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New Photo: Ellen Page & Jesse Eisenberg, Plus New English Teaser Poster

New Photo: Ellen Page & Jesse Eisenberg, Plus New English Teaser Poster

Spring has sprung, and along with fewer clothes, that pretty much has come to mean one thing in the movie world: that a new Woody Allen film can’t be far away. The director’s released a film, almost always at this time of year, like clockwork (the last time he skipped one: 1981, between “Stardust Memories” and “A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy.“) This year’s installment sees him head to Italy for the first time, for “To Rome With Love,” which has assembled the usual impressive cast including Alec Baldwin, Judy Davis, Roberto Benigni, Penelope Cruz, Ellen Page, Jesse Eisenberg, Greta Gerwig, Alison Pill and, for the first time since 2006’s “Scoop,” Allen himself.

It’s a portmanteau kind of picture, with multiple storylines, including Benigni as an ordinary man who suddenly finds himself becoming a celebrity, Cruz as a prostitute, Eisenberg as a man caught in a love triangle, Baldwin as his father, and Allen and Davis as a couple whose daughter (Pill) is seeing an Italian man. The film’s about a month away from hitting theaters, but Sony Pictures Classics have released a selection of new images from the picture, displaying most of the big-name cast. We’ll see how what they get up to when “To Rome With Love” hits theaters, on June 22nd. [MTV]

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All available movie stills for "To Rome with Love" (64 at the moment) can be found here:

Josh Waston

All of these images are really old. You guys are losing it.


None of those images are new. They were released back in March.

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