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Michelle Pfeiffer Joins Robert De Niro In Luc Besson’s Gangster Pic ‘Malativa’

Michelle Pfeiffer Joins Robert De Niro In Luc Besson's Gangster Pic 'Malativa'

One of the few highlights of the otherwise lifeless and disapointing “Dark Shadows” was — unsurprisingly — Michelle Pfeiffer as the matriarch of the Collins clan. As usual, she classed up the proceedings and brought a nice, icy tone to an otherwise frothy movie. Better yet, the actress who had a slight dip in her career toward the end of ’90s seems to be brewing something of a comeback. And this could be the picture that puts her back on top.

The pairing of Luc Besson and Robert De Niro for the gangster pic “Malativa” has us already sold, but add Michelle Pfeiffer to the mix? That’s one potentially explosive movie. The actress has come on board the darkly comic film, based on Tonino Benacquista‘s book “Badfellas,” that will tell the story of a mafia family under witness protection in France, who turn to their old habits when things don’t go their way. Pfeiffer will play De Niro’s arson-inclined wife, who likes to play with matches to even the score. Fucking awesome.

Trivia alert: De Niro and Pfeiffer last paried up in Matthew Vaughn’s “Stardust” but this seems like a project a bit more worth their steel. Production is gearing to shoot in August for a 2013 release. [Variety]

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Trivia is wrong : they last starred together in New Year's Eve but I guess it's better to pretend they didn't.


Perhaps Besson can convince Guy Pearce to take a role too. He was hilarious in the Besson scripted Lockout.


The title is Malavita, not Malativa


The weird thing is though, Pfeiffer and De Niro have worked together in Stardust and New Years Eve they never had any scenes together! I'll be excited to see them actually interact. Sounds like a great project too.

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