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Oh Good, There’s More ‘Prometheus’ Images Because We Haven’t Had Enough Already

Oh Good, There's More 'Prometheus' Images Because We Haven't Had Enough Already

Well, 20th Century Fox certainly aren’t changing up the game plan too much. Just like they did last year, with their summer tentpole “X-Men: First Class,” the studio is going to make sure that before June arrives we get at least a few hundred images, probably a dozen clips and god knows what else for “Prometheus.” And yeah, it drives us fucking bananas but here we are posting about it. The irony is rich, we know.

Anyway, this spiritual sequel to “Shame” takes place in the future where Brandon is now an android, but continues to be subservient to the women in his life, this time played by Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron. That’s what “Prometheus” would be about if we were writing it, but as you know it’s about a bunch of people who go to space to find the origins of humanity and then “CUT IT OFF! CUT IT OFF! THERE WON’T BE A HOME TO GO BACK TO AGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” All in 3D too.

Images below, this opens on June 8th. Blah Blah blah. [Facebook]

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They are doing just like they did at X-men first class. Which IMO is bad,… because I feel like I know all the movie. I think they are worried,.. but I believe will be a sucess.

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Just like Dark Knight Rises, all these pictures look exactly the same to me.


I count the days and hours until its release, but for the apparently rare if not dying breed of film nut who wants to know as little going in as possible, Fox's barrage is going to make for a long month of looking the other way.


I don't really understand the bitching about tons of trailers/photos. It doesn't seem like they're giving away plot points. I know you have to cover it & the mass amount creates more work for you, but this stuff isn't really for you, it's for the hard core fans who geek out over it. It's not a bad strategy.

Anway, I would totally watch a film about the Brandon-sexbot, forced to serve his sexy mistresses.

James Toburen

20th Century Fox is taking a huge risk in releasing this movie with an R rating instead of the more audience-friendly PG-13, so I'm guessing their marketing gurus are absolutely saturating the media to ensure as wide an audience as possible knows about this movie. Unfortunately, as people who eat, breathe, and live for this stuff, you're being force-fed an "All Prometheus All the Time" diet, but I hope that the advertising pays off (and that the movie delivers). That's the only way we're going to see more of Ridley Scott's uncompromised work in this genre.

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