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Robert Pattinson & Guy Pearce Join ‘Animal Kingdom’ Director David Michod’s ‘The Rover’

Robert Pattinson & Guy Pearce Join 'Animal Kingdom' Director David Michod's 'The Rover'

It’s been a busy and exciting 24 hours for Robert Pattinson fans. Late last night the actor signed onto the Iraq war flick “Mission: Blacklist” and today has seen a plethora of “Cosmopolis” clips land online, giving an even greater taste of what he has coming up in his collaboration with David Cronenberg. But he’s not done yet.

Pattinson is now attached to star in “The Rover,” the new movie from “Animal Kingdom” director David Michod. Based on an idea he developed with his friend Joel Edgerton, Michod penned the script which is a near-future set story that follows a man who goes on a journey across the Australian outback to find his stolen car, which contains something invaluable to him. Also coming along for the ride is Guy Pearce, who gave one of the best performances of his career in “Animal Kingdom,” so we’re pretty excited to see them back together. Pattinson will play Reynolds in the film, with Pearce as the man tracking down his car.

The plan is for the film to shoot this fall, and while everyone has an opinion on Pattinson, you can’t fault his choices of late. He’s clearly utilizing his clout to work with interesting directors and on compelling projects, and it’s really hard to argue with that approach. And if it means his name can help get “The Rover” made, who are we to complain? [Deadline]

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janet interdonato

,did any one see movie remember me- water for elephants and of course cosmopolis. directors like cronenberg,herzog,or michod would cast actor robert pattinson in any of their films, if they didnt see something in the young actor that looks very promising. they wouldnt trisk their reputation tocast him at all. dont compare robert pattinson to channing tatum, they are in a different class altogether. one actor is a multitalented,intelligent,witty and charming actor. the other appears clueless,not articulate,and not very bright.


One of the most promising new directors is making a new film and the comments are nothing but people whining about the casting. Typical Playlist. I'm not going to come out and defend Patterson because he's been pretty unremarkable thus far but I'm also not going to act like I know more than Cronenberg and Michod, which is what most people here are doing. The idea of old DC casting him in hopes of tricking teenage girls to come see a fucking DeLillo adaptation is retarded; clearly there's a reason other than his star power that he got the part. In other words, give the films a chance. A year ago people were saying the same kinds of things about Channing Tatum and look where he is now after a couple of roles. Personally I'm just stoked that Michod has a new project. He managed to get good to great performances out of everyone in Animal Kingdom so I have faith he'll deliver here.

Travis Hopson

Deadline says pretty clearly what role Pearce will play. He'll be the guy in search of his car.


Lol I can't wait to hear Pattinson's terrible Aussie accent


I wish nothing but the best for him; he seems to be making all the right career choices at the moment.


I'm just excited for an another film from Michod.


OMG Rob yes!!!! You are on a roll! Keep doing what you are doing and prove the haters wrong! You are talented and beautiful. An irresistible combination for some of us with the double X chromosome


I like Guy Pearce but don't think Rpatz can act (and yes I've seen his non-Twilight movies fangirls). So I won't be seeing this.


Really excited for this! When it rains it pours.


I wonder how many comments this piece will get. More than 30?

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