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Ossie Davis/Ruby Dee Feature Documentary In Development (Fundraising)

Ossie Davis/Ruby Dee Feature Documentary In Development (Fundraising)

Now here’s a project to get behind, if there ever was one!

A feature documentary on the lives of Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, directed by their grandson, Muta’Ali Muhammad – I think the first of its kind ever!

Titled Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee, and described as “a documentary style film about Love, art and activism,” the film will tell the life and love story of Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, for the first time, incorporating candid and revealing conversations and much more.

But I’ll say no more; watch the video pitch below, and if you’re moved by it, head on over to the project’s Kickstarter page to contribute – the goal is to raise $50,000, with 38 days left in the campaign and $1373 raised as of the time of this post.

Just click HERE, or in the Kickstarter widget underneath the video, to be taken there.

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My favorite black hollywood couple. They are forever beautiful and inspiring. Can't wait to see this, and will definitely donate.

Richard Downer

This, no doubt, will be a very powerful piece of work. Like all of those who have come before us, I think there is a tendency to take things for granted; to dismiss the acts of shameless persistence of those who have come before us. Our current advances are naturally the result of others who have suffered and toiled at great lengths. It is the least we can do as benefactors of these efforts to endorse, support and encourage causes such as these. As with other cultures, it should
not be seen as obligatory, rather done in a spirit of tribute, reverence and admiration.


AMAZINGGGGGG! I would LOVE to see this! I hope it gets the funds it needs!

Shawn Whitsell

This is a no-brainer! Definitely donating! I have so much love, respect and admiration for Ossie and Ruby Dee. I adore them.




Go luck and happy hunting. My project just came off an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign and I was asking for way less. It's hard but my doc was on a slightly obscure gentleman better known in the DC-NY media corridor and journalism world.
And I sincerely mean, good luck. I just saw Ossie Davis in an older doc about Malcolm X: "Make It Plain."


aaww I love them. And, even though she still is, Ruby Dee was so beautiful.



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