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Robert Pattinson Says He’ll Be Starring In A Movie About Seminal Rockers The Band

Robert Pattinson Says He'll Be Starring In A Movie About Seminal Rockers The Band

Even though he won’t be walking the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival until tomorrow (#shakingandcrying), Robert Pattinson has been busy stacking up projects over the past few weeks. The little vampire that could has lined up the Saddam Hussein hunting drama “Mission: Blacklist,” joinedAnimal Kingdom” director David Michod‘s “The Rover” and plans to reunited with his “Cosmopolis” helmer David Cronenberg for an unspecified future project. And it appears, that’s not all.

The same article in which he chatted with Les InRockuptibles (via RPLife) about his forthcoming Cronenberg pic, Pattinson also dropped this little bit of info: “I’m going to do a movie about The Band, the one that played with [Bob] Dylan. [It’s] a beautiful script about the nature of songwriting.” Man, where does one begin describing The Band to the Twihard generation….

The legendary group was founded by Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel and Robbie Robertson, all names that on their own already stand pretty tall in the rock ‘n roll canon, but who came together to form The Band. The group found an ally in frequent collaborator Bob Dylan, dropped one of the greatest and most influential records of all time with Music From Big Pink and had their farewell concert in their original lineup shot by Martin Scorsese, putting together one of the greatest rock docs of all time “The Last Waltz.” Even if the name is a mystery to you, the music you’ve undoubtedly heard, with “The Weight,” “I Shall Be Released” and “The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down” among their most well-known tunes. And while they reformed with different members in the ’80s and ’90s, they never wound up matching their creative and commercial peak of their earlier years.

Anyway, long story short, not much else is known about the project. We presume if Pattinson is taking a role, he’ll be playing one of the central figures — maybe Levon Helm or Robbie Robertson — and certainly the actor and part-time musician will have a chance to show off his chops. So add it to the slate. We gotta say, we admire the diversity of material Pattinson has been putting together, so hopefully the projects and the actor will live up to the potential.

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Okay, here's my suggestion for some of the others.

Rick Danko: James Franco
Garth Hudson: Seth Rogan
Richard Manuel: Sacha Baron Cohen
Levon Helm: Michael Fassbender
Dylan: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Ronnie Hawkins: Woody Harrelson


I'd be very suspicious of anything involving Robertson (The Band's former guitarist and lyricist). If this site is linked on his website it means he is involved in producing the movie in some form. Instead of just quitting The Band, he orchestrated it's demise and filmed it (The last Waltz) and walked away with a large majority of the songwriting credits (there's more to songs than just lyrics, Bernie Taupin explains that Elton John, although not a lyricist, is a formidable songwriter and valued writing partner).
Levon will be portrayed as an angry redneck (not true), Rick Danko will be portrayed as a dumb farmboy (not true) and Richard Manual will be played as a dark, depressed alcoholic (not completely true). Garth will be ignored completely. Robbie Robertson will be gallantly played by Pattinson as a tall, handsome genius maestro, single handily driving the creative direction of the greatest band in the world (not at all true).
Robbie Robertson has been completely silent, career wise, while Levon Helm won 3 grammy's after The Last Waltz, just sayin.
I love The Band, but I wont see the movie!

Hear Ye Hear Ye

Fan boys and fan girls – come one, come all. Judgement Day is nigh. Should any wish to be heard further on this matter, speak now or forever whole dior peas. On this day let it be known that any additional opinions, comments, casting suggestions, religious convictions, votes for the biggest jackass, evidence, or other extraneous nonsense must be submitted within one (1) week's time. Yes, that includes suggested penalties. Yes that includes your suggested soundtrack. Can't you read? Yes, everything presented as of that time will be given its due consideration in determining the opinion and verdict to be rendered following. By order of THE HIGHER JUDGE.

John LeRoy

Im pleased that a movie is going to be made about The Band. Better Pattinson than Tom Cruise!


Whether Levon's book would make a good movie or not is debatable, but complaining that your screenplay is being ignored by The Man on an internets comments page is pretty juvenile.


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Kingdom Come

The Band Rocks! Like they did with all the records, maybe Scorcese will do a "reissue" with interview outtakes. Hahaha. Nobody can beat the Band!


Us The Band fans have The Last Waltz. We don't need Anything Else. Nothing will beat The band talking about The Band


Ever consider he knows what he's talking about? OK, it's bad English, but when he speaks of "the horrors of clowndom" maybe it's a first-hand account. On the other hand, Axis Powers?! Like Nazis? Don't insult clowns.

The Judge

holy shit, jer, you serious? the horrors that is the clown? no wonder. lame, very lame. levon and pattison rock, you're a worm, gregory get a life or get a wife, but quit whining and bsing the rest of us.


Ever done anything? Guess that depends on definitions, Carlton. A quick look on the internets turns up the following for Gregory: has two friends and a lovely self portrait on google +, slagged a restaurant reviewer with the comment "clearly one of those people who likes to complain," goes by the name "Axis Powers" at the Tyrant Fansite, offers the following movie review: "That film touches upon the horror of clowndom in a way that most closely imitates reality! A must see for any researching the horrors that is the clown." Oh, and he joined "Talentville" on May 4, 2012.


J. Edgar Hoover, Pattinson is already respected.

Deal with it.

Carlton C.

Amelie is right. What will be will be, let it go and then you'll see. Some take it way too seriously. How will one presentation or artist affect people? Impossible to know. If Pattison stinks and the movie bombs, so what? The foundation is strong. Imagine "oh, no – I was going to do a biography of Lincoln, but now someone else is doing it!" Not a sound basis for panic. Hey, it wouldn't be the first time members of a posse and assorted hangers-on had inflated views of their own talent and self-importance. Or tried to skip past talent, track record, accomplishment, etc. Sure, I've got my doubts about Pattison, but I've never seen one of his movies. Maybe he reaches people who would never know the Band. At least he's in the game. Anyone know anything about these two slash and burners (now run and hiders)? They ever done anything? Maybe their life’s work has all been leading up to this and they’ll be great! Sure, Candace, it doesn’t look good when they flame and spit instead of responding, but some of the greatest talents out there are complete assholes! Sit back and enjoy the ride — guaranteed, more great stuff is on the way.


Let's give everyone involved some respect—original members of "The Band", Dylan, Rob Pattinson, Scorcese, etc. All this negativity serves no one. Some of you are doing the same thing to Pattinson that was done to Dylan and the Hawk members. Check out 1965 to 1966, they were booed by folk purists, and Helm was so affected by the negativity that he quit the tour within 3 months, sat out for the rest of the tour and the the year 1966 and worked on an oil rig. Any of your friends have a movie camera? Please let them film some sort of performance from you and let's see how "good" you do. Could you recreate history from approx. 40 years ago? Can you play any instruments, can you carry a tune? Can you write a screen play, or direct a movie? Pattinson is a young actor trying to make his way in the world, who cares about his craft. [He played Edward Cullen as a "half-dead", depressed, lonely man, i.e. hence the wooden portrayal. Doesn't that make some sense to any of you?] I, for one, look forward to whatever work he does, just like I look forward to Depp, Gosling, DiCaprio, Clooney, Eastwood, Pitt, Bacon, Connery. (to name a few) Here's hoping Pattinson makes all you naysayers "eat your words" one day; I applaud him for his perseverance, learning and trying. The people who succeed are the ones that never give up.


The Playlist reads Robert Pattinson's fan site to find out articles (of course translated)about his future projects.And in the same time is making snarky comments about him and his fanbase.So,who is funny?


Look ya'll, R Patz will never ever be a highly respected actor. No matter how many Cronenberg films he botches… he will always and forever remain that block of wood from Twilight. On a positive note, he will have his block of wood girlfriend right by his side and they will live happily ever after. He's even more stiff than Channing half-block of wood Tatum… at least Tatum has some natural charisma. Alright, Twi-hards dig in…


Whew hope I never get on your bad side, Candace! Greg, when you're in a hole stop digging. I didn't care, but the more it's gone on the worse you look. No biggie, but you ain't doing Levon no favors. Either grow up or STFU.


My boyfriend & I were checking things out, he was on Robbie Robertson's site that links to here and knows I like Rob Pattison. Wow, sure didn't expect THIS. But anyway I just read through everyone's comments and here's what I think.

Eliot, you sound like a stuffy old professor who's spent too much time in your small third-story English Department office with no air conditioning and not many friends. Maybe you haven't listened to any new music since the 80's? Yes, you do go on and you made your point, so why don't you lay off?

Gregory, maybe you have more enthusiasm than experience. Me, too. But I read through all that and it's not THAT hard to understand, just long. You and LSM are the ones who made it personal. He was the first to make his point after you and others were getting worked up about how anyone who makes a movie should be officially approved. I don't know if that's true or not, but nobody's post since has said he's wrong. I go on alert when people get nasty instead of answering the question, and it seems you're doing a lot of that. The last point was pretty simple, is Rob Pattison's project being done by Martin Scorcese? It's something I'd be interested in and it wasn't in the story. You'll get farther being nice (and patient) even with someone who annoys you. Since you're the one who wants something, you should learn how to overcome objections and questions more intelligently. And you've probably got more chance to learn and grow than Eliot, who sounds stodgy and stuck in his ways!

Everyone, be nice! It's only rock and roll and we like it!

Eliot Vitter

Generally, successful business is conducted by those who can stick to the point, follow the point and not derail themselves with emotionalism. I was hoping you'd learned something new, rather than jumping to an undocumented account about Scorcese. Faced with what to most people would be statements of the obvious, two of you have become unglued, resorting to personal attacks in lieu of rationality. Whatever your wonderful qualities, I fear this work of Levon's may have been left in hands unsuited for the job. For his sake, please consider this before continuing hell-bent with a direction, road and driver that won't get you where you think you're going. Peace and good luck.

Eliot Vitter

Since my point is what set all this off, I'm hardly missing it. And with all the flailing around contained in these (48 thus far) comments, it's quite clear not only is that point correct, but for all the offense taken, no one has rebutted it. Second, I expressed my sincere wish for your project to meet with success. To say now it's not about controlling anything is belied by numerous earlier statements including your own, such as Pattison's project "has completely circumvented Levon's own screenplay." Third, my observations reference what's before us on the page, both article and comments. Out of the blue comes the claim that "suddenly 123 an A-list actor is attached to a movie about The Band with a Scorsese project." Really? That's not what the story says. Have you discovered something new? If so, say so. What I've said has followed and referenced just what others have said, a courtesy not extended to me during this longer colloquy and a sure-fire way to increase misunderstanding and discontent.

Gregory Mandarano

You're all missing the point. There are two scripts. One co-written by a member of the Band, and one that is not. One script directly benefits Levon's family financially. One does not. I have been struggling with getting in touch with companies and agents in order to promote Levon's screenplay. Most places do not accept unsolicited manuscripts which makes it very hard for people not in the movie industry to get any serious attention. Yes, even with Levon's script. And yet one month after Lee passes, suddenly 123 an A-list actor is attached to a movie about The Band with a Scorsese project, while I can't even get a callback from him Scorsese regarding Lee's script. This isn't about controlling anything. It's about actually getting Lee's story told, in the face of adversity from Hollywood insiders being able to do whatever they want without having to go through the process of writing query letters.

Eliot Vitter

Much as you wish it, a quick hit and run-away is not the end of the story, LSM. Fact is, I did no such thing. The problem is yours, not mine, and had you taken my advice to re-read the chain, you should have grasped that. Instead, you run from my central and unassailable point that regardless of how we all wish our favorite Band to be portrayed in accurate and favorable light, no controlling center can or will decide that. On request, I pointed to numerous statements together compriseing a more-than-passing sentiment that just such "official" control be exercised. Apparently for calling the clamour of this chorus "rank nonsense," ruffled feathers arise to concoct baseless claims. LSM, I've no question of your familiarity with the American attorney's maxim: If the facts are on your side, argue the facts; if the law is on your side, argue the law; if neither facts nor law are on your side, pound the table. My statement requires nothing of further support, but the thought of having future writers, filmmakers, etc. "comport to a single, authorized view," as I put it, becomes more outlandish when considering that the story at hand does not concern a person but rather a group of people known not to agree on the particulars. Whether there is a second script or whether the stewards of Levon's estate are aware of certain activities or agreements is entirely beside the point. Should you truly require further persuasion, think "The Beatles" or "Bob Dylan" and surely you'll see the entire thrust of this collective desire is unrealistic, to put it mildly. But they might also serve to remind there is plenty of room. Perhaps as Band fans we are accustomed to the fact of "under-coverage," that the boys have never gotten their due, and are thus fearful that little more in the way of creative projects will be forthcoming to right this wrong. Gregory, I wish you the very best with your project and look forward to savoring the results. May many flowers bloom, and remember that now we are all inheritors. In the passionate urge to safeguard and protect this legacy, realize it does not belong to a person or committee, that the realm of artistic expression can never be so controlled, and not only is this true but is as it should be. To any who worry, I said "their legacies are more secure than you think." DDDD said "calm down. The music will survive either way." Your choice.

Eliot Vitter

Heartbroken with Levon's passing, indeed with all three of the greatest voices ever assembled on one bandstand – and yes that includes the Beatles. Now this telegram may be complete rot, but some seem taken with a rather odd thought, issued as if a warning. Namely, any prospective writer, filmmaker or other creative artist must comport to a single, authorized view, with the caution issued by those purporting to be arbiters. This is rank nonsense, and anyone is free to conjure a tale or three concerning well-known, well-loved public and historical figures. Worry not, fierce warriors, their legacies are more secure than you think.

Tiny Montgomery

Time will tell. And for the rumormongers and character assassins whose opinions are expressed in inverse proportion and volume to their value and importance, a return to the discography of both Dylan and The Band is strongly recommended. They have much to say and you have much to listen and learn. Listen to the music, love it, love them, or not — but your arrogance and aggression have no righteous place here. Learn beauty, learn love, spread that.


There is an interesting rumor coming out of Cannes that the script for this picture was written by Martin Scorsese (the Last Waltz).

Bryan R.

I agree, a script that Levon took part in writing would be much more interesting and appropriate.


I would be skeptical of anything written by Levon Helm after reading his book. His telling of the Band's history is wrought with envious / delusional tales that could not possibly have been an accurate portrayal given Helm's state of mind when he wrote it. Let's leave the script to someone who might tell the truth. As far as Pattison acting in it, why not? He could draw a young crowd into the musical genius of The Band.

Zach C.

If there ever is a biopic this guy gets my vote to play Rick:


This is not an official project! If there is a movie about The Band, I would definitely NOT want to see one that was not known by Levon Helm. As Gregory Mandarano stated below, he should be acting in movie that is the Official Script!!


better be an official project, or else it wont be worth it…. not sure how i feel about pattison having the honor of playing anyone in The Band

The song's title is "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" not "The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down"

RIP Levon

Barbara O'Brien

Greg, please get in touch with me. Thanks.

Barbara O'Brien

To our knowledge, at Levon Helm Studios, there is no movie in the works about The Band. We have not been contacted by anyone. Levon has never, to my knowledge, collaborated with anyone on a screenplay, script or anything else. Official and legitimate news about Levon will always be coming to you from us at Levon Helm Studios and Thanks so much.

steve the colonel cropper

…yeah – seymour hoffmann as garth!

and what about gene wilder as bob dylan; you know it works…

Doctor Fog

Robert Pattinson is proving himself as a "qualified actor"; consider "Water For Elephants". Ronnie Hawkins founded the Hawks. Levon, Rick, Richard, Robby and Garth were band members backing Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks for years. When Ronnie's career and his charisma began to fade for lack of "hits", the members of "The Hawks" went out on their own as "Levon and The Hawks", with questionable success. They were essentially "a bar band" playing the Canadian/Southern Tour. While "languishing" in New Jersey, through a "twist of fate" they were invited to become Bob Dylan's back up band for a European Tour and were introduced to the fame and fortune and the Concert Arenas of "Big Time Rock & Roll Stardom". Face it, had they not had the fame and mystic of the Dylan tours and recordings (The Basement Tapes, Planet Waves, etc.) and the star making/negotiating power of Dylan's manager, Albert Grossman, we may never have heard of "Levon and The Hawls". I'm not saying that The Band did not become a monumental band on its own, post Big Pink. I'm not saying that each member was not incredibly talented and magnetic. But without Dylan's success and "mystic persona", who knows where they might have ended up. Let's not forget that two of Bob's songs (and an album cover) brought immediate attention to their first record; "Music From Big Pink". They even got their name due to everyone in Woodstock referring to them as Bob Dylan's Band…or "The Band". Dylan left Albert and that left Albert to give all his attention to "The Band" and its primary writer, Robby Robertson (in those days, the money was in publishing). The Band was literally "famous" before the release of their first recording, thanks to Bob. Now, what The Band accomplished once on their own can not be denied as damn magnificent. But how many musician/entertainers get such an introduction, such a send off, such a "launching"? Nobody that I can think of (other than movie star kids) . I believe that Robert Pattinson will eventually play Robby Robertson, maybe even well. After all, he's had a lot of practice with the Vampire role…


Agreed. But I think the fact that we haven't heard anything about this particular Band project until now probably means it's still in the development stage, so… it is possible it won't reach pre-production. For your sake, if you're telling the truth, I hope that's the case.


The writer gets it all wrong. The Band was a remnant of Ronnie Hawkin's, The Hawks and morphed into The Band, due to Levon Helm in large part. The Last Waltz, though a critical hit, was a disaster of a film. The script for a feature film would best be the story of one man's fortune ( Robbie Robertson) juxtaposed with the struggles of the remaining members after Robertson basically stole the rights to the music they made together.


Very good script.


This news is more worst than Taylor Swift portraying Joni Mitchell. Disgusting !


I have yet to read such intelligent, accurate assessments on any site about any subject. From grave-spinning to 'wooden' this guy is definitely NOT on any list that has to do with anything of substance. Thanks to all that preceded me here for their spot on analysis.


Are you flipping kidding me…No one could portray any of them…So not going to watch this shit…


I wrote below that The Figaro wrote about Rob's performance. They won't be surprized if Rob wins the award for best actor. It's not about the Oscar's though, I was wrong, it's about the Cannes' awards.


We want full credit for this:
Levon–Cristian Bale
Robbie–Leonardo Di Caprio or Johnny Depp
Richard–Joaquin Phoenix
Rick–Paul Rudd
Garth–Philip Seymour Hoffman


The Band did not play with Dylan. Dylan played with……The Band. If he can get that straight maybe MAYBE I will keep an open mind.


If he's gonna star in that movie, he's definitely portraying as Danko

Ray H

For a second there I thought you guys had photoshopped Pattinson's head on top of Rick Danko's in the album cover.

Levon Helm

I'm spinning in my grave.


If you're going to generalize Indiewire, try and keep the cliches to a minimum.

I am a fan of Robert Pattinson. I am 43, female, have three kids, a great job, live mortgage free and basically have a life. As well as loving all kinds of films and many genres, I adored the first Twilight film, albeit liking the subsequent ones far less.

And I damn well know who the The Band are.

Thank you for patronizing a demographic you clearly know nothing about.

what !

What the heck !! This wooden & uncomfortable actor is going to be portraying one of the legendary members of THE BAND. This is too much, and it is beyond ridiculous. People need to protest.

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