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Ridley Scott Says ‘Prometheus’ Is ” ‘2001’ On Steroids” Plus New Pics & Terrifying Audio From The Crew

Ridley Scott Says 'Prometheus' Is " '2001' On Steroids" Plus New Pics & Terrifying Audio From The Crew

Need any more convincing that “Prometheus” is going to blow your balls off? How about this: “[It’s] ‘2001’ on steroids.”

With the promotional ramp up to the highly anticipated going full throttle, Ridley Scott recently sat down the with New York Times (via Prometheus Forums) to talk about the film, which he compared to Stanley Kubrick‘s classic. Of course, there are no major relevations, but Scott does tease that the film, which concerns humanity going back to confront our origins, will have grave consequences. “God doesn’t hate us,” he said. “But God could be disappointed in us — like children.” The director also suggests that the origin of the space jockey from “Alien” will finally be answered, asking aloud, “Who was he? Why did he land there? Was he in trouble?”

Touching on the idea that humanity hasn’t been able to move forward technologically without some kind of assistance theological or extraterristrial, it seems “Prometheus” is tackling some very big questions about the universe all within the structure of a summer sci-fi blockbuster, which sounds great to us. And adding to the speculation that Michael Fassbender‘s android won’t be entirely trustworthy, screenwriter Damon Lindelhof adds, “David knows exactly who created him, and he is not impressed by his creator.” And while we’d like to close our eyes and ears right now and open them again on June 8th and just see the film and how all these disaprate threads tie together, there are even more bits and bobs to take in.

In addition to the pics from the NY Times, Bloody Digusting has come across a new viral that you can listen to below which offers some truly hair-raising audio from the crew who are going through some kind of hell. Lots and lots of screaming and lots of squelching alien sounds. It’s a bit spoiler-y (among the choice quotes: “Cut it off! Cut it off!” and “It’s in my suit”) but damn if it isn’t terrifying as well. Can it be June already?

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When I was a kid, that part in Event Horizon where they decoded that video of the original crew getting dismembered and raped gave me nightmares on-and-off for years. Now that audio excerpt brought me right back to that feeling. Shit.

Mr Anonymous

Is anyone else sick of the hype and how it's being constantly pushed in our faces? Is it to cover up the fact it's going to be a major disappointment? Not a day goes by when there isn't a new trailer, international trailer, a new featurette, new pictures, new quotes from Ridley Scott and now there's 'terrifying audio'?! Jesus Christ, give me a break! If it's as good as you say it is shut the fuck up, remain silent and let us see for ourselves when you hopefully blow our minds on June 1st! Otherwise it seems like you're selling a dead donkey!

You don't see other blockbusters like TDKR, Spiderman, MIB3, Bourne Legacy doing any of this kind of shit lately.


I can't remember the last time a summer had two blockbusters that had a story to match the effects. Both Prometheus, and the Dark Knight Rises, are going to put the other summer blockbusters to shame.


I'm already unbelievably freaked out by Fassbender and that picture with the helmet and a vulnerable Rapace is not helping.


There ain't no way THAT can be PG-13.

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