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‘Paganini – The Devil’s Violinist’ Starts Production in July, Stars David Garrett

'Paganini - The Devil's Violinist' Starts Production in July, Stars David Garrett

Bernard Rose’s period biopic “Paganini – The Devil’s Violinist” will start production in July in Vienna; Joely Richardson is in final talks to join global violinist star David Garrett, who makes his acting debut in the title role. Writer-director Rose (“Immortal Beloved,” “Anna Karenina”) is an enthusiastic musician and pianist.

The film is being produced by Gabriela Bacher (“What a Man”), Rosilyn Heller (“Trade”) and Christian Angermayer of Film House Germany. Danny Krausz (“360”) and Philipp Kreuzer (“Solitude of Prime Numbers”) are co-producing. Star David Garrett will also executive produce.
The film is set in the early 19th Century, as world-famous violinist Niccolo Paganini makes a Faustian pact with his manager to create a myth around his persona–and then has to deal with press hordes. Paganini also meets the love of his life, journalist Ethel Langham. Richardson (“Anonymous,” “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo”) is in final negotiations to play the role. 

“David Garrett is a tremendous talent, a true rock star of the classical music and crossover world who recognized in Paganini a kindred spirit,” says Heller. “For David to take on this role and illuminate the soul of an original, seductive, troubled and defiant artist –who, indeed, was the rock star of his day — fulfils our wildest dreams.”


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David Garret. Wow. I'll be cueing up to watch this!!!!

Tom McKay

Excuse the typo, I meant David Garrett. Too excited. Have a happy

Tom McKay

Stupendous! Will Paganini play in the United States? What a great honor to have this film made. Paganini for all of his admirers… at least with the sensational David Farrett. Hopefully. What a happy

Sabrina Castillo

Extremely excited about the new Paganini movie coming out. Has filming been completed? Will the movie be released in America? If so, when?


Will the movie be shown in the United States? If yes, when?

cathleen corrick

i'm thrilled that david garret will be playing the lead-who better?i think this will be a masterpiece and the soundtrack will be amazing!!!


I can't wait.. to see this movie.. especialy because David will be play :)


oh god, i cant wait for that movie to be released!!! i will watch it FOR SURE!!


I Can't Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Niccolo Paganini (1782-1840) has appeared as subject, or a character, in some 26 international film or TV productions since 1918 according to IMOB. Among these, biopic portrayals by Conrad Veidt ( Paganini, 1923), Stewart Granger (The Magic Bow, 1946), Klaus Kinski ( Kinski Paganini, 1982). There also seems to have been a French short about the notorious violinist as early as 1910 ( La Fin de Paganini) written by Abel Gance.


DAVID …YOU ARE GOING TO BE AMAZING IN THIS FILM….oh my – COULD THIS GET ANY BETTER for your fans around the world!…the world loves you and applauds your talent very loudly!

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