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New York Times Profiles Cinematographer Bradford Young

New York Times Profiles Cinematographer Bradford Young

O.K. granted, they may be a day late and a dollar short, but it's still always nice to be noticed. Even when you're late to the game.

The Sunday New York Times, in their Arts section today, had a profile article about cinematographer Bradford Young whom we have written about countless times before on S & A. And if you don't know who he is, then you're late to the game too.

The article itself is rather disappointing since it doesn't go more in-depth with his work on other films like Pariah, which gets a nodding mention. But at least it'll get more people noticing him.

To read the NY Times piece go HERE.

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Bad Brad Young. Do your thing homeboy, do your thing. Even gave a shootout to Prof. Daniel.
Shine your light on the world.
Shine your light so the world can see.


Kudos to Mr. Young – period. Keep doing your thing and doing it well.


Sergio's entire piece is snark. "And if you don't know who he is, then you're late to the game too."–ooh , can we all sit with the cool kids now that we know who Bradford is. Whatever. I'm sure Bradford is happy about the complimentary piece. And it does take NYT a minute to catch up to what's going on, it's still a big accomplishment to be featured there. Congratulations to him, I loved reading the bit about his shooting through windows at people from the diaspora, etc.


Oh dear to the author even bothering to respond in such a petulant way to the comment. Sergio, not good man, not good.

This is very good news. Late or not, it's publicity either way and its a very good taster that will enable those NYT readers to go and look him up in depth themselves. I on the other-hand thought it was a concise piece in which he actually shines and I immediately understood and grasped work and character.

Also there is a small print: "A version of this article appeared in print on May 20, 2012, on page AR12 of the New York edition with the headline: He’s Just a ‘Custodian of the Moment’. "

So maybe the version you seek is in print?


Miss Duvernay has the ability to force the establishment to cover her team. Face it, the members of the establishment (NY Times, etc) only want to cover their mirrored image and thoughts – thus we get disengaging featured like this. When it really could have been a brilliant, informative, fun article. Where is that "change you can believe in"?

Critical acclaim

I didn't think it was disappointing. I thought it gave great insight into his approach. Do you like ANYTHING? You're always so damned negative. I feel sorry for you in general. I'm not saying that to be mean or petty. I really do feel sorry for you. Anyways kudos to Mr. Young. I love the part when he talks about freeing our minds and freeing our stories. I love learning that he comes from funeral home directors! I love that he works with strong black women like Duvernay, Rees and I was glad they mentioned Tina Mabry. Her film Mississippi Damned is a beautiful movie. His theories as a person and his good choices of the people he works with definitely shows through in his cinematography.

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