and so is Django Unchained. No amount of whimsical, hipster, cool cat propaganda can disguise the grotesquery. Congratulations to those who had the foresight to turn away from trash.


Mel Gibson? He'd be a perfect asshole racist.

Oh Walton always a buck toothed racist hick, but he's fun to look at.


So a lot of actors are okay playing violent women beaters & killers but playing a racist is dangerous to their career? Ridiculous.


Just how will this be finished for a Christmas release?


They should've given this role to Goggins after Costner dropped out.


I won't go as far as saying it's good news. But since Death proof basically Tarantino cares more about making flicks with his friends than making kick ass movies… so maybe he'll be more focused this time.


It's a shame, but it happens. I was definitely more excited about Russell than Costner, but it's not like there aren't many actors out there who could potentially do the role, maybe even someone who's not a name. Let's remember that Waltz wasn't a star before IB.


Get Christian Slater.


Walton, not Walter.


Hopefully Costner's schedule will now allow him to resume the role.


WHAT is going on???

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