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New Images From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Feature Batman, Bane, Catwoman & More

New Images From 'The Dark Knight Rises' Feature Batman, Bane, Catwoman & More

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So here’s a little anecdote for you. This writer has seen the latest “The Dark Knight Rises” trailer in the theaters a few times now, and unlike the usual chattering that accompanies most movie spots, the audience has been mostly reverentially silent. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s eerie and kind of cool. Either way, it’s pretty clear that “The Dark Knight Rises” will be aiming to smash the $1 billion worldwide box office of its predecessor “The Dark Knight,” but can Christopher Nolan‘s film achieve that feat?

As highly anticipated as this film is, it’s not necessarily a no-brainer. “The Dark Knight” featured an iconic villain played by a beloved actor who tragically passed away in the months leading up to the movie’s release. ‘Rises’ features a still-unknown face to Joe Moviegoer, playing a lesser-known baddie. And unlike “The Avengers,” which you can bring the kids to, ‘TDKR’ looks to be the most “adult” entry of the franchise thus far. But all that said, this is Nolan’s final Batman movie, and that will have people eager to check it out. 

Anyway, we’ll find out soon enough. Until then, here are some new images to tide you over. “The Dark Knight Rises” opens on July 20th. [Shockya]

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The last photo that people are saying is jgl is the scene where police and freedom fighters fight outside city hall of which jgl had his own scene hiding and bale's close up fight with bane.

tristan eldritch

Typical misdirection from Nolan. Look closely at the picture of Cat "Woman" and you'll see where John Blake is hiding.


This looks sooo good… can't wait for July 20!


Yeah, that's not Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It's definitely Bale. I think people are just looking way too much into the character of John Blake at the moment and whether or not he's really just a beat cop.


I still only see a sideways Goatse when I look at Bane's mask.


I don't know why people keep suggesting that.
That is obviously Christian Bale's face.
Am I the only one that sees that?


I don't know why people keep suggesting that.
That is obviously Christian Bale's face.
Am I the only one that sees that?


That last image of Batman… Pardon the paranoia, but… That looks more like it well could be JGL under the cowl.

Not saying it is… I doubt Warners would throw out such a huge spoiler of an image.

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