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Preview New “Talk” Series w/ Jada Pinkett Smith, Daughter Willow & Mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones

Preview New "Talk" Series w/ Jada Pinkett Smith, Daughter Willow & Mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones

No word on where this will air: as a web series? VOD? DVD? Cable? YouTube? Hulu? It’s not entirely clear from all I’ve read. But we’ll know more soon enough.

The story goes, earlier this year, Jada Pinkett Smith sat down with daughter Willow Smith, and mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones for an intimate conversation on love, life, fame, family and more, across the 3 represented generations, in what is being titled the Red Table Talk series, scheduled to debut (somewhere) on Mother’s Day (May 13)

The Red Table will eventually represent all conversation… My belief is that communication is the best way to create strong relationships,” said Jada.

Check out the 1 1/2-minute preview of what to expect below:

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Rolled my eyes when I read the headline . . . but after watching the trailer I thought . . . "That's a beautiful thing" I will be watching.


I love the idea of this. My Mom, Grandmother and I used to do soooo much together……3 generations. So much alike, yet so individual…connected by a bond stronger than how much we looked alike.

Definitely going to look out for this.

Willow is beautiful – and very self assured and confident. She was given her sense of self from her parents. Many may call it something else because we don't recognize it for what it is. A pre-teen who knows her ideas and thoughts have been acknowledged, taken seriously and is secure that she is loved for who she is. It is rare to see what constant validation looks like. The other teen that I think had the somewhat same kind of upbringing is Raven Simone.


Wow… Willow is BE-AUTIFUL… such unique features. If she gets her daddy's height…she'll be high-fashion. What a striking girl… So… Black people… this is what we should have been makin' from the moment BET came out… It's not a copy of other people's experiences. It is a recognizable representation of who we, uniquely, are… I am really liking this. OWN should pick it up… would make me a regular viewer at the very least.


Does Willow just seem way too…grown…to anybody else? I don't know. She's too much for me. Maybe it's just me.

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