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Public Enemy Will Release Two New Albums This Year To Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Public Enemy Will Release Two New Albums This Year To Celebrate 25th Anniversary

It’s not film news but I figured some of you are still fans and would like to know this if you don’t already.

From Billboard:

Public Enemy plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its recording career not only by dipping deeply into its past — 1987’s “Yo! Bum Rush the Show” — during its concerts but also by unleashing a wealth of new music.

Frontman Chuck D tells that the iconic rap group is in the process of finishing up a pair of albums planned for this year — “Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear on No Stamp” during the summer and “The Evil Empire of Everything” in the fall.

“They’re twins, fraternal twins — not identical, but they will talk to each other,” D says. “The statement with these albums isn’t so much just within the content but in the audacity of the release, just like, ‘What the hell? Two albums that bookend the summer? What the hell?!’ But we know we’ve got a fan base that’s kind of acclimated and used to albums because we were the first to come along and kind of bring a concept album to the hip-hop marketplace. So we oblige this year by doing not one, but two.”

Wow 25 years. Though, yeah, it’s been a while. I was born in the 80s and didn’t really get to appreciate P.E. until well into the 90s, when I was old and mature enough to listen to them. And I still reach back for my It Takes A Nation Of Millions CD (although more like MP3 files now), from time to time.

And who can forget Fight The Power from the Do The Right Thing soundtrack?

Expected on both albums, Chuck D says “powerful songs and great collaborations,” including appearances by Brother Ali, Henry Rollins, Tom Morello, DMC, Bumpy Knuckles, Large Professor and more. 

Are you looking forward to this?

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@othersong….this is not a double album, they were made and produced in a double album fashion but will be released separately like 2 different album releases which means the audience will be able to wrap their minds around the music in 2 different times&spaces…don't knock it till u try it


As a 40-year-old white man, there is always a slot in my CD player for new (or old) PE… guess I'll have to make room for two.


I can get with something new from Chuck D — but am I the only one not feeling Flava Flav?

other song

no thanks, I'll pass. Two albums automatically tells me neither will be of quality. Double albums got played out with Pac and Wu. Please try again Chuck D.

James Evans from the Cabrini-Green

"Muse Sick-n-Hour Message" was the ONLY PE record that had me scratching my head and wondering if things had changed. Otherwise EVERY record they ever put out was OFFICIAL. "NEW WHIRL ODOR" was. The Absolute. JOINT. PE TODAY, PE TOMORROW, PE FOREVER.


Umm, "It Takes a Nation of Millions" P.E. or "Muse Sick-n-Hour Message" P.E.? LOL

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