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LisaRaye McCoy On “Single Ladies” Critics: “F**K’em!”

LisaRaye McCoy On "Single Ladies" Critics: "F**K'em!"

Huffington Post: And with success, of course, comes critics. What are your thoughts on media outlets who dubbed season one, “embarrassing.”

LisaRaye McCoy: F**k’em! Let them write a show and come up with what they want to see. Until then, the people who love it, tune in.

Well, there ya go. It doesn’t get any clearer, or *realer* than that, does it? 

That was a snip from an interview Single Ladies star LisaRaye McCoy did with Huffington Post, published earlier today.

A second season, much to the disappointment of some I’m sure, begins exactly 1 week from today – May 28th!

The show, which made its debut on May 30th, 2011, averaged close to 3 million viewers each week, with a strong showing in its core 18 to 34 female demographic.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Cassandra Freeman (most recently seen on S&A in Alrick Brown’s Kinyarwanda) had joined the cast of the Queen Latifah-produced hour-long VH1 dramedy series which revolves around the romantic lives of three friends.

Freeman will play a character named Morgan Hayes, but no word on what her relationship will be to the others in the cast.

You’ll remember that series lead Stacey Dash exited the series after its inaugural season (well there goes any reason to watch season 2 now, right fellas?) and was replaced by All My Children alum Denise Vasi

LisaRaye McCoy and Charity Shea will return.

We last posted a promo for season 2 about a month ago; over the weekend, a full 3 1/2-minute “super trailer” surfaced, and is embedded below if you missed it.

Check out the full interview with the no-nonsense McCoy at HuffPo HERE in which she also talks about what to expect from her character in season 2, as well as Stacey Dash’s exit:

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class of ftiness

I recorded the 2 hour movie, so i have no other reason to watch the tv show at all?

Tonton Michel

Stay classy Lisa, stay classy.


ANOTHER season…ANOTHER show…about trifling women…I'll pass…


Ha! I ain't mad at cha, LisaRaye…not one bit!

Mark & Darla

Tell the bitches off Lisa, don't like the show don't watch. I for one don't watch the show not interested, just like I am not interested in watching 'Scandal'.

get these nets

Has ANYBODY watched or not watched a tv show because of what a TV critic wrote?


LisaRaye's philosophy is valid but is hinged upon the contingency that she successfully understands how to entertain and satisfy the fundamental, primary focus of her audience. The correct manifestation of that success can only be more booty shots, please.

Johnnie MD

I really enjoy watching this show. It's probably the best thing VH1 has going for it at the moment.

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