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New Images Of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx & Christoph Waltz In ‘Django Unchained’

New Images Of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx & Christoph Waltz In 'Django Unchained'

Even though it’s not coming out until Christmas, and is still shooting, The Weinstein Company are getting the ball rolling very early on Quentin Tarantino‘s “Django Unchained.” And it’s easy to see why. While the director may be a name brand at this point, his latest, a slavery-centered spaghetti western, could be his most controversial yet. However, with early footage screened at the Cannes Film Festival that delivered everything fans now expect from the director, and with rumors of a teaser trailer unspooling in front of “Prometheus,” buzz is building for the film and it looks like the audiences will soon get a taste of what Tarantino is brewing.

Until then, a batch of new images featuring the leads Christoph Waltz, Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio will have to suffice as a pretty decent look at what is coming in the film. The images are a mix of stills from the footage we saw from Cannes along with a few new peeks, but they do capture the sort of outlandish spirit being brought to the forthcoming film. Yes, the costuming is much more colorful that your standard Sergio Leone flick, and we can tell you the violence is pretty brutal from what we’ve seen, but it all retains Tarantino’s signature spark for dialogue and wit.

“When this movie’s done, there’s gonna be some hot button issues but, given my background, I think I’ll be able to get some points across. The one thing that stuck out to me in the script was that Django was married. Back then, to be married was taboo. This is a love story. He’s not trying to stop slavery. He’s not trying to do anything but find the love of his life – which is like trying to find a needle in a world of haystacks,” Foxx told Empire

The Weinstein Company will unwrap “Django Unchained” on Christmas Day. Take a look below. [CinemaTeaser]

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Look, people have always complained about the looks of Tarantino's films when screenshots first start popping up. It's going to be amazing just like his other films. Dicaprio is one of the best actors in the business because he takes direction well, so there's no need to worry about him. I'm freaking excited for this movie.


Looks like Tarantino is going for a Blaxploitation homage, particular of "Sweet Sweetback's Baadasss Song". A lot of the trendy hipster pseudo-artsy farts won't even know anything about the sources of his inspiration.


motherfucker jones


I'm sure this will be great, but it really seems like DiCaprio's miscast to me. I do like him as an actor, but, I have to wonder, was he really the BEST possible choice for this kind of part? He's still something of a kid, voice- and face-wise. Is he going to be quite as menacing as others could have been in the part?


Haters gonna hate, this looks awesome. Can't fucking wait to see it.


Minnesota Clay's Saloon. Minnesota Clay is the name of a spaghetti western. Let the allusions begin!

Stephen is the real villian as Candie is a an appetizer. Stephen,Bartholomew,and Ace Woody are the real bad guys.

Oogle monster

I can't see Gatsby and this film opening on the same day… one will move to 2013… most likely Django.


That is Franco Nero sitting next to Jamie Foxx, isn't it? Sure looks like him.


I think Sam Jackson is supposed to be a surprise cameo role, just one or two scenes.


Still no shots of Sam Jackson. I think he's being kept as a secret


i love the violence in westerns so def stoked for this one


I simply cannot wait for this film. Tarantino going back to his inspiration can only be a good thing, and this cast! Leo looks like a crazy son-of-a-bitch in the stills, I hope he's able to give us something fresh and exciting!

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