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New Images Of Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel & Kate Beckinsale In ‘Total Recall’

New Images Of Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel & Kate Beckinsale In 'Total Recall'

What’s it like to have your memory scrubbed? Well, if the marketing team behind “Total Recall” do their job right, then you will have forgotten about the 1990 film directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. And they’ve pumped out a few more images to help get that job done.

This latest incarnation of the Philip K. Dick story finds Colin Farrell in the lead as the man who just wants to escape reality, plunged into a conspiracy that may or may not be happening all inside his brain. Pass the Tylenol. Meanwhile, two beauties in the shape of Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale cross his path, neither of whom he is sure he can trust. So far the film looks like a serviceable sci-fi pic at best, and that opinion isn’t boosted by the knowledge that schlocky Len Wiseman (two “Underworld” movies, “Live Free Or Die Hard“) is behind the camera.

But there is a pretty decent supporting cast with Bryan Cranston, Bill Nighy, John Cho and Ethan Hawke (in a mystery role) lending their talents, so this could go either way. We’ll find out on August 3rd. [Latino Review]

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I can't help but feel like this is a half-hearted build up to a whole lot of nothing. Let's not kid outselves, critics are deeply biased. And the people involved in this film- Wiseman, Beckinsale, Farrel, and Biel- are absolutely the opposite of critical darlings. In fact, they've been in mainly B-movie hell for several years now. John Cho is a marginal cult interest and he seemed positively awful in the three lines he had in the trailer. Seems like a huge waste of money, for something that will be roundly trashed come August.


Wiseman has made some good films, and what was wrong with Die Hard 4 was not his fault. he didn't choose the PG-13 rating and he didn't make Willis sleepwalk through it. he made a very entertaining film, despite being hamstrung in this way. Colin Farrell is a terrific actor and, MOOPS, he 'happened' ages ago, whether you like it or not. He is also just getting better and better and being offered fantastic roles. He's not only survived in an industry where 99,9% don't, but he is currently experiencing an upsurge in his career. This only happens for the truly talented.


wow hollywood really needs to stop trying to make colin farrell happen,it's not gonna work

tristan eldritch

ZERO interest.


Sorry Joe, but you're wrong. He's the epitome of bland studio filmmaking, LFORDH is easily the worst Die Hard film and the Underworld films are just garbage. It takes a special lack of talent to make a worse Die Hard film than Renny Harlin, but Len Wiseman has it in spades.


"that schlocky Len Wiseman (two "Underworld" movies, "Live Free Or Die Hard") is behind the camera."

Live Free Or Die Hard kicked all kings of ass, got very good reviews, and made more money than any Die Hard film ever. It was easily the best of the Die Hard sequels. Too bad the studio cut it up to get a PG-13 rating. The original Underworld was a pretty good genre film shot on a shoestring budget. So I'd suggest you wouldn't know a good film from a bad one.

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