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Project of the Day: ‘Remember O Goddess,’ A Memory Loss Film Noir

Project of the Day: 'Remember O Goddess,' A Memory Loss Film Noir

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“Remember O Goddess”

Tweetable Logline: 

A Korean independent film noir about a man who has lost his memory will take you on a dream-like journey through memory, time and love.
Elevator Pitch:
Our hero was abandoned in the tallest apartment in Seoul, one of the largest cities in the world, finding himself unable to remember his identity and basic life skills. When he overcomes his fear of the outer world and finally pucks up to courage to go out, he discovers greater hope to find someone who remembers him than to restore his own memory. The film follows his quest to reconnect with a lost love.
Production Team:
Director: Yoon Jung Lee
Producer: Jung Youn
Cinematographer: U Young Chang
Editor: Sae Kyoung Moon (“Mother”)
About the Production:
“I wrote the original story 16 years ago and had forgotten it. Two years ago, I found the notebook where my story had been dormant and became fascinated that the theme of the story was something that I am still interested in today: We often feel disconnected, even surrounded by a huge crowd in a large city, but it never changes that you are a friend, a son or a daughter of somebody. This is the first attempt of crowdfunding worldwide for a Korean independent film because I believe independent films are not limited to to national borders.” — Yoon Jung Lee
Current Status:
In pre-production after shooting and editing together preliminary footage.
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i really want to watch this movieeeeeee




This is good movie


i want see this movie!!!!


I love this!!!




I really proud of you and your greatful work as a Korean movie buff. Keep going!

Jerry Doby

I definitely want to see the full movie. Well put together concept and strangely enough its a familiar yet new take on the last person on earth scenarios. Well done!


Watched the first 25 mins… and want more! And I hope it won't be a short movie either, more like a 90 min or 110 min one…

Hyunsook Lee

It is intriguing that Yoom Jung wrote the original scenario when she was in high school. Losing one's memory and being forgotten, desperately looking for somebody who remembers him… Very clever and touching. I cannot wait to follow the rest of the story.


I so want to see it that i kicked in $50 to make it happen.

I liked the acting, the mood, the cleverness and emotion of what I saw. I believe in this movie and think it will be huge.


I can not wait to see the full length version of this film!
I need to find out what happens after the first 25 minutes – it's too sad (as both a project and as a narrative) to leave this story untold!


As a korean movie fan, I can recognize a few names. Supported the project. Wish you best luck!

Emily Park

For me, this film really touched my sentimental spot. I deeply sympathized with the man who desperately searches for his identity – like a cigarette that cannot be lit. That's why the last scene just broke my heart. I'm hoping that I will be able to find some clue to shed light on the man's story from the rest of the film. Please join the ongoing Kickstarter project!

Darnell B.

I saw the first 25 minutes of this film and it was really great! High production value, great acting and engaging story. I immediately found their Kickstarter and supported. Can't wait to see the finished product. Good luck to everyone involved with the project!

Yoon Jung Lee

Thank you, Indiewire! I've been waiting for this news so desperately. I'm so honored to get my project chosen as Project of the Day. It's so rare to see a "foreign-language" film introduced in this section. Thank you again for your care for independent film from all over the world.

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