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Red-Band Trailer For “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” Shows Anthony Mackie In Action

Red-Band Trailer For "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" Shows Anthony Mackie In Action

A new red-band trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has turned up on the web and we’ve got it for you below; not only does this show you far more the kind of blood and guts you’d expect in any vampire movie, as an extra treat, we finally get a much better look at Anthony Mackie (co-starring with Benjamin Walker) in action.

He’s practically been absent in all the marketing materials we’ve seen so far. In this one, he’s not exactly showcased, but you get a better look at him, as he takes on a vampire, firing double pistols. But it’s brief, so if you blink, you still will miss him.

Mackie plays the role of Will, Lincoln’s best friend.

And you know I have to mention the “brotha rule; does he die before the movie ends, probably in an act of self-sacrifice to save his best friend Abe? Or will he live to fight another day, probably in a sequel?

The new trailer maybe answers that question if you look closely, as he’s grabbed from the rear by one of the beasts, who looks like he’s about to sink his teeth into Mackie’s neck. Oh-oh :)

It’ll be in theaters, in 3D, on June 22.

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If that was history, it would explain a hole lot.


ROTFL! I might run out of fingers counting all the trailers Mackie is in in which he gets no lines of dialogue. The poor dude isn't even at Idris Elba's level of Forever Supporting Actor Hell of major motion pictures.


I just hope that this isn't the case of the all the best scenes being in the trailer. Does this have a rating yet from the MPAA? I hope it's R.




Well all right! LOVE Rufus Sewell.


Yes please! Anthony Mackie has a great agent. Not mad at him at all.


FTW! That was awesomesauceridonkulous! LOL.

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