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Look Into His Eyes: Promo Poster For Robert Pattinson’s Saddam Hussein Movie ‘Mission: Blacklist’

Look Into His Eyes: Promo Poster For Robert Pattinson's Saddam Hussein Movie 'Mission: Blacklist'

With a role in David Cronenberg‘s upcoming freak fest “Cosmopolis,” Robert Pattinson continues to take on parts that…well, that are as far away from Edward in the “Twilight” movies as possible. And so to that end, last week he signed up to star in the thriller “Mission: Blacklist,” and in case you missed the news, he’ll be the guy hunting down Saddam Hussein.

With the Cannes Film Festival around the corner, the producers are gonna have to start selling this thing, so they’ve banged out a sales poster that feels like something that was made for a movie that was just announced last week. Featuring a hypnotic closeup on Pattinson’s eyes (SQUEEEEEE!), the one sheet boasts a pretty generic tagline and not much else, though the weird design makes it seem like Saddam Hussein is a co-star. Based on the book “Mission: Blacklist #1,” the psychological thriller will be modeled from the true story of military interrogator Eric Maddox (who wrote the novel with Davin Seay) about the hunt for the Iraqi leader, and the events that led him to uncover the wanted man in a spiderhole in Tikrit. “Band Of Brothers” writer and producer Erik Jendresen is penning the script, with Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire directing.

We presume if sales go well, this one will start ramping, and if they don’t….then it won’t. But until then, hang this on your wall, girls. [MTV

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hypnotizing eyes! cant wait


It seems you have a problem with girls,dear Kevin,so maybe you should write about boys,fanboys.


really wish media articles like this about Pattinson's upcoming work, which looks quite interesting, didn't constantly refer to Twilight and Edward, with the implication the actor isn't capable of greater range. Little Ashes and Remember Me clearly demonstrated that he is and convinced one of the greatest directors alive today (David Cronenberg) to cast him in a lead role. One can only hope Cosmopolis and Mission: Blacklist will put a stop to this pettiness.


I don't think those are Robert's eyes because his eyes are green.


i take it this more of a movie about psychological warfare rather then physical? thats the reason all the letters end up making a sentence. i guess it works for selling, but hopefully if they sell the movie they can come up with a better one.


Are they kidding me with this poster? Who is their audience, teen girls? And who is this up and coming actor, Saddam Hussein?


Look. At.His.Dreamy.Eyes. Is this a military film or teenage dream the movie?


I think it looks fabulous but I do agree that Saddam Hussein does seem like a co-star. Haha

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